The Complete Studio Albums (1983 - 2008)(2012)
Like A Virgin(1984)
True Blue(1986)
Who's That Girl (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)(1987)
You Can Dance(1987)
Like A Prayer(1989)
I'm Breathless (Music From And Inspired By The Film Dick Tracy)(1990)
The Immaculate Collection(1990)
Bedtime Stories(1994)
Something To Remember(1995)
Ray Of Light(1997)
Madonna & Otto Von Wernherr / The Early Years(2001)
GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)(2001)
American Life(2003)
Confessions On A Dance Floor(2005)
I'm Going To Tell You A Secret(2006)
The Confessions Tour(2007)
Hard Candy(2008)
Sticky & Sweet Tour(2009)bd
MDNA World Tour(2013)
Rebel Heart(2014)
Rebel Heart Tour(2017)

Maggie Reilly (Mike Oldfield)

Midnight Sun(1993)
The Best Of Maggie Reilly - There And Back Again(1998)
Save It For A Rainy Day(2002)
Looking Back, Moving Forward(2009)
Heaven Sent(2013)
Past Present Future (The Best Of Maggie Reilly)(2021)

The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers(2005)
Those The Brokes(2006)
Live At Kentish Town Forum 9th February 2007(2007)
Live At Kentish Town Forum 10th February 2007(2007)
Undecided EP(2007)
The Runaway(2010)
Islington Assembly Hall, London(2018)

Magic Slim & The Teardrops

Raw Magic(1982)
Grand Slam(1982)
T.V. Dinner Blues(1983)
Blues From The Zoo Bar(1984)
Magic Slim Live!(1989)
Gravel Road(1990)
44 Blues(1992)
Don't Tell Me About Troubles(The Zoo Bar Collection-Volume1)(1994)
Magic Blues(1995)
Black Tornado(1998)
See What You're Doin' To Me(The Zoo Bar Collection-Volume2)(1998)
Teardrop(The Zoo Bar Collection-Volume3)(1998)
Spider In My Stew(The Zoo Bar Collection-Volume4)(1998)
Highway Is My Home(The Zoo Bar Collection-Volume5)(1998)
Blue Magic(2002)
Anything Can Happen(2005)
Midnight Blues(2008)
Raising The Bar(2010)
Bad Boy(2012)
Pure Magic(2014)
Chicago Blues Session Volume 3(2015)
Live "On The Road"(2015)
I’m Gonna Play The Blues(2019)

Maire Brennan (Clannad)

Misty Eyed Adventures(1994)
Perfect Time(1998)
Whisper To The Wild Water(1999)
Margaret Becker,Maire Brennan, Joanne Hogg / New Irish Hymns(2001)
Two Horizons(2003)
An Irish Christmas(2005)
Heart Strings(2008)
Moya Brennan & Cormac De Barra / Voices & Harps(2011)
Moya Brennan & Cormac De Barra / Affinity(2013)
Moya Brennan & Cormac De Barra / Timeless(2019)

Mama Lion

Preserve Wildlife(1972)
Give It Everything I've Got(1973)

Mance Lipscomb

Texas Sharecropper And Songster(1960)
Trouble In Mind(1961)
Texas Songster Volume 2(1964)
Vol. 3: Texas Songster In A Live Performance(1966)
Mance Lipscomb Vol. 4(1967)
Mance Lipscomb Vol. 5(1969)
Mance Lipscomb Volume 6(1974)
Texas Songster(1989)
You Got To Reap What You Sow: Texas Songster Vol. 2(1993)
"Captain, Captain!": Texas Songster Vol. 3(1998)
Live! At The Cabale: Texas Songster Vol. 4(1999)
Clifton Chenier, Mance Lipscomb, Lightning Hopkins / Live! At The 1966 Berkeley Blues Festival(2000)
Texas Country Blues: Texas Songster Vol. 5(2002)
The Best Of Mance Lipscomb(2009)

Mandi Mapes

He And She(2014)ep

Mando Diao

Bring 'Em In(2002)
Hurricane Bar(2004)
Ode To Ochrasy(2006)
Never Seen The Light Of Day(2007)
Give Me Fire!(2009)
The Malevolence Of Mando Diao(2009)
MTV Unplugged: Above And Beyond(2010)
Greatest Hits Volume 1(2012)
Good Times(2017)
I Solnedgången(2020)

Manic Street Preachers

New Art Riot E.P.(1990)ep
Generation Terrorists(1992)
Gold Against The Soul(1993)
The Holy Bible(1994)
The Holy Bible(1994)box
Everything Must Go(1996)
Everything Must Go(1996)box
This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours(1998)
Know Your Enemy(2001)
Forever Delayed (The Greatest Hits)(2002)
Lipstick Traces - A Secret History Of Manic Street Preachers(2003)
Send Away The Tigers(2007)
Journal For Plague Lovers(2009)
Postcards From A Young Man(2010)
National Treasures - The Complete Singles(2011)
Rewind The Film(2013)
Resistance Is Futile(2018)
The Ultra Vivid Lament(2021)

Marc Benno / Asylum Choir

Look Inside The Asylum Choir(1968)
Marc Benno(1970)
Leon Russell,Marc Benno / Asylum Choir II(1971)
Lost In Austin(1979)
Take It Back To Texas(1990)
Snake Charmer(1994)
Sugar Blues(2000)※
Golden Treasure(2003)※
Hit The Bottom(2003)
I Got It Bad(2005)※
Live at the Chi Chi Club(2005)
Crawlin - with Stevie Ray Vaughan,Doyle Bramhall(2006)※
Live in Japan(2007)
Lovers Prayer(2010)※
Live at the Pour House(2011)※
From The Vault(2011)
Nearly Famous(2012)※
Hollywood Texas(198? (2013))
Live With Jerry(2014)

Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn(1991)
Marc Cohn(1991)※
The Rainy Season(1993)
Burning The Daze(1998)
Live 04*05(2005)
The Very Best Of Marc Cohn(2006)
Join The Parade(2007)
Listening Booth: 1970(2010)
In New York(Live 1992)(2015)
Careful What You Dream:Lost Songs And Rarities(2016)
Marc Cohn And Blind Boys Of Alabama / Work To Do(2019)

Marc Jordan

Blue Desert(1979)
A Hole In The Wall(1983)
Talking Through Pictures(1987)
Live At El Mocambo(1992)
Reckless Valentine(1993)
Cool Jam Black Earth(1996)
Now & Then Live(1997)
This Is How Men Cry(1999)
Make Believe Ballroom(2004)
Crucifix In Dreamland(2010)
On A Perfect Day(2013)
Both Sides(2019)

Maren Morris

Walk On(2004)
All That It Takes(2007)

Margie Joseph

Makes A New Impression(1970)
Phase II(1971)
Margie Joseph(1973)
Sweet Surrender(1974)
Hear The Words, Feel The Feeling(1976)
Feeling My Way(1978)
Ready For The Night(1984)
In The Name Of Love(1988)
Latter Rain(2006)
Let's Stay Together(2017)

Margo Cilker


Maria McKee

Maria McKee(1989)
You Gotta Sin To Get Saved(1993)
Life Is Sweet(1996)
High Dive(2003)
Live In Hamburg(2004)
Peddlin' Dreams(2005)
Bryan Maclean And Maria McKee / No One Was Kinder(2005)
Live Acoustic Tour 2006(2006)
Live At The BBC(2007)
Late December(2007)
La Vita Nuova(2020)

Marie Dahlstrøm

Greater Than One(2016)
Like Sand(2020)


Script For A Jester's Tear(1983)
Real To Reel(1984)
Misplaced Childhood(1985)
Clutching At Straws(1987)
B'Sides Themselves(1988)
The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra)(1988)
Seasons End(1989)
Holidays In Eden(1991)
1982 - 1992 A Singles Collection(1992)
Afraid Of Sunlight(1995)
Made Again(1996)
This Strange Engine(1997)
The Best Of Both Worlds(1997)
Real To Reel, Brief Encounter(1984,1986(1997))
The Singles 82-88(2000)
Anorak In The UK Live(2002)
Singles Vol 2 89-95(2002)
Marbles Live(2005)
Somewhere Else(2007)
Happiness Is The Road, Volume 1: Essence(2008)
Happiness Is The Road, Volume 2: The Hard Shoulder(2008)
Early Stages - The Official Bootleg Box Set 1982-1987(2008)
Recital Of The Script(2009)
Less Is More(2009)
The Official Bootleg Box Set Vol 2(2010)
Tumbling Down The Years(2010)
Size Matters(2010)
Live From Cadogan Hall(2010)
Sounds That Can't Be Made(2012)
Radiation 2013(2013)
Brave Live 2013(2013)
A Sunday Night Above The Rain(2014)
FEAR (F*** Everyone And Run)(2016)
Out Of The Box-Marillion Weekend 2015(2016)
Waves And Numb3rs(2016)
Singles Night(2016)
Marbles In The Park(2016)
Live In Chile(2017)
All One Tonight - Live At The Royal Albert Hall(2018)
With Friends From The Orchestra(2019)
An Hour Before It's Dark(2022)

Marilyn Martin

Marilyn Martin(1986)
This Is Serious(1988)
Trust, Love, Pray(2012)

Marissa Nadler

Ballads Of Living And Dying(2004)
The Saga Of Mayflower May(2005)
Songs III: Bird On The Water(2007)
Little Hells(2009)
Various Covers Over The Years(2010)
Covers Volume II(2011)
Marissa Nadler(2011)
The Sister(2012)
Rich Shapero With Marissa Nadler / Songs From The Big Wheel(2013)
Before july(2014)ep
Leave The Light On: Bedroom Recordings(2017)
For My Crimes(2018)
Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky / Droneflower(2019)
The Path Of The Clouds(2021)

Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli(1999)
The Memorial Hall Recordings(2002)
Hillbilly Pilgrim(2002)
Hope & Other Casualties(2006)
Innocent When You Dream(2007)
Little Vigils(2010)
For A Song(2016)

Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)

Local Hero(1983)
The Princess Bride(1987)
Last Exit To Brooklyn(1989)
Chet Atkins,Mark Knopfler / Neck And Neck(1990)
Golden Heart(1996)
Wag The Dog(1998)
Sailing To Philadelphia(2000)
A Shot At Glory(2001)
The Ragpicker's Dream(2002)
One Take Radio Sessions(2005)
Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris / All The Roadrunning(2006)
Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris / Real Live Roadrunning(2006)
Kill To Get Crimson(2007)
Get Lucky(2009)
Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie / Altamira(2016)
Down The Road Wherever(2018)

Mark Sholtez

Real Street(2006)
The Distance Between Two Truths(2010)
The Edge Of The Known World(2015)
Jen Mize,Mark Sholtez / Twilight On The Trail(2018)

Maroon 5

Songs About Jane(2002)※
Live - Friday The 13th(2005)
It Won't Be Soon Before Long(2007)※
The B-Side Collection(2007)
Call And Response: The Remix Album(2008)
Hands All Over(2010)※
Red Pill Blues(2017)

Martha's Vineyard

For A Small World(1986)
Martha's Vineyard(1989)

Marvin Gaye

The Soulful Moods Of Marvin Gaye(1961)
That Stubborn Kinda Fellow(1962)
Recorded Live On Stage(1963)
Hello Broadway(1964)
When I'm Alone I Cry(1964)
Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells / Together(1964)
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You(1965)
A Tribute To The Great Nat King Cole(1965)
Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston / Take Two(1966)
Moods Of Marvin Gaye(1966)
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell / United(1967)
In The Groove(1968)
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell / You're All I Need(1968)
That's The Way Love Is(1969)
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell / Easy(1969)
What's Going On(1971)
What's Going On(1971)
Trouble Man(1972)
Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye / Diana & Marvin(1973)
Let's Get It On(1973)
Marvin Gaye Live!(1974)
I Want You(1976)
Live At The London Palladium(1977)
Here, My Dear(1978)
In Our Lifetime(1981)
Midnight Love(1982)
Dream Of A Lifetime(1985)
Midnight Love & The Sexual Healing Sessions(1998)
Live In Montreux 1980(2003)
At The Copa(2005)
What's Going On Live(2019)
You're The Man(2019)

Mary Black

Mary Black(1983)
Without The Fanfare(1985)
By The Time It Gets Dark(1987)
No Frontiers(1989)
Babes In The Wood(1991)
The Holy Ground(1993)
Looking Back - The Best Of Mary Black(1995)
Speaking With The Angel(1999)
The Best Of Mary Black Volume 2 Hidden Harvest(2001)
Full Tide(2005)
Twenty-Five Years,Twenty-Five Songs(2008)
Stories From The Steeples(2011)
Mary Black Sings Jimmy MacCarthy(2017)
Mary Black, RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra - Orchestrated(2019)

Mary Coughlan

Tired & Emotional(1987)
Under The Influence(1987)
Uncertain Pleasures(1990)
Sentimental Killer(1992)
Love For Sale(1993)
Love Me Or Leave Me - The Best Of Mary Coughlan(1994)
Live In Galway(1996)
After The Fall(1997)
Sings Billie Holiday(2000)
Long Honeymoon(2001)
Red Blues(2002)
Live At The Basement(2003)
My Bloody Valentine(2007)
The House Of Ill Repute(2008)
The Whole Affair: The Very Best Of Mary Coughlan: Celebrating 25 Years(2012)
Mary Coughlan, Erik Visser / Scars On The Calendar(2015)
Live & Kicking(2018)
Life Stories(2020)

Massive Attack

Blue Lines(1991)
No Protection(1995)
100th Window(2003)
Danny The Dog (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)(2004)
Unleashed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)(2005)
Bullet Boy (Soundtrack From The Motion Picture)(2005)ep
Splitting The Atom EP(2009)ep

Maxi Priest

Maxi Priest & Caution / You're Safe(1985)
Maxi Priest(1988)
Best Of Me(1991)
Fe Real(1992)
Man With The Fun(1996)
The Best Of Maxi Priest(1997)
Live In Concert(1999)
2 The Max(2005)
Time Of The Year(2011)
Easy To Love(2014)
It All Comes Back To Love(2019)

Max Meazza

Shaving The Car(1981)
Personal Exile(1982)
Better Late Than Never(1984)
Nightime Call(1986)
Only Angels Have Wings(1989)
Summer Of 71(1993)
West Coast Hotel(2006)
Highway 101(2008)
Max Meazza & Pueblo / Race Against Destiny(2010)
The Sleepless City(2010)ep
Stormy noir(2011)
Black And White Generation(2012)
In Cold Blood(2013)
Charlie Parker Loves Me(2015)
Watching Movies(2016)
La Californie(2017)
Together Like A Car Crash(2018)
70's Dreams(2019)
Live At The Radio(2020)
24 Ore(2020)
Canyon Drive(2020)ep
Singing John Martyn(2020)ep
Poison In Blk Dress(2021)


Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite(1996)
MTV Unplugged(1997)ep
For Lovers Only / The Best Of(2008)

Mayer Hawthorne

A Strange Arrangement(2009)※
How Do You Do(2011)
Where Does This Door Go(2013)※
Man About Town(2016)

McAlmont & Butler (David McAlmont,Bernard Butler)

The Sound Of... McAlmont & Butler(1995)
Bring It Back(2002)

McIntosh Ross (Lorraine McIntosh,Ricky Ross)

The Great Lakes(2009)

Meghan Patrick

Grace & Grit(2016)
Country Music Made Me Do It(2018)
Wild As Me(2019)

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge(1988)
Brave And Crazy(1989)
Never Enough(1992)
Yes I Am(1993)
Your Little Secret(1995)
Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled(2005)
The Awakening(2007)
The Awakening Live(2007)
A New Thought For Christmas(2008)
Fearless Love(2010)
4th Street Feeling(2012)
This Is M.E.(2014)
Memphis Rock And Soul(2016)
Live In The Windy City(Live1989)(2019)
The Medicine Show(2019)


(Strange Songs) In The Dark(2010)
Children Of Desire(2012)
Angels In The Station(2012)
Totale Nite(2013)
After The End(2014)
A Corpse Wired For Sound(2016)

Meredith Brooks

Meredith Brooks(1986)
Blurring The Edges(1997)
See It Through My Eyes(1997)
Bad Bad One(2002)
Where Lovers Meet(2004)maxi
If I Could Be.....(2006)

Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil(1978)
Head Injuries(1979)
Place Without A Postcard(1981)
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1(1982)
Red Sails In The Sunset(1984)
Diesel And Dust(1987)
Blue Sky Mining(1990)
Scream In Blue - Live(1992)
Earth And Sun And Moon(1993)
The Best Of The B-Sides(1997)
20,000 Watt R.S.L.(1997)
Redneck Wonderland(1998)
The Real Thing(2000)
Best Of Both Worlds(2004)
Essential Oils(2012)
Full Tank(2017)
Punter Barrier BPM(Live)(2017)
Live At The Wireless,1978-Studio 221(2017)
Lasseter's Gold(Unreleased Demos)(2017)
Chiko Locallo(B-Sides & Rarities)(2017)
Armistice Day: Live At The Domain, Sydney(2018)
Breathe Tour '97(2019)
The Makarrata Project(2020)

Michael Bolton

Michael Bolotin(1975)
Every Day Of My Life(1976)
Michael Bolton(1983)
Everybody's Crazy(1985)
The Hunger(1987)
Soul Provider(1989)
The Early Years(1990)
Time, Love & Tenderness(1991)※
Timeless (The Classics)(1992)
The One Thing(1993)
Greatest Hits: 1985 - 1995(1995)
This Is The Time - The Christmas Album(1996)
All That Matters(1997)
My Secret Passion (The Arias)(1998)
Timeless The Classics Vol. 2(1999)
Love Songs(2001)※
Only A Woman Like You(2002)
The Very Best Of Michael Bolton(2005)
Bolton Swings Sinatra(2006)
A Swingin' Christmas(2007)
One World One Love(2009)
Gems: The Duets Collection(2011)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough(2012)
Songs Of Cinema(2017)
A Symphony Of Hits(2019)
When A Man Loves A Woman : The Love Songs Of Michael Bolton(2020)

Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence(1999)
Mystify - A Musical Journey With Michael Hutchence(2019)

Michael Jackson

Got To Be There(1972)
Music & Me(1973)
Forever, Michael(1975)
Off The Wall(1979)
Bad 25(1987(2012))
HIStory - Past, Present And Future - Book I(1994)
Blood On The Dance Floor: HIStory In The Mix(1997)
Number Ones(2003)
This Is It(2009)bd
The Remix Suite(2009)
Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection(2009)
The Stripped Mixes(2009)
Pure Michael: Motown A Cappella(2009)

Michael McDonald

If That's What It Takes(1982)
No Lookin' Back(1985)
Take It To Heart(1990)
Blink Of An Eye(1993)
Blue Obsession(1997)
In The Spirit(2001)
Motown Two(2004)
Through The Many Winters: A Christmas Album(2005)
Soul Speak(2008)
Wide Open(2017)
Live On Soundstage(2017)

Mick Hucknall (Simply Red)

Tribute To Bobby(2008)
American Soul(2012)

Mick Taylor (The Rolling Stones)

Mick Taylor(1979)
Stranger In This Town(1990)
Carla Olson & Mick Taylor / Live(1990)
Gerry Groom featuring Mick Taylor And Friends / Once In A Blue Moon(1992)
A Stones' Throw(1999)
Peter Karp And The Roadshow Band With Mick Taylor / The Turning Point(2004)
Peter Karp, Mick Taylor / Live At The Bottom Line(2005)
Peter Karp With Special Guest Mick Taylor / The Arson's Match - Live in NYC(2015)

Mike & The Mechanics (Mike Rutherford)

Mike + The Mechanics(1985)
Living Years(1988)
Word Of Mouth(1991)
Beggar On A Beach Of Gold(1995)
Mike & The Mechanics (M6)(1999)
The Road(2011)
The Singles 1985 - 2014(2014)
Let Me Fly(2017)
Out Of The Blue(2019)

Mike Oldfield

Tubular Bells(1973)
Hergest Ridge(1974)
Five Miles Out(1982)
Discovery (1984)
The Killing Fields (Original Film Soundtrack)(1984)
The Complete Mike Oldfield(1985)
Earth Moving(1989)
Heaven's Open(1991)
Tubular Bells II(1992)
The Best Of Mike Oldfield: Elements(1993)
The Songs Of Distant Earth(1994)
Tubular Bells III(1998)
The Millennium Bell(1999)
Tr3s Lunas(2002)
Tubular Bells 2003(2003)
Light + Shade(2005)
Music Of The Spheres(2007)
Journey Into Space(2012)
Two Sides (The Very Best Of Mike Oldfield)(2012)
Tubular Beats(2013)
Man On The Rocks(2014)
The Studio Albums : 1992-2003(2014)
The Best Of : 1992-2003(2015)
Return To Ommadawn(2017)

Mike Scott (The Waterboys)

Bring 'Em All In(1995)
Lion Of Love(1996)
Still Burning(1997)

Mindy Gledhill

The Sum Of All Grace(2004)
Feather In The Wind(2007)
Winter Moon (Songs For Christmas)(2011)
Pocketful Of Poetry(2013)
Rabbit Hole(2019)

Mint Field

Primeras Salidas(2015)mini-al
Pasar De Las Luces(2018)
Sentimiento Mundial(2020)
Levitation Sessions(2022)

The Mission

Gods Own Medicine(1986)
The First Chapter(1987)
Carved In Sand(1990)
Grains Of Sand(1990)
BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert ("No Snow, No Show" For The Eskimo)(1993)
Sum And Substance(1994)
Ever After - Live(2000)
Lighting The Candles(2005)
Keep It In The Family(2007)ep
God Is A Bullet(2007)
The First Chapter: Live At London Shepherds Bush Empire(2008)
God's Own Medicine: Live At Shepherds Bush Empire(2008)
Children: Live At Shepherds Bush Empire(2008)
Carved In Sand: Live At London Shepherds Bush Empire(2008)
Live At The BBC(2008)
Live & Last(2009)
Dum-Dum Bullet(2010)
Live At Brixton Academy(2011)
The Brightest Light(2013)
Different Colours(2014)
Singles A's & B's(2015)
Ⅳ - Anniversary Mix(1987)
Another Fall From Grace(2016)
Bending The Arc (Live At Cato)(2017)
For Ever More - Live at London Shepherd's Bush Empire 27/02/08-01/03/08(2018)
Live At Rockpalast:November 24, 1990 At Philipshalle Düsseldorf(2018)
Live At Rockpalast:April 16, 1995 At Philipshalle Düsseldorf(2018)

"Mississippi" Fred McDowell

Delta Blues(1964)
My Home Is In The Delta(1965)
Cotton Country Blues(1965)
Vol. 2(1966)
Long Way From Home(1966)
Fred McDowell With The Hunter's Chapel Singers / Amazing Grace(1969)
Mississippi Fred McDowell In London Volume One(1969)
Mississippi Fred McDowell In London Volume Two(1969)
Shake 'Em On Down - Live In NYC(1973(2016))
Levee Camp Blues(1980)
Mississippi Delta Blues(1989)
I Do Not Play No Rock 'N' Roll (1995)
Mississippi Fred McDowell(1995)
Write Me A Few OfYour Lines - Recorded Live At The Mayfair Hotel London March 1969(1997)
The First Recordings(1997)
Come And Found You Gone - The Bill Ferris Recordings(2010)

Mississippi John Hurt

Avalon Blues 1963(1991)
Worried Blues 1963(1991)
Worried Blues(2001)
The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt(1967)
The Original 1928 Recordings(1971)
The Best Of Mississippi John Hurt(1971)
Last Sessions(1972)
King Of The Blues 4(1992)
D.C. Blues: The Library Of Congress Recordings, Vol. 1(2004)
D.C. Blues: The Library Of Congress Recordings, Vol. 2(2004)
Remastered From The Archives(2018)

Molly Tuttle

Molly Tuttle & Jack Tuttle / Old Apple Tree(2007)
When You're Ready(2019)
...but i'd rather be with you(2020)

Mondo Cozmo

Plastic Soul(2017)
New Medicine(2020)
This Is For The Barbarians(2022)

Monkey House

Welcome To The Club(1992)
True Winter(1999)
Big Money(2005)

Mono Inc.

Head Under Water(2003)
Temple Of The Torn(2007)
Pain, Love & Poetry(2008)
Voices Of Doom(2009)
Viva Hades(2011)
After The War(2012)ep
After The War(2012)
The Clock Ticks On 2004 - 2014(2014)
An Klaren Tagen(2015)ep
Together Till The End(2017)
Symphonies Of Pain(2017)
Welcome To Hell(2018)
Symphonic Live(2019)
The Book Of Fire(2020)

The Montrose Avenue

Thirty Days Out(1998)


Thinking Out Loud(2019)
Dreaming Fully Awake(2019)
Live at Miguelão(2021)

The Moon Seven Times

The Moon Seven Times(1993)

Morten Harket (a-ha)

Poetenes Evangelium(1993)※
Wild Seed(1995)
Vogts Villa(1996)※
Letter From Egypt(2008)※
Out Of My Hands(2012)※

Mott The Hoople

Mott The Hoople(1969)
Mad Shadows(1970)
Brain Capers(1971)
Rock And Roll Queen(1972)
All The Young Dudes(1972)
The Hoople(1974)
Mott The Hoople Live(1974)
Mott / Drive On(1975)
Greatest Hits(1976)
Mott / Shouting And Pointing(1976)
All The Way From Stockholm To Philadelphia-Live 71/72(1998)
Live - Over Here And Over There '75/'76(1998)
Rock 'N' Roll Circus - Live(2000)
The Wild Side Of Live(2000)
Two Miles From Live Heaven(2001)
Fairfield Halls, Live 1970(2007)
Live At HMV Hammersmith Apollo 2009(2009)
The Very Best Of Mott The Hoople(2009)
The Collection(2010)
Live 2013(2014)


Nantucket Sleighride(1970)
Flowers Of Evil(1971)
Live: The Road Goes Ever On(1972)
Twin Peaks(1973)
Go For Your Life(1985)
Man's World(1995)
Mystic Fire(2002)
Shepherds Bush Empire London 1997(2004)
Capitol Theatre, Passaic New Jersey 1973(2004)
The Very Best Of(2004)
Karlshamn Sweden 1994(2006)
Tempe Arizona 1982(2006)
Masters Of War(2007)
Live At Woodstock(2019)

Mr. Mister

I Wear The Face(1984)
Welcome To The Real World(1985)
Go On ...(1987)
The Best Of Mr. Mister(1998)

Mudcrutch (Tom Petty)

Extended Play Live!(2008)ep
The Very Best Performances From The 2016 Mudcrutch Tour Digital Album(2017)

Muddy Waters

The Complete Muddy Waters 1947-1967(1992)
The Best Of Muddy Waters(1957)
Muddy Waters Sings "Big Bill"(1960)
Muddy Waters At Newport 1960(1960)
Folk Singer(1964)
The Real Folk Blues(1966)
Muddy, Brass & The Blues(1966)
More Real Folk Blues(1967)
Super Blues(1967)
Electric Mud(1968)
The Super Super Blues(1967)
Fathers And Sons(1969)
After The Rain(1969)
"Live" (At Mr. Kelly's)(1971)
They Call Me Muddy Waters(1971)
The London Muddy Waters Sessions(1972)
Mud In Your Ear(1973)
Can't Get No Grindin'(1973)
"Unk" In Funk(1974)
London Revisited(1974)
The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album(1975)
Hard Again(1977)
I'm Ready(1978)
Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live(1979)
King Bee(1981)
Trouble No More (Singles 1955-1959)(1989)
The Complete Plantation Recordings - 1941-1942 Library Of Congress(1993)
Chicago Blues Masters Volume One: Muddy Waters & Memphis Slim(1995)
Muddy Waters & Memphis Slim(2015)
Hoochie Coochie Man (Live At The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club)(1999)
Rollin' Stone: The Golden Anniversary Collection(2000)
The Anthology (1947-1972)(2001)
Classics : 1950 - 1952(2004)
Saga Blues : Screamin' And Cryin'(2004)
BD Music Presents Muddy Waters(2006)
Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter & James Cotton / Breakin' It UP, Breakin' It Down(2007)
Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues(2008)
Live / Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco 11/04-06/1966(2009)
Saga Blues : Natural Born Lover 1954 - 1958(2009)
Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones ‎/ Checkerboard Lounge, Live Chicago 1981(2012)
Can't Be Satisfied : The Very Best Of Muddy Waters 1947 - 1975(2018)


Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK(1999)
Andri Snær Og múm / Flugmaður(1999)
Please Smile My Noise Bleed(2001)
Finally We Are No One(2002)
Summer Make Good(2004)
Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy(2007)
Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know(2009)
Early Birds(2012)

Mumford & Sons

Sigh No More(2009)
Road To Red Rocks(2013)
Live From Red Rocks(2013)
Wilder Mind(2015)
Apple Music Festival: London 2015 (Video Album)(2015)
Live From South Africa: Dust And Thunder (Gentlemen Of The Road Edition)(2017)
Delta Tour EP(2020)ep


Muscle Museum EP(1998)ep
Random 1-8(2000)ep
New Born(2001)ep
Origin Of Symmetry(2001)
Hullabaloo Soundtrack(2002)
Black Holes & Revelations(2006)
The Resistance(2009)
The 2nd Law(2012)
Live At Rome Olympic Stadium(2013)
Simulation Theory(2018)
Will Of The People(2022)

The Music

The Music(2002)
The Music Ep(2002)ep
Welcome To The North(2004)
Strength In Numbers(2008)
Singles & EPs 2001 - 2005(2011)
The Last Dance: Live(2011)

My Bloody Valentine

This Is Your Bloody Valentine(1985)
Isn't Anything(1988)
Ecstasy And Wine(1989)
EP's 1988-1991(2012)
m b v(2013)
m b v(2013(2021))