Sad Lovers And Giants

Epic Garden Music(1982)
Feeding The Flame(1983)
Total Sound(1986)
The Mirror Test(1987)
Les Années Vertes(1988)
Treehouse Poetry(1991)
La Dolce Vita (Live In Lausanne)(1999)
Melting In The Fullness Of Time(2002)
Where The Light Shines Through 1981-2017(2017)
Mission Creep(2018)

Sam Cooke

The Keen Records Story(1957-1959)(2010)
Sam Cooke / Bumps Blackwell Orchestra - Songs By Sam Cooke(1958)
Hit Kit(1959)
Tribute To The Lady(1959)
The RCA Albums Collection(2011)
Cooke's Tour(1960)
Hits Of The 50's(1960)
Sam Cooke(1961)
My Kind Of Blues(1961)
Twistin' The Night Away(1962)
Mr. Soul(1963)
Night Beat(1963)
Night Beat(1963)
Live At The Harlem Square Club 1963(1985)
Live At The Harlem Square Club 1963(1985)
Sam Cooke At The Copa(1964)
Ain't That Good News(1964)
Try A Little Love(1965)
The Soul Stirrers / The Complete Specialty Recordings(2002)
The Complete Remastered Keen Collection(2011)

Same Waves

Algorithm of Desire(2018)

Sam Weber

Shadows In The Road(2014)
Valentina Nevada(2016)
New Agile Freedom(2019)ep
Everything Comes True(2019)

Sananda Maitreya / Terence Trent D'Arby

Sarah McLachlan

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy(1993)
The Freedom Sessions(1994)
Rarities, B-Sides & Other Stuff(1996)
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy And The Freedom Sessions(1997)
Afterglow Live(2004)
Bloom (Remix Album)(2005)
Mirrorball: The Complete Concert(2006)
Closer: The Best Of Sarah McLachlan(2008)
Rarities, B-Sides, And Other Stuff 2(2008)
Laws Of Illusion(2010)
The Essential Sarah McLachlan(2013)
Shine On(2014)
The Classic Christmas Album(2015)

Sarah P. (Keep Shelly In Athens)

Who Am I(2017)
Plotting Revolutions(2020)

Savage Garden

Savage Garden(1997)※
Truly Madly Deeply - Ultra Rare Tracks(1998)
Ultra Hit Tracks(1999)
Truly Madly Completely (The Best Of Savage Garden)(2005)
The Singles(2015)


...And Finally(2000)

The Seahorses (John Squire)

Do It Yourself(1997)
Love Is The Law(1997)ep
Blinded By The Sun(1997)ep
Love Me And Leave Me(1997)ep


Seal II(1994)
Human Being(1998)
Seal IV(2003)
Best | 1991 - 2004(2004)
Live In Paris(2005)
One Night To Remember(2005)
Best Remixes 1991 - 2004(2005)
Live In Brooklyn(2009)Unofficial Release
Soul Live(2009)
The Rare Collection(2009)
6 : Commitment(2010)
Soul 2(2011)

The Seasons

Midnight, Let's Get a Hot Dog(2018)

Sea Stories

To Light The Home Fires(1987)
Secret World(1988)ep
Miller's Pond(1990)
Wide Eyed And Dreaming(1991)

Sebastian Hardie

Four Moments(1975)
Live In L.A.(1999)

The Send


Sex Pistols

Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols(1977)
"No Future U.K.?"(1977)
Filthy Lucre Live(1996)
Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols 35th anniversary(2012)
Live '76(2016)
More Product(2017)

Sex Swing

Sex Swing(2016)
Type II(2020)

Shaking Family

Shaking Family(1987)
Dreaming In Detail(1990)

Sharon Shannon

Sharon Shannon(1991)
Out The Gap(1994)
Each Little Thing(1997)
Spellbound - The Best Of Sharon Shannon(1998)
Sharon Shannon & Friends / The Diamond Mountain Sessions(2000)
Sharon Shannon & The Woodchoppers / Live In Galway(2001)
Sharon Shannon & Friends / Libertango(2003)
The Sharon Shannon Collection 1990-2005(2005)
Sharon Shannon,Frankie Gavin,Michael McGoldrick,Jim Murray / Tunes(2005)
Sharon Shannon, Michael McGoldrick, Jim Murray, Dezi Donnelly / Upside Down(2006)
Live At Dolans(2006)
The Galway Girl - The Best Of Sharon Shannon(2008)
Saints & Scoundrels(2009)
Sharon Shannon And The RTÉ Concert Orchestra With Jim Murray / Flying Circus(2012)
In Galway(2014)
Sacred Earth(2017)
Live In Minneapolis(2019)
The Winkles Tapes 1989(2019)

Shawn Colvin

Steady On(1989)
Fat City(1992)
Cover Girl(1994)
Live '88(1995)
A Few Small Repairs(1996)
Nothin' On Me(1997)ep
Holiday Songs And Lullabies(1998)
Whole New You(2001)
Polaroids: A Greatest Hits Collection(2004)
These Four Walls(2006)
The Best of Shawn Colvin(2010)
All Fall Down(2012)
Colvin & Earle(2016)
The Starlighter(2018)
Steady On 30th Anniversary Acoustic Edition(2019)
Portrait Of A Lady Live 1993(2020)
Dragon Clouds Live Los Angeles 1994(2021)

Shelby Lynne

Tough All Over(1990)
Soft Talk(1991)
I Am Shelby Lynne(1999)
Love, Shelby(2001)
Identity Crisis(2003)
Suit Yourself(2005)
Just A Little Lovin'(2008)
Tears, Lies, And Alibis(2010)
Merry Christmas(2010)
Revelation Road(2011)※
I Can't Imagine(2015)
Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer / Not Dark Yet(2017)
Shelby Lynne(2020)

Shemekia Copeland

Turn The Heat Up(1998)
Talking To Strangers(2002)
The Soul Truth(2005)
Never Going Back(2009)
Deluxe Edition(2011)
33 1/3(2012)
Outskirts Of Love(2015)※
America's Child(2018)
Uncivil War(2020)

Sheryl Crow

Tuesday Night Music Club(1993)
All I Wanna Do-Live New Britain Ct 1994(1994)
Sheryl Crow(1996)
The Globe Sessions(1998)
Live From Central Park(1999)
C'mon, C'mon(2002)
Live At Budokan(2003)
The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow(2003)
Hits & Rarities(2007)
Home For Christmas(2008)
100 Miles From Memphis(2010)
Feels Like Home(2013)
Be Myself(2017)
Live At The Capitol Theatre: 2017 Be Myself Tour(2018)

The Shining

True Skies(2002)

Simon Hinkler (The Mission)

Mark Gouldthorpe & Simon Hinkler / Flight Commander Solitude & The Snake(1985)
Lose The Faith(2005)
Moving On(2018)ep

Simply Red

Picture Book(1985)
Men And Women(1987)
A New Flame(1989)
Love And The Russian Winter(1999)
Live At The Royal Albert Hall(2007)
Farewell (Live In Concert At Sydney Opera House)(2011)
Home Mixes(2012)
Song Book 1985-2010(2013)
Big Love(2015)
The Big Love Tour 2015: Live In Milan 15.11.2015(2015)
Symphonica In Rosso (Live At Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)(2018)
Blue Eyed Soul(2019)

Siouxsie & The Banshees

The Scream(1978)
Join Hands(1979)
A Kiss In The Dreamhouse(1982)
Through The Looking Glass(1987)
The Rapture(1995)
The Best Of Siouxsie And The Banshees(2002)
The Seven Year Itch Live(2003)
Downside Up(2004)

Sister Hazel

Sister Hazel(1994)
...Somewhere More Familiar(1996)
Chasing Daylight(2002)
Live LIVE(2003)
Bam! Volume 1(2007)
Santa's Playlist(2007)
Before The Amplifiers: Live Acoustic(2008)
Heartland Highway(2010)
20 Stages(2014)
Lighter In The Dark(2016)
Unplugged From Daryl's House Club(2016)

The Sisters Of Mercy

First And Last And Always(1985)
First And Last And Always - Merciful Release Box(1985(2007))
First And Last And Always-Vinyl Box(1985(2015))
First And Last And Always(1985)
Body And Soul(1984)sg
Walk Away/Poison Door(1984)sg
No Time To Cry(1985)sg
Floodland - Merciful Release Box(1987(2007))
Floodland-Vinyl Box(1987(2015))
This Corrosion(1987)
Lucretia My Reflection(1988)
Vision Thing - Merciful Release Box(1990(2007))
Vision Thing-Vinyl Box(1990(2016))
Vision Thing(1990)
Doctor Jeep(1990)
When You Don't See Me(1990)
Some Girls Wander By Mistake 80-83(1992)
Greatest Hits Volume One - A Slight Case Of Overbombing(1993)
Merciful Release Box(2007)
Europe 1993(?)

Skip James

Greatest Of The Delta Blues Singers(1965)
Skip James Today!(1966)
Devil Got My Woman(1968)
'A Tribute To Skip James' Volume One(1970)
The Complete 1931 Session(1982)
Greatest Of The Delta Blues Singers(1992)
King Of The Blues 8(1992)
"Live" Boston 1964 & Philadelphia 1966(1992)
The Complete Bloomington, Indiana, Concert, March 30, 1968, Part I(1999)
The Complete Bloomington, Indiana, Concert, March 30, 1968, Part II(1999)
Skip James, Jack Owens / 50 Years Mississippi Blues In Bentonia (1931-1981)(2017)

Sleepy John Estes

The Legend Of Sleepy John Estes(1963(1990))
Broke And Hungry(1964)
Brownsville Blues(1965(1992))
Electric Sleep(1968)
Sleepy John Estes, John Henry Barbee ‎– Blues Live!1964(1981)
I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929 - 1941(1992)
Sleepy John Estes, Hammie Nixon With Yuka Dan / Blues Is A-Live(1995)
Goin' To Brownsville(1998)
Sleepy John Estes In Europe(1999)
Sleepy John Estes, Yank Rachell, Hammie Nixon / Newport Blues(2002)
Sleepy John Estes With Hammie Nixon / On 80 Highway(2008)
Need More Blues 1937 - 1941(2010)
Sleepy John Estes With Hammie Nixon / Live In Japan(2014)
The Best Delmark Recordings(2018)
Working Man(2018)ep


Holding Our Breath(1991)ep
Just For A Day(1991)
Outside Your Room EP(1993)ep
5 EP(1993)ep


EP Ⅱ(2015)
Ett Ljus Från Förr(2015)

The Smiths

The Smiths(1984)※
Hatful Of Hollow(1984)※
Meat Is Murder(1985)※
The Queen Is Dead(1986)※
The World Won't Listen(1987)※
Strangeways, Here We Come(1987)※
Louder Than Bombs(1987)※
The Sound Of The Smiths(2008)

Smoke Fairies

Strange The Things(2006)
I Wonder As I Wander(2009)
Through Low Light And Trees(2010)
This Is A Reflection(2012)
Blood Speaks(2012)
Smoke Fairies(2014)
Wild Winter(2014)
Smoke Fairies Featuring Rasputina / Live At St Pancras Old Church 24/10/13(2015)
Darkness Brings The Wonders Home(2020)

Smokey Robinson

Pure Smokey(1974)
A Quiet Storm(1975)
Smokey's Family Robinson(1976)
Deep In My Soul(1977)
Big Time - Original Music Score From The Motion Picture(1977)
Love Breeze(1978)
Where There's Smoke...(1979)
Warm Thoughts(1980)
Being With You(1981)
Yes It's You Lady(1982)
Hot Smokey(1982)
Touch The Sky(1983)
Smoke Signals(1986)
One Heartbeat(1987)
Love, Smokey(1990)
Double Good Everything(1991)
Food For The Spirit(2004)
Timeless Love(2006)
Time Flies When You're Having Fun(2009)
Smokey & Friends(2014)
Free Soul. The Classic Of Smokey Robinson(2014)
Christmas Everyday(2017)


Pass It Around(1975)
Changing All The Time(1975)
Midnight Café(1976)
Bright Lights And Back Alleys(1977)
The Montreux Album(1978)
The Other Side Of The Road(1979)
Solid Ground(1981)
Strangers In Paradise(1982)
Midnight Delight(1982)
All Fired Up(1988)
Greatest Hits Live(1989)
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams(1989)
Whose Are These Boots(1990)
Chasing Shadows(1992)
Burnin' Ambition(1993)
The World And Elsewhere(1995)
Light A Candle (The Christmas Album)(1996)
Wild Horses - The Nashville Album(1998)
Uncovered Too(2001)
On The Wire(2004)
Eclipse Acoustic(2008)
On Tour(2010)
Take A Minute(2010)
The Greatest Hits Rerecorded 2022(2022)

Snail Mail

Snail Mail on Audiotree Live(2017)ep

Snow Patrol

Songs For Polarbears(1998)
When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up(2001)
Final Straw(2003)
Eyes Open(2006)
A Hundred Million Suns(2008)
A Hundred Million Suns - Live From London(2009)
Up To Now(2009)
Fallen Empires(2011)
Best Of The Jeepster Years: 1997-2001(2012)mp3

Son House

The Legendary Delta Blues Session(1990)

→2008年再発盤追加曲1.Mississippi County Farm Blues
→2008年再発盤追加曲2.Clarksdale Moan
The Complete Library Of Congress Sessions, 1941-1942(1990)
The Oberlin College Concert(1991)
Father Of The Delta Blues: The Complete 1965 Sessions(1992)
At Home: The Legendary 1969 Rochester Sessions(1992)
"Live" At Gaslight Cafe, N.Y.C., January 3, 1965(2000)
Raw Delta Blues(2011)
Son House in Seattle 1968(2011)
John The Revelator(Live Radio Broadcast)(2017)
Coolin' Board Blues - Seattle Fork Society,November 15th 1969,KCTS Broadcast(2020)

Sonny Landreth

Blues Attack(1981)
Sonny Landreth And Bayou Rhythm / Way Down In Louisiana(1985)
Outward Bound(1992)
South Of I-10(1995)
Levee Town(2000)
The Road We're On(2003)
Grant Street(2005)
Live At Jazzfest 2007(2007)
From The Reach(2008)
Elemental Journey(2012)
Bound By The Blues(2015)
Recorded Live In Lafayette(2017)
Blacktop Run(2020)
Louisiana Code (Live Chicago 1993)(2021)

Son Seals

The Son Seals Blues Band(1973)
Midnight Son(1976)
Live And Burning(1978)
Chicago Fire(1980)
Bad Axe(1984)
Living In The Danger Zone(1991)
Nothing But The Truth(1994)
Live - Spontaneous Combustion(1996)
Letting Go(2000)

Sonya Kitchell

Cold Day(2004)ep
Words Came Back To Me(2005)
This Storm(2008)
Convict of Conviction(2010)ep
We Come Apart(2016)

Soul Asylum

Say What You Will...(1984)
Made To Be Broken(1986)
While You Were Out(1986)
Clam Dip & Other Delights(1988)ep
Hang Time(1988)
And The Horse They Rode In On(1990)
Grave Dancers Union(1992)
Promises Broken(1995)ep
Let Your Dim Light Shine(1995)
Candy From A Stranger(1998)
Black Gold: The Best Of Soul Asylum(2000)
After The Flood: Live From The Grand Forks Prom(2004)
The Silver Lining(2006)
Delayed Reaction(2012)
Change Of Fortune(2016)
"Live from Liberty Lunch, TX" Thursday 12/3/92(2018)
Hurry Up And Wait(2020)


From Here On In(2000)
With The Tides(2003)
Adventures In The Underground Journey To The Stars(2005)
Up Close And Personal(2006)
You Are Here(2008)

Southside Johnny / Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / I Don't Want To Go Home(1976)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / This Time It's For Real(1977)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Hearts Of Stone(1978)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / The Jukes(1979)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Havin' A Party With Southside Johnny(1979)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Love Is A Sacrifice(1980)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Live - Reach Up And Touch The Sky(1981)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Trash It Up(1983)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / In The Heat(1984)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / At Least We Got Shoes(1986)
Southside Johnny / Slow Dance(1988)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Better Days(1991)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / The Best Of Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes(1992)
Southside Johnny / Spittin' Fire(1997)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Messin' With The Blues(2000)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Going To Jukesville(2002)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Into The Harbour(2005)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / From Southside To Tyneside(2008)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / 1978: Live In Boston(2008)
Southside Johnny With LaBamba's Big Band / Grapefruit Moon: The Songs Of Tom Waits(2008)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Hearts Of Stone LIVE(2009)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Pills And Ammo(2010)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Cadillac Jacks Number One Son(2011)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Men Without Women: Live 7-2-11 Asbury Park, NJ(2012)
Southside Johnny & The Poor Fools / Songs From The Barn(2013)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Soultime!(2015)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Live At The Bottom Line, New York City '77(2015)
Southside Johnny / Detour Ahead - The Music Of Billie Holiday(2017)

Spock's Beard

The Light (1995)
Beware Of Darkness(1996)
The Official Live Bootleg(1996)
The Kindness Of Strangers(1997)
From The Vault(1998)
Day For Night(1999)
Don't Try This At Home(2000)
Feel Euphoria(2003)
Gluttons For Punishment (Live In '05)(2005)
Spock's Beard(2006)
Live At High Voltage Festival(2011)
The X Tour - Live(2012)
Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep(2013)
Live At Sea(2014)
The Oblivion Particle(2015)
The First Twenty Years(2015)
Noise Floor(2018)


Love Is Here(2001)
Silence Is Easy(2003)
On The Outside(2005)
All The Plans(2008)
Good Souls: The Greatest Hits(2015)
All This Life(2017)


Knee Deep In The Hoopla(1985)
No Protection(1987)
Love Among The Cannibals(1989)
Greatest Hits (Ten Years And Change 1979-1991)(1991)
Greatest Hits Relaunched(2021)

State Cows

State Cows(2010)
The Second One(2013)

Steely Dan

Can't Buy A Thrill(1972)
Countdown To Ecstasy(1973)
Pretzel Logic(1974)
Katy Lied(1975)
The Royal Scam(1976)
Berry Town(1985)
A Decade Of Steely Dan(1985)
Stone Piano(1988)
Citizen 1972-1980(1993)
Alive In America(1995)
Two Against Nature(2000)
Two Against Nature Live(2000)
Everything Must Go(2003)
The Very Best Of Steely Dan(2009)

Stella Donnelly

Thrush Metal(2017)ep
Beware Of The Dogs(2019)


Word Gets Around(1997)
Performance And Cocktails(1999)
Just Enough Education To Perform(2001)
You Gotta Go There To Come Back(2003)
Live From Dakota(2006)
Pull The Pin(2007)
Decade In The Sun: Best Of Stereophonics(2008)
Keep Calm And Carry On(2009)
Graffiti On The Train(2013)
Keep The Village Alive(2015)
Language.Sex.Violence.Other? Live(2017)
Scream Above the Sounds(2017)

Steve Forbert

Alive On Arrival(1978)
Jackrabbit Slim(1979)
Little Stevie Orbit(1980)
Steve Forbert(1982)
Streets Of This Town(1988)
The Bottom Line,New York,September 12,1988(1988)
The American In Me(1991)
Be Here Now Solo Live 1994(1994)
Mission Of The Crossroad Palms(1995)
King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Steve Forbert In Concert(1995)
Rocking Horse Head(1996)
Steve Forbert and the Rough Squirrels / Here's Your Pizza(1997)
Evergreen Boy(1999)
Be Here Again Live Solo 1998(1999)
The WFUV Concert: Acoustic Live 2000(2000)
Live At The Bottom Line(2001)
Young, Guitar Days(2001)
Any Old Time (Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers)(2002)
Solo Live In Bethlehem(2003)
From The Front Row... Live!(2003)
Rock While I Can Rock: The Geffen Years(2003)
Just Like There's Nothin' To It(2004)
Good Soul Food Live At The Ark(2004)
Steve Forbert Live Acoustic With Paul Errico / It's Been A Long Time(2006)
Strange Names & New Sensations (2007)
The Place And The Time(2009)
Don't Look Down(2011)
Orbit On Tour : Live In Denver,CO(2011)
Over With You(2012)
New Liberty Half - Pre Production Demos For The Place And The Time(2013)
Down In Flames(2016)
Flying At Night(2016)
The Magic Tree(2018)
Early Morning Rain(2020)

Steve Hackett (Genesis)

Voyage Of The Acolyte(1975)
Please Don't Touch!(1978)
Spectral Mornings(1979)
Highly Strung(1983)
Bay Of Kings(1983)
Till We Have Faces(1984)
Time Lapse(1992)
The Unauthorised Biography(1992)
Guitar Noir(1993)
Blues With A Feeling(1994)
Genesis Revisited(1996)
A Midsummer Night's Dream(1997)
There Are Many Sides To The Night(1995)
The Tokyo Tapes(1996)
Sketches Of Satie(2000)
Feedback 86(2000)
Live Archive 70,80,90's(2001)
Hungarian Horizons - Live In Budapest(2002)
Somewhere In South America ... Live In Buenos Aires(2002)
To Watch The Storms(2003)
Wild Orchids(2006)
Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth(2009)
Live Rails(2010)
Beyond The Shrouded Horizon(2011)
Genesis Revisited II(2012)
Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith(2013)
Djabe Special Guest Steve Hackett / Summer Storms & Rocking Rivers(2013)
Access All Areas(2014)
Premonitions: The Charisma Recordings 1975 – 1983(2015)
The Total Experience Live In Liverpool (Acolyte To Wolflight With Genesis Classics)(2016)
The Total Experience Live In Japan (Acolyte To Wolflight With Genesis Classics)(2016)
The Night Siren(2017)
Djabe & Steve Hackett / Life Is A Journey – The Sardinia Tapes(2017)
Djabe & Steve Hackett / Life Is A Journey – The Budapest Live Tapes(2018)

Steve Marriott (Small Faces,Humble Pie)

Packet Of Three(1984)
Steve Marriott & The DT's / Sing The Blues : Live 1988(2001)
Rainy Changes(2005)
Some Kind Of Wonderful Vol.1(2006)
Some Kind Of Wonderful Vol.2(2006)
Wham Bam Vol.1(2007)
Wham Bam Vol.2(2007)
I Need Your Love ... (Like A Fish Needs A Raincoat)(2013)
Steve Marriott Packet Of Three / Live From London(2015)
Midnight Of My Life(2015)
Watch Your Step - The Final Performances - Live 91(2017)

Steve Marrs

Somebody Somewhere(1982)

Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree)

Unreleased Electronic Music Vol 1(2004)
Nsrgnts Rmxs(2009)
Cover Version(2010)
Tape Experiments 1985-86(2010)
Grace For Drowning(2011)
Get All You Deserve(2012)
Catalogue / Preserve / Amass (Live In Europe, October 2011)(2012)
The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)(2012)
Hand. Cannot. Erase.(2015)
To The Bone(2017)
Last Day Of June (Original Game Soundtrack)(2017)
Home Invasion (In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall)(2018)
The Future Bites(2021)

Steve Rothery / The Steve Rothery Band (Marillion)

The Steve Rothery Band / Live In Plovdiv(2013)
The Steve Rothery Band / Live In Rome(2014)
The Ghosts Of Pripyat(2014)

Steve Winwood

Steve Winwood(1977)
Arc Of A Diver(1980)
Talking Back To The Night(1982)
Back In The High Life(1986)
Roll With It(1988)
Refugees Of The Heart(1990)
The Finer Things(1995)
Junction Seven(1997)
About Time(2003)
Nine Lives(2008)
Live From Madison Square Garden(2009)
Revolutions: The Very Best Of Steve Winwood(2010)
Winwood Greatest Hits Live(2017)

Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac)

Bella Donna(1981)
The Wild Heart(1983)
Rock A Little(1985)
The Other Side Of The Mirror(1989)
Timespace - The Best Of Stevie Nicks(1991)
A Hard Game To Play(1992)
Street Angel(1994)
The Best - Live(1994)
Trouble In Shangri-La(2001)
Crystal Visions...The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks(2007)
The Soundstage Sessions(2008)
In Your Dreams(2011)
24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault(2014)
Stand Back 1981-2017(2019)
Live In Concert, The 24 Karat Gold Tour(2020)

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

Texas Flood(1983)
Couldn't Stand The Weather(1984)
Soul To Soul(1985)
Live Alive(1986)
In Step(1989)
The Vaughan Brothers / Family Style(1990)
The Sky Is Crying(1991)
In The Beginning(1992)
Live At Carnegie Hall(1997)
Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan / In Session(1999)
The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Volume 1(1999)
The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Volume 2(1999)
Live At Montreux 1982 & 1985(2001)

Stevie Wonder

The Jazz Soul Of Little Stevie(1962)
Tribute To Uncle Ray(1962)
The 12 Year Old Genius - Recorded Live(1963)
With A Song In My Heart(1963)
Stevie At The Beach(1964)
Down To Earth(1966)
I Was Made To Love Her(1967)
Someday At Christmas(1967)
For Once In My Life(1968)
My Cherie Amour(1969)
Stevie Wonder Live(1970)
'Live' At The Talk Of The Town(1970)
Signed Sealed & Delivered(1970)
Where I'm Coming From(1971)
Music Of My Mind(1972)
Talking Book(1972)
Fulfillingness' First Finale(1974)
Songs In The Key Of Life(1976)
Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants(1979)
Hotter Than July(1980)
In Square Circle(1985)
(Music From The Movie) Jungle Fever(1991)
Conversation Peace(1995)
Natural Wonder (Stevie Wonder Live In Concert)(1995)
A Time 2 Love(2005)
Mono Singles(2019)
Additional Singles & Rarities(2019)
Singles 1962-63(2021)


The Dream Of The Blue Turtles(1985)
Bring On The Night(1986)
...Nothing Like The Sun(1987)
The Soul Cages(1991)
Ten Summoner's Tales(1993)
Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984 - 1994(1994)
The Living Sea (Soundtrack From The IMAX Film)(1995)
Mercury Falling(1996)
Brand New Day(1999)
...All This Time(2001)
Sacred Love(2003)
Songs From The Labyrinth(2006)
If On A Winter's Night...(2009)
Sting Featuring The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra ‎– Live In Berlin(2010)
25 Years(2011)
The Best Of 25 Years(2011)
The Last Ship(2013)
57th & 9th(2016)
Sting & Shaggy / 44/876(2018)
Sting & Shaggy / 44/876 The Remixes(2018)
My Songs(2019)
My Songs Live(2019)

The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses(1988)box
The UK Singles(1990)
The Maxi Collection(1991)
Turns Into Stone(1992)
Second Coming(1994)
The Complete Stone Roses(1995)
Garage Flower(1996)
The Remixes(2000)
The Very Best Of The Stone Roses(2002)
7" Singles Box Collector's Edition(2009)
The Stone Roses: Made of Stone(2013)

Storefront Church

As We Pass(2021)

Stray Cats

Stray Cats(1981)※
Gonna Ball(1981)※
Built For Speed(1982)
Live At The Roxy 1981(1982)
Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats(1983)
Rock Therapy(1986)※
Blast Off(1989)
Let's Go Faster(1990)
The Best Of(1990)
Back To The Alley - The Best Of The Stray Cats(1990)
Choo Choo Hot Fish(1992)
Original Cool(1993)
Live - Tear It Up(1993)
Rock This Town(1993)
Something Else(1994)
Stray Cats And Brian Setzer(1994)※
The Best Live Collection Of(1996)
Rockabilly Rules: At Their Best... Live(1999)
Hollywood Strut (Unreleased Cuts)(2000)
Forever Gold(2002)
The Very Best Of(2003)
Live From Europe - Recorded Live In Paris 5th July, 2004(2005)
Rare Tracks(2007)
Rock This Town The Collection(2013)
Live At Rockpalast - 1983 Loreley Open Air + 1981 Cologne(2015)※
NYC Strut Live 1982(2019)
Rocked This Town From LA To London(2020)

Straylight Run

Straylight Run(2004)
The Needles The Space(2007)

The Strokes

Is This It(2001)
Room On Fire(2003)
First Impressions Of Earth(2005)
Comedown Machine(2013)
Future Present Past EP(2016)ep
The New Abnormal(2020)

The Style Council (Paul Weller)

Classic Album Selection(2013)
Introducing: The Style Council(1983)
Café Bleu(1984)
Our Favourite Shop(1985)
Home & Abroad - The Style Council, Live!(1986)
The Cost Of Loving(1987)
Confessions Of A Pop Group(1988)
In Concert(1998)
The Complete Adventures Of(1998)
Modernism: A New Decade(1998)
Greatest Hits(2000)
Long Hot Summers : The Story Of The Style Council(2020)

The Subways

Young For Eternity(2005)
Live And Acoustic In Magdeburg(2005)
All Or Nothing(2008)
We Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time(2011)ep
Money And Celebrity(2011)
Good Times(1015)ep mp3
The Subways(2015)
Acoustic Adventures At YFE Studios(2016)ep mp3
Rock & Roll Queen 2020(2020)


Dog Man Star(1994)
Coming Up(1996)
Sci-Fi Lullabies(1997)
Head Music(1999)
A New Morning(2002)
See You In The Next Life...(2004)
The Best Of(2010)
Dog Man Star. 20th Anniversary Live. Royal Albert Hall.(2015)
Night Thoughts(2016)
The Blue Hour(2018)
Live At The Roundhouse (15th December 1996) (2020)

Sue Foley

Young Girl Blues(1992)
Without A Warning(1993)
Big City Blues(1995)
Walk In The Sun(1996)
Ten Days In November(1998)
Love Comin' Down(2000)
Secret Weapon(2000)
Back To The Blues(2000)
Where The Action Is...(2002)
New Used Car(2006)
Sue Foley,Deborah Coleman,Roxanne Potvin / Time Bomb(2007)
Peter Karp & Sue Foley / He Said She Said(2010)
Peter Karp & Sue Foley / Beyond The Crossroads(2012)
The Ice Queen(2018)

Sue Medley

Sue Medley(1990)
Inside Out(1992)
Velvet Morning(2000)
Sue Medley & The Back Road Band / These Are The Days(2014)

The Sundays

Reading, Writing And Arithmetic(1990)
Static & Silence(1997)

Susan Cagle

The Subway Recordings(2006)
The Studio Recordings

Susanna Hoffs

When You're A Boy(1991)
Susanna Hoffs(1996)
Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs / Under The Covers Vol. 1(2006)
Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs / Under The Covers Vol. 2(2009)
Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs / Under The Covers Vol. 3(2013)

Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega(1985)※
Suzanne Vega(1985)
Live In London 1986(1986)
Solitude Standing(1987)※
Solitude Standing(1987)
Days Of Open Hand(1990)
Making Noise - The 99.9F° World Tour(1993)※
Nine Objects Of Desire(1996)
Sessions At West 54th(1997)※
The Best Of Suzanne Vega: Tried And True(1998)
Songs In Red And Gray(2001)
Retrospective: The Best Of Suzanne Vega(2003)
Live At The Stephen Talkhouse(2005)
Beauty & Crime(2007)
Close-Up Vol 1-4(2010-2012)
Solitude Standing - Live At The Barbican(2012)
In Concert(Live At The Coach House San Juan Capistano 1993)(2014)
Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles(2014)
Live At The Speakeasy(2014)Unofficial
Lover, Beloved: Songs From An Evening With Carson McCullers(2016)
Live From The 'Lenny Kaye Show' WBAI Studios NY Feb 19th 1985(2019)
An Evening Of New York Songs And Stories(2020)
Close-Up Series(2014(2022))


Son Of Mustang Ford(1990)ep
Rave Down(1990)ep
Reel To Real(1991)ep
Never Lose That Feeling(1992)ep
Last Train To Satansville(1993)ep
Mezcal Head(1993)
Last Day On Earth(1995)ep
Ejector Seat Reservation(1995)
99th Dream(1997)
Space Travel, Rock 'n' Roll(1998)ep
Juggernaut Rides '89-'98(2005)
I Wasn't Born To Lose You(2015)
Future Ruins(2018)

Swing Out Sister

It's Better To Travel(1987)
Kaleidoscope World(1989)
Get In Touch With Yourself(1992)
The Living Return(1994)
Live At The Jazz Cafe(1995)
Shapes And Patterns(1997)
Filth And Dreams(1999)
Somewhere Deep In The Night(2001)
Where Our Love Grows(2004)
Live In Tokyo(2005)
Beautiful Mess(2008)
Private View(2012)
Almost Persuaded(2017)

Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd)

The Madcap Laughs(1970)
The Peel Sessions(1988)
The Best Of Syd Barrett - Wouldn't You Miss Me?(2001)
The Radio One Sessions(2004)