Jimmy Smith

A New Star - A New Sound, Vol. 1(1956)
A New Star - A New Sound ,Vol. 2(1956)
At The Organ, Volume 3(1956)
At Club "Baby Grand" Wilmington, Delaware, Volume 1(1956)
At Club "Baby Grand" Wilmington, Delaware, Volume 2(1956)
A Date With Jimmy Smith, Vol. 1(1957)
A Date With Jimmy Smith, Vol. 2(1957)
Jimmy Smith At The Organ, Volume 1(1957)
Jimmy Smith At The Organ, Volume 2(1957)
The Sounds Of Jimmy Smith(1957)
Plays Pretty Just For You(1957)
Groovin' At Smalls' Paradise Volume 1(1958)
Groovin' At Smalls' Paradise Volume 2(1958)
House Party(1958)
The Sermon!(1959)
Crazy! Baby(1960)
Home Cookin'(1960)
Midnight Special(1961)
Plays Fats Waller(1962)
Bashin' - The Unpredictable Jimmy Smith(1962)
Back At The Chicken Shack(1963)
Rockin' The Boat(1963)
Don Gardner Trio Featuring Jimmy Smith & Bill Davis(1963)
Any Number Can Win(1963)
Kenny Burrell,Jimmy Smith / Blue Bash!(1963)
Hobo Flats(1963)
Live At The Village Gate(1963)
Christmas '64(1964)
The Cat(1964)
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?(1964)
Jimmy Smith With Stanley Turrentine / Prayer Meetin'(1964)
Softly As A Summer Breeze(1965)
Got My Mojo Workin'(1965)
The Incredible Jimmy Smith Featuring Kenny Burrell And Grady Tate / Organ Grinder Swing(1965)
The Exciting Jimmy Smith With The Don Gardner Trio(1966)
Peter And The Wolf(1966)
Hoochie Cooche Man(1966)
Swings Along With Stranger In Paradise(1966)
Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery / Jimmy & Wes - The Dynamic Duo(1966)
I'm Movin' On(1967)
Stay Loose(1968)
Livin' It Up!(1968)
Open House(1968)
Plain Talk(1968)
Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery / Further Adventures Of Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery(1969)
The Fantastic Jimmy Smith(1969)
Groove Drops(1969)
The Boss(1969)
The Other Side Of Jimmy Smith(1970)
I'm Gon' Git Myself Together(1970)
In A Plain Brown Wrapper(1971)
Root Down - Jimmy Smith Live!(1972)
Portuguese Soul(1973)
Black Smith(1974)
It's Necessary(1977)
Sit On It!(1977)
Unfinished Business(1978)
The Cat Strikes Again(1980)
Cool Blues(1980)
On The Sunny Side(1981)
Off The Top(1982)
Keep On Comin'(1983)
Go For Whatcha Know(1985)
Prime Time(1989)
Sum Serious Blues(1993)
The Master(1994)
The Master II(1994)
Angel Eyes (Ballads & Slow Jams)(1996)
Jimmy Smith & Eddie Harri / All The Way Live(1996)
Lonesome Road(1996)
Six Views Of The Blues(1999)
Dot Com Blues(2000)
Joey DeFrancesco With Special Guest Jimmy Smith / Incredible!(2000)
Jimmy Smith,Stanley Turrentine,Kenny Burrell,Grady Tate / Fourmost Return(2001)
Black Cat(2002)
Joey Defrancesco With Jimmy Smith / Legacy(2005)
Straight Life(2007)
The Complete Verve Singles(2016)

José James

The Dreamer(2007)
José James & Jef Neve / For All We Know(2010)
No Beginning No End(2012)
While You Were Sleeping(2014)
Yesterday I Had The Blues: The Music Of Billie Holiday(2015)
Love In A Time Of Madness(2017)
Lean On Me(2018)
No Beginning No End 2(2020)
José James: New York 2020(2021)