Vinyl 70-80s Hard rock/Heavy metal

Vinyl -0~9


Vinyl -A

Accept / Breaker(1981)
Accept / Restless And Wild(1982)
Accept / Balls To The Wall(1983)
Accept / Metal Heart(1985)
Accept / Russian Roulette(1986)
AC/DC / Blow Up Your Video(1988)
Aerosmith / Toys In The Attic(1975)
Aerosmith / Rocks(1976)
Aerosmith / Night In The Ruts(1979)
Aerosmith / Rock In A Hard Place(1982)
Aerosmith / Permanent Vacation(1987)
Aerosmith / Permanent Vacation(1987(1997))
Aerosmith / Pump(1989(1997))
Alcatrazz / No Parole From Rock 'N' Roll(1983)
Alice Cooper / Love It To Death(1971)※
Alice Cooper / School's Out(1972)
Alice Cooper / Raise Your Fist And Yell(1987)
Andy McCoy / Too Much Ain't Enough(1988)
Anthrax / Spreading The Disease(1985)

Vinyl -B

Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath(1970(1997))
Black Sabbath / Master Of Reality(1971)
Black Sabbath / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath(1973)
Black Sabbath / Heaven And Hell(1980)
Black Sabbath / Live Evil(1982)
Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi / Seventh Star(1986)
Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi / Seventh Star(1986)
Black Sabbath / The Eternal Idol(1987)
Blue Öyster Cult / On Your Feet Or On Your Knees(1975)
Blue Öyster Cult / The Revölution By Night(1983)
Blue Öyster Cult / Imaginos(1988)
Bon Jovi / Bon Jovi(1984)
Bon Jovi / Burning For Love(1984)single
Bon Jovi / 7800° Fahrenheit(1985)
Bon Jovi / Slippery When Wet(1986)
Bon Jovi / Borderline(1986)single
Bon Jovi / New Jersey(1988)
Bon Jovi / New Jersey(1988)
Budgie / In For The Kill!(1974)

Vinyl -C

Candlemass / Ancient Dreams(1988)
Candlemass / Tales Of Creation(1989)
Chastain / Ruler Of The Wasteland(1986)
Chastain / The Voice Of The Cult(1988)
Cheap Trick / In Color(1977)
Cheap Trick / Heaven Tonight(1978)
Cheap Trick / Cheap Trick At Budokan (1978)
Cheap Trick / Dream Police(1979)
Cheap Trick / All Shook Up(1980)
Cheap Trick / The Doctor(1986)
The Cherry Bombz / The House Of Ecstasy(1986)single
Cinderella / Long Cold Winter(1988)
Coroner / Punishment For Decadence(1988(2018))
Coroner / No More Color(1989(2018))
Crimson Glory / Crimson Glory(1986)
Cro-Mags / Best Wishes(1989)

Vinyl -D

Dark Angel / Leave Scars(1989)
David Lee Roth / Skyscraper(1988)
Death Angel / The Ultra-Violence(1987)
Death Angel / Frolic Through The Park(1988(2016))
Death Angel / Act III(1990(2018))
Deep Purple / Deep Purple In Rock(1970(1995))
Deep Purple / Fireball(1971(1996))
Deep Purple / Machine Head(1972(1997))
Deep Purple / Made In Japan(1972(1998))
Deep Purple / Burn(1974)
Deep Purple / Perfect Strangers(1984)
Deep Purple / The House Of Blue Light(1986)
Def Leppard / Hysteria(1987)
Destruction / Mad Butcher(1988)ep
Diamond Head / Borrowed Time(1982)
Diamond Head / Borrowed Time(1982)
Digger / Stronger Than Ever(1986)
Dio / Dream Evil(1987)
The Dogs D'Amour / In The Dynamite Jet Saloon(1988)
The Dogs D'Amour / Trail Of Tears(1989)12"Single
Dokken / Back For The Attack(1987)
D.R.I. / Dealing With It!(1985(2003))

Vinyl -E

Europe / Europe(1983)
Europe / Wings Of Tomorrow(1984)
Europe / The Final Countdown(1986)
Europe / Out Of This World(1987)
Exciter / Long Live The Loud(1985)
E.Z.O / E.Z.O(1987)

Vinyl -F

Faster Pussycat / Faster Pussycat(1987)
Fifth Angel / Time Will Tell(1989)
FM / Indiscreet(1986)
Foreigner / Head Games(1979)
Foreigner / Agent Provocateur(1984)
Foreigner / Inside Information(1987)
Foreigner / Inside Information(1987)

Vinyl -G

Gary Moore / Victims Of The Future(1983)
Gary Moore And Phil Lynott / Out In The Fields(1985)single
Gary Moore / Wild Frontier(1987)
Georgia Satellites / Georgia Satellites(1986)
The Georgia Satellites / Open All Night(1988)
Girl / Sheer Greed(1980)
Girlschool / Play Dirty(1983)
Great White / Once Bitten(1987)
Great White / Twice Shy(1989)
Guns N' Roses / Appetite For Destruction(1987(2018))

Vinyl -H

Hanoi Rocks / Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks(1981)
Hanoi Rocks / Self Destruction Blues(1982)
Hanoi Rocks / Self Destruction Blues(1982)
Hanoi Rocks / Back To Mystery City(1983)
Hanoi Rocks / Underwater World(1984)single
Hanoi Rocks / "All Those Waisted Years".....(1984)
Hanoi Rocks / Dead By Christmas(1986)
Heart / Dreamboat Annie(1975)
Heart / Little Queen(1977)
Heart / Little Queen(1977)
Heart / Magazine(1977)
Heart / Dog & Butterfly(1978)
Heart / Bebe Le Strange(1980)
Heart / Passionworks(1983)
Heart / Heart(1985)
Heart / Heart(1985)
Heart / The Wolf(1985)single
Heart / Bad Animals(1987)

Vinyl -I

Icon / Icon(1984)
Impellitteri / Stand In Line(1988)
Iron Maiden / Iron Maiden(1980)
Iron Maiden / Killers(1981)
Iron Maiden / The Number Of The Beast(1982)
Iron Maiden / Piece Of Mind(1983)
Iron Maiden / Powerslave(1984)
Iron Maiden / Aces High(1984)single
Iron Maiden / Live After Death(1985)
Iron Maiden / Somewhere In Time(1986)
Iron Maiden / Stranger In A Strange Land(1986)single
Iron Maiden / Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son(1988)
Iron Maiden Can I Play With Madness(1988)single
Iron Maiden / The Clairvoyant(1988)single
It Bites / The Big Lad In The Windmill(1986)

Vinyl -J

Jetboy / Feel The Shake(1988)
Jimmy Page / Outrider(1988)
Journey / Escape(1981)
Journey / Frontiers(1983)
Judas Priest / Sad Wings Of Destiny(1976)
Judas Priest / Sin After Sin(1977)
Judas Priest / Stained Class(1978)
Judas Priest / Killing Machine(1978)
Judas Priest / Unleashed In The East (Live In Japan)(1979)
Judas Priest / British Steel(1980)
Judas Priest / Defenders Of The Faith(1984)
Judas Priest / Turbo(1986)
Judas Priest / Ram It Down(1988(2017))
Judas Priest / Painkiller(1990(2017))

Vinyl -K

Keel / The Right To Rock(1985)
Kick Axe / Welcome To The Club(1985)
King Diamond / "Them"(1988)
Kingdom Come / Kingdom Come(1988)
Kiss / Dynasty(1979)
Kreator / Extreme Aggression(1989)
Kuni / Masque(1986)

Vinyl -L

L.A. Guns / L.A. Guns(1988)
Leather / Shock Waves(1989)
Leatherwolf / Leatherwolf(1987)
Leatherwolf / Leatherwolf(1987)
Led Zeppelin / Led Zeppelin II(1969)
Led Zeppelin / Untitled(Led Zeppelin IV)(1971)
Led Zeppelin / Presence(1976)
Led Zeppelin / The Soundtrack From The Film The Song Remains The Same(1976)
Led Zeppelin / In Through The Out Door(1979)
Lillian Axe / Lillian Axe(1988)
Lion / Power Love(1986)
Lion / Dangerous Attraction(1987)
Lion / Trouble In Angel City(1989)
Lita Ford / Lita(1988)
Lizzy Borden / Visual Lies(1987)
Loudness / Thunder In The East(1985)
Loudness / Hurricane Eyes(1987)

Vinyl -M

Madison / Diamond Mistress(1985)
Madison / Best In Show(1986)
Magnum / On A Storyteller's Night(1985)
Magnum / Wings Of Heaven(1988)
Mama's Boys / Growing Up The Hard Way(1987)
Manowar / Battle Hymns(1982)
Manowar / Into Glory Ride(1983)
McAuley Schenker Group / Perfect Timing(1988)
Megadeth / Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?(1986)
Metal Church / Metal Church(1984)
Metal Church / The Dark(1986)
Metal Church / Blessing In Disguise(1989)
Metallica / Kill 'Em All(1983)
Metallica / Ride The Lightning(1984)
Metallica / Master Of Puppets(1986)
Metallica / The $5.98 Ep:Garage Days Re-Revisited(1987(2018))
Metallica / ...And Justice For All(1988)
Michael Monroe / Nights Are So Long(1987)
The Michael Schenker Group / The Michael Schenker Group(1980)
The Michael Schenker Group / M S G(1981)
The Michael Schenker Group / One Night At Budokan(1981)
The Michael Schenker Group / Assault Attack(1982)
The Michael Schenker Group / Built To Destroy(1983)
The Michael Schenker Group / Rock Will Never Die(1984)
Morbid Angel / Altars Of Madness(1989(2017))
Mortal Sin / Mayhemic Destruction(1987)
Mötley Crüe / Too Fast For Love(1981)
Mötley Crüe / Shout At The Devil(1983)
Mötley Crüe / Theatre Of Pain(1985)
Mötley Crüe / Girls, Girls, Girls(1987)
Motörhead ‎– No Sleep 'til Hammersmith(1981)
Mountain / Go For Your Life(1985(2013))
Mr. Big / Mr. Big(1989)

Vinyl -N

Night Ranger / Dawn Patrol(1982)
Night Ranger / Midnight Madness(1983)
Night Ranger / 7 Wishes(1985)
Night Ranger / Big Life(1987)
Night Ranger / Man In Motion(1988)
Nuclear Assault / Game Over(1986)

Vinyl -O

Obsession / Methods Of Madness(1987)
Odin / Fight For Your Life(1988)
Omen / Escape To Nowhere(1988)
Onslaught / In Search Of Sanity(1989)
Orphan / Lonely At Night(1983)
Overkill / !!!Fuck You!!!(1987)
Overkill / Taking Over(1987)
Overkill / Taking Over(1987)
Overkill / Under The Influence(1988)
Ozzy Osbourne / Blizzard Of Ozz(1980)
Ozzy Osbourne / Diary Of A Madman(1981)
Ozzy Osbourne / Talk Of The Devil(1982)
Ozzy Osbourne / Bark At The Moon(1983)
Ozzy Osbourne / The Ultimate Sin(1986)
Ozzy Osbourne / No Rest For The Wicked(1988)

Vinyl -P

Pestilence / Malleus Maleficarum(1988)
Philip Lynott / Solo In Soho(1980)
Poison / Look What The Cat Dragged In(1986)
Poison / Open Up And Say ...Ahh!(1988)
Pretty Boy Floyd / Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz(1989)
Pretty Maids / Red, Hot And Heavy(1984)
Pretty Maids / Future World(1987)
Prism / Small Change(1981)
Prophet / Cycle Of The Moon(1988)

Vinyl -Q

Queen / A Night At The Opera(1975)
Queen / A Day At The Races(1976)
Queensrÿche / Queensrÿche(1982)
Queensrÿche / Rage For Order(1986)
Queensrÿche / Operation: Mindcrime(1988)
Quiet Riot / Condition Critical(1984)
Quiet Riot / Quiet Riot(1988)

Vinyl -R

Rage / Execution Guaranteed(1987)
Rage / Perfect Man(1988)
Rainbow / On Stage(1977)
Rainbow / Down To Earth(1979)
Rainbow / Difficult To Cure(1981)
Rainbow / Straight Between The Eyes(1982)
Rainbow – Bent Out Of Shape(1983)
Ratt / Ratt(1983)ep
Ratt / Out Of The Cellar(1984)
Ratt / Invasion Of Your Privacy(1985)
Ratt / Invasion Of Your Privacy(1985)
Rhett Forrester / Even The Score(1988)
Riot / Born In America(1983)
Riot /Thundersteel(1988(2018))
Rock City Angels / Young Man's Blues(1988)
Robert Plant / Now And Zen(1988)
Rough Cutt / Rough Cutt(1985)

Vinyl -S

Sammy Hagar / Sammy Hagar (I Never Said Goodbye)(1987)
Saxon / Wheels Of Steel(1980)
Saxon / Innocence Is No Excuse(1985)
Scorpions / In Trance(1975)
Scorpions / Virgin Killer(1976)
Scorpions / Taken By Force(1977)
Scorpions / Blackout(1982)
Scorpions / Love At First Sting(1984)
Scorpions / Love At First Sting(1984(2015))
Scorpions / Savage Amusement(1988)
Scorpions / Savage Amusement(1988)
Scorpions / Savage Amusement(1988(2015))
Sinner / Rebel Yell(1987)single
Skagarack / Skagarack(1986)
Skid Row / Skid Row(1989)
Sodom / Better Off Dead(1990)
Steelheart / Tangled In Reins(1992)
Stone Fury / Burns Like A Star(1984)
Strapps / Strapps(1976)
Stryper / Soldiers Under Command(1985)
Stryper / In God We Trust(1988)
Survivor / Vital Signs(1984)
Survivor / When Seconds Count(1986)

Vinyl -T

Tank / Filth Hounds Of Hades(1982)
Tankard / Chemical Invasion(1987(2017))
Tankard / The Morning After(1988(2017))
Tesla / Mechanical Resonance(1986)
Tesla / The Great Radio Controversy(1989)
Testament / The Legacy(1987)
Testament / Practice What You Preach(1989)
Thin Lizzy / Nightlife(1974)
Thin Lizzy / Bad Reputation(1977)
Thin Lizzy / Live And Dangerous(1978)
Thin Lizzy / Black Rose (A Rock Legend)(1979)
Thin Lizzy / Renegade(1981)
Thin Lizzy / Thunder And Lightning(1983)
Thin Lizzy / Life - Live(1983)
Tygers Of Pan Tang / Spellbound(1981)
Triumph / Never Surrender(1982)
Triumph / Surveillance(1987)
Twisted Sister / Come Out And Play(1985)

Vinyl -U

UFO / Mechanix(1981)
UFO / Misdemeanor(1985)
U.D.O. / Animal House(1987)
U.D.O. / Animal House(1987)
U.D.O. / Mean Machine(1989)
Uriah Heep / Look At Yourself(1971)
Uriah Heep / The Magician's Birthday(1972)
Uriah Heep / Firefly(1977)
Uriah Heep / Fallen Angel(1978)

Vinyl -V

Van Halen / 5150(1986)
Van Halen / OU812(1988)
Vengeance / Take It Or Leave It(1987)
Venom / Welcome To Hell(1981)
Venom / At War With Satan(1984)
Venom / Possessed(1985)
Victory / Victory(1985)
Vixen / Vixen(1988)
Voïvod / War And Pain(1984)
Voïvod / Thrashing Rage(1986)

Vinyl -W

Warlock / Hellbound(1985)
W.A.S.P. / W.A.S.P.(1984)
W.A.S.P. / The Last Command(1985)
W.A.S.P. / Inside The Electric Circus(1986)
W.A.S.P. / Live... In The Raw(1987)
White Lion / Fight To Survive(1985)
White Lion / Pride(1987)
White Lion / Pride(1987)
Whitesnake / Live At Hammersmith(1980)
Whitesnake / Come An' Get It(1981)
Whitesnake / Saints & Sinners(1982)
Whitesnake / Slide It In(1984)
Whitesnake / Whitesnake(1987)
Whitesnake / Whitesnake(1987)
White Wolf / Endangered Species(1986)
Wild Dogs / Reign Of Terror(1987)
Winger / Winger(1988)

Vinyl -X


Vinyl -Y

Yesterday And Today (Y & T) / Struck Down(1978)
Y & T / Black Tiger(1982)
Y & T / Mean Streak(1983)
Y & T / In Rock We Trust(1984)
Y & T / Open Fire(1985)
Yngwie J. Malmsteen / Trilogy(1986)
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force / Odyssey(1988)

Vinyl -Z

Zeno / Zeno(1986)