CD 2014

In Flames / Siren Charms(2014)
Exodus / Blood In Blood Out(2014)
Sanctuary / The Year The Sun Died(2014)
Brian Owens / You're All I Need - Brian Owens Sings Marvin Gaye(2014)
陰陽座 / 雷神創世(2014)
陰陽座 / 風神界逅(2014)
Robert Plant / Lullaby And... The Ceaseless Roar(2014)
Judas Priest / Redeemer Of Souls(2014)
Yes / Heaven & Earth(2014)
Night Ranger / High Road(2014)
Serdce / Timelessness(2014)
Black Crown Initiate / The Wreckage Of Stars(2014)
Eyehategod / Eyehategod(2014)
Axxis / Kingdom Of The Night II White(2014)
Axxis / Kingdom Of The Night II Black(2014)
Nashville Pussy / Up The Dosage(2014)
Deena Webster / Deena Webster Is Tuesday's Child(1968(2014))
Fate / If Not For The Devil(2013)
Sebastian Bach / Give 'Em Hell(2014)
人間椅子 / 無頼豊饒(2014)
Putridity / Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria(2011)
Death / Leprosy(1988(2014))
Mayhem / Esoteric Warfare(2014)
Tesla / Simplicity(2014)
Anathema / Distant Satellites(2014)
Therion / Theli(1996(2014))
Steve Overland / Epic(2014)
Stan Bush / The Ultimate(2014)
Poisonblack / Lyijy(2013(2014))
Black Label Society / Catacombs Of The Black Vatican(2014)
Vengeance / Piece Of Cake(2013)
Artillery / Legions(2013)
Savage Messiah / The Fateful Dark(2014)
Megadeth / Super Collider(2013)
Gotthard / Bang!(2014)
Asia / Gravitas(2014)
House Of Lords / Precious Metal(2014)
múm / Smilewound(2013)
H.E.A.T / Tearing Down The Walls(2014)
Lover Under Cover / Into The Night(2014)
Triptykon / Melana Chasmata(2014)
Bob Dylan / The Complete Album Collection Vol. One(2013)
Fergie Frederiksen / Any Given Moment(2013)
James Christian / Lay It All On Me(2013)
Lou Reed,John Cale & Nico / Le Bataclan,Paris. Jan 29. '72(2003(2013))
Paul Rodgers / The Royal Sessions(2014)
Newsted / Heavy Metal Music(2013)
Suzanne Vega / Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles(2014)
Bruce Springsteen / High Hopes(2014)