Racine / Wendy James


Pablo Honey(1993)
The Bends(1994)
OK Computer(1997)
Kid A(2000)
I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings(2001)ep
Hail To The Thief(2003)
In Rainbows(2007)
The Best Of(2008)
Panorama Box Set(2008)
The King Of Limbs(2011)
TKOL RMX 1234567(2011)
A Moon Shaped Pool(2016)

Rain Tree Crow (David Sylvian,Mick Karn,Richard Barbieri,Steve Jansen)

Rain Tree Crow(1991)


Leave Home(1977)
Rocket To Russia(1977)
Road To Ruin(1978)
It's Alive(1979)
End Of The Century(1979)
Pleasant Dreams(1981)
Live : My Father's Place,NY 20 July 1982(1982)
Subterranean Jungle(1983)
Too Tough To Die(1984)
Animal Boy(1986)
Halfway To Sanity(1987)
Ramones Mania(1988)
Brain Drain(1989)
Loco Live(1991)
Mondo Bizarro(1992)
Acid Eaters(1993)
Adios Amigos!(1995)
Greatest Hits(2006)
The Musikladen Recordings 1978(2011)

The Raveonettes

Whip It On(2002)ep
Chain Gang Of Love(2003)
Pretty In Black(2005)
Lust Lust Lust(2007)
Sometimes They Drop By(2008)ep
Beauty Dies(2008)ep
Wishing You A Rave Christmas(2008)ep
In And Out Of Control(2009)
Raven In The Grave(2011)
Into The Night(2012)ep
2016 Atomized(2017)


真夜中のドア~Stay With Me~ / Blind Curve(2021)Single
Ride On Time / Say So -Japanese Version- (Tofubeats Remix)(2021)Single

The Recalls

Wait For The Sun(2014)
There Is No End(2021)

Reckless Sleepers (Jules Shear)

Big Boss Sounds(1988)


Live at the Cafe Carpe(2011)
We're all friends and lovers until it falls apart(2011)ep

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Talk About The Weather(1985)
Paint Your Wagon(1986)
Nothing Wrong(1988)
Blasting Off(1991)


Gathering Pace(1987)


Fables Of The Reconstruction / Reconstruction Of The Fables(1985)
Lifes Rich Pageant(1986)
Dead Letter Office(1987)
Out Of Time(1991)
Automatic For The People(1992)※
Strange Currencies(1994)ep
New Adventures In Hi-Fi(1996)
In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003(2003)
Around The Sun(2004)
And I Feel Fine...The Best Of The I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 (Collectors' Edition)(2006)
Live At The Olympia In Dublin 39 Songs(2009)
Collapse Into Now(2011)
Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage 1982 - 2011(2011)
Unplugged 1991 & 2001 (The Complete Sessions)(2014)
Complete Rarities - I.R.S. 1982-1987(2014)
Complete Warner Bros. Rarities 1988-2011(2014)
R.E.M. At The BBC(2018)


Ashes Are Burning(1973)
Turn Of The Cards(1974)
Scheherazade And Other Stories(1975)
Live At Carnegie Hall(1976)
A Song For All Seasons(1978)
Azure D'or(1979)
Camera Camera(1981)
Tales Of 1001 Nights, Vol. I(1990)
Tales Of 1001 Nights, Vol. II(1990)
The Other Woman(1994)
At The Royal Albert Hall Part 1(1997)
At The Royal Albert Hall Part 2(1997)
BBC Sessions(1999)
'Unplugged' Live At The Academy Of Music, Philadelphia USA(2000)
In The Land Of The Rising Sun(2002)※
Tour 2011 (Turn Of The Cards / Scheherazade And Other Stories Live In Concert)(2012)
Grandine Il Vento(2013)
DeLane Lea Studios 1973(2015)※
Academy Of Music 1974(2015)※
Live At The BBC Sight & Sound(2016)
A Symphonic Journey (Live In Concert)(2018)
50th Anniversary - Ashes Are Burning: An Anthology – Live In Concert(2021)

The Replacements

Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash(1981)
Stink ("Kids Don't Follow" Plus Seven)(1982)
Let It Be(1984)
Pleased To Meet Me(1987)
Don't Tell A Soul(1989)
All Shook Down(1990)
All For Nothing - Nothing For All(1997)
Don't You Know Who I Think I Was? (The Best Of)(2006)
The Complete Studio Albums 1981-1990(2015)
For Sale: Live At Maxwell's 1986(2017)
Dead Man's Pop(2019)
The Complete Inconcerated Live(2020)
Oh Baby,Don't Give Me That Look - Live In Chicao '91(2020)
Closing Time - Live 1991(2020)

Rhiannon Giddens

Tomorrow Is My Turn(2015)
Freedom Highway(2017)
Rhiannon Giddens With Francesco Turrisi There Is No Other(2019)


Blood Remixed(2018)

Richard Ashcroft (The Verve)

Alone With Everybody(2000)
Human Conditions(2002)
Keys To The World(2006)
United Nations Of Sound(2010)
These People(2016)
Natural Rebel(2018)

Richard Marx

Richard Marx(1987)
Repeat Offender(1989)
Rush Street(1991)
Paid Vacation(1993)
Flesh And Bone(1997)
Greatest Hits(1997)
Days In Avalon(2000)
My Own Best Enemy(2004)
Emotional Remains(2008)
Stories To Tell(2010)
Christmas Spirit(2012)
Inside My Head(2012)
A Night Out With Friends(2012)
Beautiful Goodbye(2014)
Repeat Offender Revisited(2019)

Richard Wright (Pink Floyd)

Wet Dream(1978)
Broken China(1996)

Rick Springfield

Comic Book Heroes(1973)
Mission Magic(1974)
Wait For Night(1976)
Working Class Dog(1980)
Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet(1982)
Living In Oz(1983)
Hard To Hold(1984)
Beautiful Feelings(1984)
Rock Of Life(1987)
Rock Of Life(1987)
Rick Springfield's Greatest Hits(1989)
Best Of(1996)
Catch Me If You Can(2006)
The Greatest Hits: Alive(2000)
The Day After Yesterday(2005)
We Are The '80s(2006)
The Early Sound City Sessions(2007)
Christmas With You(2007)
Venus In Overdrive(2008)
From The Vault(2010)
Songs For The End Of The World(2012)
Stripped Down(2015)
Rocket Science(2016)
The Snake King(2018)
Orchestrating My Life(2019)

Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones(1979)
Girl At Her Volcano(1983)
The Magazine(1984)
Flying Cowboys(1989)
Pop Pop(1991)
Traffic From Paradise(1993)
Naked Songs(1995)
It's Like This(2000)
Live At Red Rocks(2001)
The Evening Of My Best Day(2003)
Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology(2005)
The Sermon On Exposition Boulevard(2007)
Balm In Gilead(2009)
The Devil You Know(2012)
The Other Side Of Desire(2015)
Dutch Courage Live 1979(2019)

Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue)

So Long Ago(1993)
What You Are(1996)
New Recording(1997)
This Is The Life(2002)
Pale Rider(2005)
Trouble Came Looking(2013)
Short Stories Vol. 1(2017)


Going Blank Again(1992)
Cosmic Carnival(1994)
Carnival Of Light(1994)
OX4 The Best Of Ride(2001)
The Box Set(2001)
Weather Diaries(2017)
Waking Up In Another Town: Weather Diaries Remixed(2018)
This Is Not A Safe Place(2019)
Ride Reimagined By Pêtr Aleksänder / Clouds In The Mirror (This Is Not A Safe Place Reimagined By Pêtr Aleksänder)(2020)
4 EPs(2022)

R. Kelly

Born Into The 90's(1990)
12 Play(1993)
R. Kelly(1995)
The Best Of Both Worlds(2002)
Chocolate Factory (2003)
Unfinished Business(2004)
Happy People / U Saved Me(2004)
TP.3 Reloaded(2005)
Double Up(2007)
Love Letter(2010)※
The World's Greatest(2011)
Write Me Back(2012)
Black Panties(2013)
The Essential R. Kelly(2014)
The Buffet(2015)
12 Nights Of Christmas(2016)

R.L. Burnside

Sound Machine Groove(1981)
Plays And Sings The Mississippi Delta Blues(1981)
Mississippi Blues(1984)
Hill Country Blues(1986)
Too Bad Jim(1994)
A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey(1996)
Mr. Wizard(1997)
Acoustic Stories(1997)
Come On In(1998)
My Black Name A-Ringin'(1999)
Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down(2000)
Burnside On Burnside(2001)
First Recordings(2003)
A Bothered Mind(2004)
The King Of Hill Country Blues: Rollin' & Tumblin'(2010)
Long Distance Call: Europe 1982(2017)


Where I Roam(2018)

Rob Drabkin

Beautiful Day(2018)ep

Robbie Robertson

Robbie Robertson(1987)
Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble - Music For The Native Americans(1994)
Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy(1998)
How To Become Clairvoyant(2011)

Robert Cray / The Robert Cray Band

Who's Been Talkin'(1980)
Bad Influence(1983)
False Accusations(1985)
Strong Persuader(1986)
Live Smokin' Gun(Live : Tower Theater,Philadelphia,PA 26 Apr 1987(1987)
Live... Texas '87 - Club Redux,Dallas,21St January 1987(1987)
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark(1988)
Paramount Theatre,Springfield,MA Feb 12,1989-Live(1989)
Midnight Stroll(1990)
Live In '90(1990)
I Was Warned(1992)
Shame + A Sin(1993)
Some Rainy Morning(1995)
Sweet Potato Pie(1997)
Take Your Shoes Off(1999)
Heavy Picks - The Robert Cray Band Collection(1999)
Shoulda Been Home(2001)
Time Will Tell(2003)
Live From Across The Pond(2006)
Live At The BBC(2007)
This Time(2009)
Cookin' In Mobile(2010)
Authorized Bootleg: Live / Outdoor Concert, Austin, Texas 5/25/87(2010)
Nothin But Love(2012)
In My Soul(2014)
4 Nights Of 40 Years Live(2015)
Robert Cray & Hi Rhythm(2017)
Live : Warfield Theatre,San Francisco,CA 24.1.89(2017)

Robert Johnson

King Of The Delta Blues Singers(1961)LP
King Of The Delta Blues Singers Vol. II(1970)LP
The Complete Recordings(1990)
The Centennial Collection(2011)

Robert Lockwood Jr.

Steady Rollin' Man(1973)
Robert Jr. Lockwood & The Aces / Blues Live!(1975)
Does 12(1977)
Robert Lockwood Jr. & Johnny Shines / Hangin' On(1970)
The Baddest New Guitar(1980)
Robert Jr. Lockwood & Johnny Shines / Mister Blues Is Back To Stay(1981)
What's The Score?(1990)
Otto Virgial,Robert Petway,Robert Lockwood / Mississippi Blues (1935 - 1951)(1991)
Robert Jr. Lockwood Plays Robert (Johnson) & Robert (Lockwood)(1992)
Swings In Tokyo - Live At The Park Tower Blues Festival '95(1996)
I Got To Find Me A Woman(1997)
The Complete Trix Recordings(1999)
Delta Crossroads(2000)
The Legend Live(2004)
Live 1984 New Orleans(2015)

Robert Nighthawk (Robert Lee McCoy)

Complete Recorded Works In Chronological(1990)
Live On Maxwell Street - 1964(1979)
The Bluebird Recordings 1937-1938(1997)
G Man(2007)
The Itinerant Bluesman(2011)
Bricks In My Pillow(2015)
Kansas City(2017)

Robert Wilkins

Memphis Gospel Singer(1964)
The Original Rolling Stone(1980)
Complete Recordings In Chronological Order - 1928-35(1983)
Prodigal Son(1990)
... Remember Me (1971(1993))
That's No Way To Get Along(2010)

Rod Stewart

An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down(1969)
Gasoline Alley(1970)
Every Picture Tells A Story(1971)
Never A Dull Moment(1972)
Sing It Again Rod(1972)
Atlantic Crossing(1975)
A Night On The Town(1976)
The Best Of Rod Stewart(1976)
Foot Loose & Fancy Free(1977)
Blondes Have More Fun(1978)
Foolish Behaviour(1980)
Tonight I'm Yours(1981)
Absolutely Live(1982)
Body Wishes(1983)
Rod Stewart(1986)
Out Of Order(1988)
Storyteller - The Complete Anthology: 1964 - 1990(1989)
Vagabond Heart(1991)
The Early Years(1991)
Unplugged ...And Seated(1993)
Lead Vocalist(1993)
A Spanner In The Works(1995)
If We Fall In Love Tonight(1996)
When We Were The New Boys(1998)
The Very Best Of Rod Stewart(1998)
Reason To Believe: The Complete Mercury Studio Recordings(2002)
It Had To Be You... The Great American Songbook(2002)
As Time Goes By... The Great American Songbook Vol. II(2003)
Stardust... The Great American Songbook Volume III(2004)
Thanks For The Memory... The Great American Songbook Volume IV(2005)
The Great American Songbook(2005)
Still The Same... Great Rock Classics Of Our Time(2006)
Some Guys Have All The Luck(2008)
Once In A Blue Moon - The Lost Album(2009)
The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998(2009)
Fly Me To The Moon... The Great American Songbook Volume V(2010)
Merry Christmas, Baby(2012)
Maggie May (The Essential Collection)(2012)
Live 1976-1998:Tonight's The Night(2014)
Another Country(2015)
Blood Red Roses(2018)
You're In My Heart(2019)
Rod Stewart (1975 - 1978)(2021)
The Tears Of Hercules(2021)

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)

The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking(1984)
Radio K.A.O.S.(1987)
The Wall (Live In Berlin)(1990)
Amused To Death(1992)
In The Flesh(2000)
Ça Ira(2005)
The Wall(2015)
Is This The Life We Really Want?(2017)
Igor Stravinsky,Roger Waters,BCMF / Igor Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale With New Narration Adapted And Performed By Roger Waters(2018)
Us + Them(2020)

The Rolling Stones

Greatest Albums In The Sixties(2008)
In Studio - Greatest Album From '70s To '00s(2010)
The Rolling Stones(1964)
12 X 5(1964)
The Rolling Stones, Now!(1965)
Out Of Our Heads(1965)
December's Children (And Everybody's)(1965)
The Rolling Stones Golden Album(1966)
Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)(1966)
Got Live If You Want It!(1966)
Between The Buttons(1967)
Their Satanic Majesties Request(1967)
Beggars Banquet(1968)
Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)(1969)
Let It Bleed(1969)
Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! - The Rolling Stones In Concert(1970)
Sticky Fingers(1971)
Sticky Fingers(1971(2015))box
Hot Rocks 1964-1971(1971)
More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies)(1972)
Exile On Main St.(1972)
Exile On Main St.(1972(2010))box
Goats Head Soup(1973)
It's Only Rock 'N Roll(1974)
Made In The Shade(1975)
Black And Blue(1976)
Love You Live(1977)
Some Girls(1978)
Some Girls(1978(2011))box
Emotional Rescue(1980)
Tattoo You(1981)
Still Life (American Concert 1981)(1982)
Dirty Work(1986)
Steel Wheels(1989)
Singles Collection The London Years(1989)
Jump Back (The Best Of The Rolling Stones '71 - '93)(1993)
Voodoo Lounge(1994)
Rock And Roll Circus(1996)
Bridges To Babylon(1997)
No Security (Live - From The Bridges To Babylon Tour)(1998)
Live Licks(2004)
Singles 1963-1965(2004)
Singles 1965-1967(2004)
Singles 1968-1971(2005)
A Bigger Bang(2005)
Shine A Light(2008)
The Singles 1971-2006(2011)※
The Brussels Affair '73(2011)
Checkerboard Lounge, Live Chicago 1981(2012)
Live At Leeds Roundhay Park 1982(1994(2012))
Light The Fuse - A Bigger Bang In Toronto 2005(2012)
L.A. Friday (Live 1975)(2012)
Live At The Tokyo Dome - Tokyo 1990(2012)
Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park Live(2013)
The Marquee Club (Live In 1971)(2015)
Sticky Fingers Live(2015)
Blue & Lonesome(2016)
Totally Stripped(2016)
Havana Moon(2016)
The Rolling Stones In Mono(2016)
From The Vault Extra - Live in Japan - Tokyo Dome 1990.2.24(2017)
The Rolling Stones On Air(2017)
From The Vault - No Securiy - San Jose 1999(2018)
Voodoo Lounge Uncut(2018)
Bridges To Bremen(2019)
Bridges To Buenos Aires(2019)
Steel Wheels Live Atlantic City New Jersey(2020)

Ron Wood (The Rolling Stones,Faces)

I've Got My Own Album To Do(1974)
Now Look(1975)
Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane / Mahoney's Last Stand(1976)
Gimme Some Neck(1979)
Ronnie Wood & Bo Diddley / Live At The Ritz(1987)
Slide On This(1992)
Slide On Live - Plugged In And Standing(1993)
Live And Eclectic(2000)
Not For Beginners(2001)
The First Barbarians / Live From Kilburn(2007)
I Feel Like Playing(2010)
Mad Lad (A Live Tribute To Chuck Berry)(2019)


Calling The World(2007)
Washed Away(2010)
El Cortez(2017)ep

Roosevelt 'Booba' Barnes & The Playboys

The Heartbroken Man(1990)

The Roosevelts & James mason

Cold Sheets(2013)Mini AL
The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn(2016)


Circles And Satellites(2006)

Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher(1971)
Live! In Europe(1972)
Irish Tour '74(1974)
Irish Tour '74(1974(2015))
Against The Grain(1975)
Calling Card(1976)
Top Priority(1979)
Stage Struck(1980)
Fresh Evidence(1990)
BBC Sessions(1999)
Meeting With The G-Man+(2003)
Wheels Within Wheels(2003)
Live At Montreux(2006)
Live At Cork Opera House(1990(2006))dvd
At Rockpalast(2004(2007))dvd
The Beat Club Sessions(2010)
Ghost Blues - The Story Of Rory Gallagher(2010)
Irish Tour 1974(2000(2011))dvd
Notes From San Francisco(2011)
Kickback City(2013)
Check Shirt Wizard - Live In '77(2020)
The Best Of Rory Gallagher(2020)

Rory Block

Rory Block(1975)
I'm In Love(1976)
You're The One(1979)
High Heeled Blues(1981)
Blue Horizon(1983)
I've Got A Rock In My Sock!(1986)
House Of Hearts(1987)
Best Blues And Originals(1987)
Rhinestones & Steel Strings(1988)
The Early Tapes 1975/1976(1989)
Turning Point(1989)
Color Me Wild(1990)
Mama's Blues(1991)
Ain't I A Woman(1992)
From Dawn To Dusk(1992)
Best Blues & Originals Volume 2(1992)
Angel Of Mercy(1994)
When A Woman Gets The Blues(1995)
Gone Woman Blues: The Country Blues Collection(1997)
Confessions Of A Blues Singer(1998)
Rick Robbins With Rory Block / Don't Deny My Name(2001)
I'm Every Woman(2002)
Last Fair Deal(2003)
From The Dust(2004)
The Lady And Mr. Johnson(2006)
Blues Walkin' Like A Man: A Tribute To Son House(2008)
Shake 'Em On Down(2011)
I Belong To The Band: A Tribute To Rev. Gary Davis(2012)
Avalon: A Tribute To Mississippi John Hurt(2013)
Hard Luck Child(2014)
Keepin' Outta Trouble A Tribute To Bukka White(2016)
A Womans's Soul: A Tribute To Bessie Smith(2018)
Prove It On Me(2020)


Pearls Of Passion(1986)
Dance Passion (The Remix Album)(1987)
Look Sharp!(1988)
Crash! Boom! Bang!(1994)
Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus! (Roxette's Greatest Hits)(1995)※
Baladas En Español(1996)
Have A Nice Day(1999)
Room Service(2001)
The Ballad Hits(2002)
The Pop Hits(2003)
Hits (A Collection Of Their 20 Greatest Songs!)(2006)
The RoxBox (Roxette 86-06) (2006)
Charm School(2011)
Roxette Live Travelling The World(2013)
XXX The 30 Biggest Hits(2014)
Good Karma(2016)
Bag Of Trix - Music From The Roxette Vaults Vol.1(2020)
Bag Of Trix - Music From The Roxette Vaults Vol.2(2020)
Bag Of Trix - Music From The Roxette Vaults Vol.3(2020)
Bag Of Trix - Music From The Roxette Vaults Vol.4(2020)

Roxy Music

Roxy Music(1972)
For Your Pleasure(1973)
Country Life(1974)
Viva! Roxy Music(1976)
Flesh + Blood(1980)
Bryan Ferry,Roxy Music / Street Life - 20 Great Hits(1986)
The Early Years(1989)
Heart Still Beating(1990)
More Than This (The Best Of Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music)(1995)
The Best Of Roxy Music(2001)
Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music / The Platinum Collection(2004)

Ruby Throat (Katie Jane Garside)

The Ventriloquist(2007)
Out Of A Black Cloud Came A Bird(2009)
Tour E.P(2009)ep
O' Doubt O' Stars(2012)
Baby Darling Taporo(2017)
Stone Dress(2018)


Seasons Of My Soul(2010)
Boys Don't Cry(2012)
Into Colour(2014)
B Sides & Rarities(2015)
This Girl's In Love (A Bacharach & David Songbook)(2016)
Nashville Tears: The Songs Of Hugh Prestwood(2020)
Live From Lafayette(2021)


Fly By Night(1975)
Caress Of Steel(1975)
All The World's A Stage(1976)
A Farewell To Kings(1977)
Permanent Waves(1980)
Moving Pictures(1981)
Exit...Stage Left(1981)
Grace Under Pressure(1984)
Power Windows(1985)
Hold Your Fire(1987)
A Show Of Hands(1988)
Roll The Bones(1991)
Test For Echo(1996)
Retrospective I 1974-1980(1997)
Retrospective II 1981-1987(1997)
Different Stages · Live(1998)
Vapor Trails(2002)
Vapor Trails Remixed(2013)
Vapor Trails Remixed(2013)※
Rush In Rio(2003)
R30 (30th Anniversary World Tour)(2005)
Replay X3(2006)
Snakes & Arrows(2007)
Snakes & Arrows(2007)※
Snakes & Arrows Live(2008)
Retrospective 3(2009)
Working Men(2009)
Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland(2011)
Moving Pictures: Live 2011(2011)
Clockwork Angels(2012)
Clockwork Angels Tour(2013)
The Studio Albums - 1989-2007(2013)
R40 Live(2015)
2112 40th Anniversary(2017)
A Farewell To Kings (40th Anniversary)(2017)

Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham,Dead Horses / Stitch's(2006)
Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses / Roadhouse Sun(2009)
Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses / Junky Star(2010)
Spotify Sessions(2012)
Fear And Saturday Night(2015)
Ryan Bingham Live(2016)
American Love Song(2019)

Ryan Shaw

This Is Ryan Shaw(2007)※
This Is Ryan Shaw - It Gets Better(2010)※
Real Love(2012)
Imagining Marvin(2020)

Ry Cooder

1970 - 1987(2013)※
Ry Cooder(1970)
Ry Cooder(1970)※
Into The Purple Valley(1972)
Into The Purple Valley(1972)※
Boomer's Story(1972)
Boomer's Story(1972)※
Paradise And Lunch(1974)※
Chicken Skin Music(1976)※
Show Time(1977)※
Bop Till You Drop(1979)※
The Long Riders - Original Sound Track(1980)
The Slide Area(1982)※
Paris, Texas - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack(1985)
Music From The Motion Picture "Alamo Bay"(1985)
Blue City - Motion Picture Soundtrack(1985)
Crossroads - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack(1986)
Get Rhythm(1987)※
Johnny Handsome Original Motion Picture Soundtrack(1989)
Rising Sons Featuring Taj Mahal And Ry Cooder(1992)
Trespass (Original Motion Picture Score)(1993)
Geronimo - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack(1993)
Last Man Standing - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack(1996)
The End Of Violence (Score From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)(1997)
Ry Cooder,Manuel Galbán / Mambo Sinuendo(2002)
Chávez Ravine(2005)
My Name Is Buddy(2007)
I, Flathead (The Songs Of Kash Buk And The Klowns)(2008)
The Chieftains Featuring Ry Cooder / San Patricio(2010)
Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down(2011)
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans Feat. Ry Cooder / Delta Time(2012)
Election Special(2012)
Ry Cooder And Corridos Famosos / Live(2013)
Broadcast From The Plant. 1974, Record Plant, Sausalito, CA(2014)
The Prodigal Son(2018)