Vinyl 70-80s LP

Vinyl -0~9

3 / … To The Power Of Three(1988)
38 Special / Special Forces(1982)
38 Special / Tour De Force(1983)

Vinyl -A

A Drop In The Gray / Certain Sculptures(1984)
a-ha / Hunting High And Low(1985)
a-ha / Scoundrel Days(1986)
A-ha / Stay On These Roads(1988)
Air Supply / The One That You Love(1981)
The Alarm / Declaration(1984)
Albert Hammond / Your World And My World(1981)
Albert Hammond / Somewhere In America(1982)
Alessi /Long Time Friends(1982)
All About Eve / Flowers In Our Hair(1987)ep
All About Eve / Wild Hearted Woman(1988)ep
All About Eve / What Kind Of Fool(1988)ep
All About Eve / Road To Your Soul(1989)ep
All About Eve / December(1989)ep
All About Eve / Phased EP(1992)ep
And Also The Trees / And Also The Trees(1984)
And Also The Trees / Et aussi les arbres(1986)
And Also The Trees / Shaletown(1987)ep
And Also The Trees / The Critical Distance(1987)ep
And Also The Trees / Farewell To The Shade(1989)
Asia / Alpha(1983)新品未開封!
Asia / Alpha(1983)
Asia / Astra(1985)

Vinyl -B

Bad Company / Straight Shooter(1975)
Bad Company / Run With The Pack(1976)
Bad Company / Rough Diamonds(1982)
Bauhaus / In The Flat Field(1980)
Bauhaus / The Sky's Gone Out(1982)
Bauhaus / Burning From The Inside(1983)
B.B. King / B. B. King Sings Spirituals(1959)
B.B. King / Take It Home(1979)
Belinda Carlisle / Heaven On Earth(1987)
Berlin / Count Three & Pray(1986)
Bertie Higgins / Just Another Day In Paradise(1982)
Bill Champlin / Runaway(1981)
Bill Hughes / Dream Master(1979)
Billy Joel / The Stranger(1977)
Billy Joel / 52nd Street(1978)
Billy Joel / 52nd Street(1978)
Billy Joel / An Innocent Man(1983)
Black / Wonderful Life(1987)
Black / Comedy(1988)
Bobby Caldwell / Bobby Caldwell(1978)
Bobby Caldwell / Carry On(1982)
Bobby Womack / The Poet(1981)
Bobby Womack / The Poet II(1984)
Bobby Womack / So Many Rivers(1985)
Bobby Womack / Womagic(1986)
Bobby Womack / Save The Children(1989)
Bob Dylan / Infidels(1983)
Bonnie Raitt / Takin' My Time(1973)
Bonnie Raitt / Sweet Forgiveness(1977)
Bonnie Raitt / Nine Lives(1986)
Bonnie Tyler / Natural Force(1978)
Boy Meets Girl / Boy Meets Girl(1985)
Bruce Springsteen / Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.(1973)
Bruce Springsteen / The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle(1973)
Bruce Springsteen / The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle(1973)
Bruce Springsteen / Born To Run(1975)
Bruce Springsteen / Darkness On The Edge Of Town(1978)
Bruce Springsteen / Nebraska(1982)
Bruce Springsteen / Nebraska(1982)
Bruce Springsteen / Born In The U.S.A.(1984)
Bruce Springsteen / Born In The U.S.A.(1984)
Bruce Springsteen / Dancing In The Dark(1984)
Bruce Springsteen / Tunnel Of Love(1987)
Bruce Springsteen / Tunnel Of Love(1987)
Bryan Adams / Reckless(1984)
Bryan Adams / Into The Fire(1987)
Bryan Ferry / Boys And Girls(1985)
Bryan Ferry / Bête Noire(1987)
Buddy Guy & Junior Wells / The Original Blues Brothers(1982)

Vinyl -C

Camel / The Snow Goose(1975)
Camel / Breathless(1978)
Camel / I Can See Your House From Here(1979)
Carole King / Tapestry(1971)
Chicago / Chicago 17(1984)
Chicago / Chicago 19(1988)
Chris Rea / Whatever Happened To Benny Santini?(1978)
Chris Rea / Deltics(1979)
Chris Rea / Shamrock Diaries(1985)
Chris Rea / On The Beach(1986)
Chris Rea / Dancing With Strangers(1987)
Chris Rea / Auberge(1991)
Christopher Cross / Another Page(1983)
The Church / Starfish(1988)
The Church / Destination(1988)
Clannad / Sirius(1987)
Clarence Clemons And The Red Bank Rockers / Rescue(1983)
Climie Fisher / Everything(1987)
Cock Robin / After Here Through Midland(1987)
Cocteau Twins / Treasure(1984)
Corey Hart / Boy In The Box(1985)
Corey Hart / Young Man Running(1988)
Cowboy Junkies / The Trinity Session(1988)
Crowded House / Crowded House(1986)
Culture Club / Kissing To Be Clever(1982)
Culture Club / Colour By Numbers(1983)
Culture Club / Waking Up With The House On Fire(1984)
Curiosity Killed The Cat / Keep Your Distance(1987)
Cutting Crew / Broadcast(1986)
Cyndi Lauper / She's So Unusual(1983)
Cyndi Lauper / True Colors(1986)

Vinyl -D

Dan Fogelberg / Windows And Walls(1984)
Dan Reed Network / Dan Reed Network(1988)
David Roberts / All Dressed Up(1982)
David Sylvian / Brilliant Trees(1984)
Deacon Blue / Raintown(1987)
Deacon Blue / When The World Knows Your Name(1989)
Dead Can Dance / Garden Of The Arcane Delights(1984)ep
Dead Can Dance / Spleen And Ideal(1985)
Debbie Gibson / Out Of The Blue(1987)
Dennis De Young / Back To The World(1986)
Depeche Mode / A Broken Frame(1982)
Depeche Mode / Music For The Masses(1987)
Depeche Mode / 101(1988)
Depeche Mode / I Feel You(1993)
Dick St. Nicklaus / Magic(1979)
Dire Straits / Communiqué(1979)
Dire Straits / Making Movies(1980)
Don Henley / I Can't Stand Still(1982)
Don Henley / Building The Perfect Beast(1984)
Don Johnson / Heartbeat(1986)
The Doobie Brothers / Toulouse Street(1972)
The Doobie Brothers / Stampede(1975)
The Doobie Brothers / Cycles(1989)
The Doors / The Doors(1967)
The Doors / Strange Days(1967)
The Doors / Waiting For The Sun(1968)
The Doors / The Soft Parade(1969)
The Doors / Morrison Hotel(1970)
The Dream Academy / The Dream Academy(1985)
The Dream Academy / Remembrance Days(1987)
Duran Duran – Notorious(1986)

Vinyl -E

Eagles / One Of These Nights(1975)
Eagles / Eagles Live(1980)
Eagles / Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975(1976)
Eagles / Hotel California(1976)
Echo & The Bunnymen / Echo & The Bunnymen(1987)
Eighth Wonder / Brilliant Dreams(1987)
Eighth Wonder / Fearless(1988)
Emmylou Harris / Luxury Liner(1977)
Emmylou Harris / Blue Kentucky Girl(1979)
Emmylou Harris / Roses In The Snow(1980)
Emmylou Harris / Cimarron(1981)
Emmylou Harris / White Shoes(1983)
Eric Carmen / Eric Carmen(1975)
Eric Carmen / Eric Carmen(1984)
Eric Clapton / Backless(1978)
Eric Clapton / Another Ticket(1981)
Eurythmics / Savage(1987)※

Vinyl -F

Faces / Long Player(1971)
Faces / A Nod's As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse(1971)
Face To Face / Face To Face(1984)
Face To Face / Confrontation(1985)
Face To Face / One Big Day(1988)
Far Cry / The More Things Change...(1980)
Fiona / Beyond The Pale(1986)
Fleetwood Mac / Fleetwood Mac(1975)
Fleetwood Mac / Rumours(1977)
Fleetwood Mac / Tusk(1979)
Fleetwood Mac / Mirage(1982)
Fleetwood Mac / Tango In The Night(1987)

Vinyl -G

Gene Loves Jezebel / Promise(1983)
Gene Loves Jezebel / Immigrant(1985)
Gene Loves Jezebel / Discover(1986)
Gene Loves Jezebel / The House Of Dolls(1987)
Genesis / Invisible Touch(1986)
George Benson / In Your Eyes(1983)
George Benson / 20/20(1985)
George Benson / While The City Sleeps...(1986)
George Thorogood & The Destroyers / Born To Be Bad(1988)
George Winston / Autumn(1980)
George Winston / December(1982)
Glass Tiger / Diamond Sun(1988)
Glenn Frey / The Allnighter(1984)
Glenn Frey / Soul Searchin'(1988)

Vinyl -H

Hooters / One Way Home(1987)
Hooters / One Way Home(1987)
Hothouse Flowers / People(1988)
Huey Lewis And The News / Fore!(1986)

Vinyl -I

Icehouse / Sidewalk(1984)
In Tua Nua / Seven Into The Sea(1986)Single
INXS / The Swing(1984)
INXS / Listen Like Thieves(1985)
INXS / Kick(1987)

Vinyl -J

Janis Joplin / Pearl(1971)
Japan / Obscure Alternatives(1978)
Japan / Tin Drum(1981)
The Jeff Healey Band / See The Light(1988)
J.J. Cale / Naturally(1971(2014))
J.J. Cale / 5(1979)
J.J. Cale / Shades(1980)
Joe Cocker / Stingray(1976)
Joe Cocker / Luxury You Can Afford(1978)
Joe Cocker / Sheffield Steel(1982)
John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band / Tough All Over(1985)
John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band / Roadhouse(1988)
John Cougar Mellencamp / Uh-Huh(1983)
John Cougar Mellencamp / The Lonesome Jubilee(1987)
John Hiatt / Bring The Family(1987)
John Mayall / Looking Back(1969)
Johnnie Taylor / Wall To Wall(1985)
Johnny Copeland / Texas Twister(1986)
Johnny Mathis / Right From The Heart(1985)
Johnny Winter / 3rd Degree(1986)
Jon Stevens / Jon Stevens(1982)
Joy Division / Unknown Pleasures(1979)
Juice Newton / Juice(1981)
Julia Fordham / Julia Fordham(1988)

Vinyl -K

Karla Bonoff / Karla Bonoff(1977)
Karla Bonoff / Restless Nights(1979)
Kate Bush / The Kick Inside(1978)
Kate Bush / Lionheart(1978)
Kate Bush / Never For Ever(1980)
Kate Bush / The Dreaming(1982)
Kate Bush / Hounds Of Love(1985)
King Crimson / Beat(1982)

Vinyl -L

Larry Lee / Marooned(1982)
Lightnin' Hopkins / Lightnin' Strikes(1962)
Lions & Ghosts / Velvet Kiss, Lick Of The Lime(1987)
Little Feat / Feats Don't Fail Me Now(1974)
Little Feat / The Last Record Album(1975)
Little Feat / Down On The Farm(1979)
Little Feat / Hoy-Hoy!(1981)
Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul / Men Without Women(1982)
Lone Justice / Lone Justice(1985)
Lone Justice / Lone Justice(1985)
Lone Justice / Shelter(1986)
Lou Reed / Berlin(1973)
Lou Reed / Mistrial(1986)

Vinyl -M

Madonna / Like A Virgin(1984)
Madonna / True Blue(1986)
Marillion / Clutching At Straws(1987)
Marillion / Seasons End(1989)
Marilyn Martin / Marilyn Martin(1986)
Michael Bolton / Michael Bolton(1983)
Michael Bolton / Soul Provider(1989)
Michael Gregory / Situation X(1983)
Michael Jackson / Thriller(1982)
Michael Jackson / Bad(1987)
Michael McDonald / No Lookin' Back(1985)
Mike Oldfield / Platinum(1979)
Mike Oldfield / QE2(1980)
Mike Oldfield / Five Miles Out(1982)
Mike Oldfield / Crises(1983)
The Mission / Gods Own Medicine(1986)
The Mission / Children(1988)
The Mission / Children(1988)
The Mission / Carved In Sand(1989)
Mott The Hoople / The Hoople(1974)
Mott The Hoople / Mott The Hoople Live(1974)
Mr. Mister / I Wear The Face(1984)
Mr. Mister / Welcome To The Real World(1985)
Mr. Mister / Welcome To The Real World(1985)
Mr. Mister / Go On ...(1987)

Vinyl -N

Neil Young / Old Ways(1985)
Nena / Nena(1983)
Nena / ? (Fragezeichen)(1984)

Vinyl -O

Otis Clay / The Only Way Is Up(1982)
Outloud / Out Loud(1987)

Vinyl -P

Pat Benatar / Seven The Hard Way(1985)
Patti Smith / Horses(1975)
Patti Smith Group / Easter(1978)
Patti Smith / Dream Of Life(1988)
Paul Davis / Singer Of Songs - Teller Of Tales(1977)
Paul Davis / Cool Night(1981)
Pavlov's Dog / At The Sound Of The Bell(1976)
Peter Allen / Bi-Coastal(1980)
Peter Cetera / Solitude / Solitaire(1986)
Peter Gabriel / So(1986)
Pet Shop Boys / Please(1986)
Pet Shop Boys / Actually(1987)
Peter Murphy / Should The World Fail To Fall Apart(1986)
Pink Floyd / Wish You Were Here(1975)
Pink Floyd / The Wall(1979)
The Police / Zenyatta Mondatta(1980)
The Police / Synchronicity(1983)
The Pretenders / Learning To Crawl(1983)

Vinyl -Q


Vinyl -R

Randy Meisner / Randy Meisner(1978)
Randy Meisner / One More Song(1980)
Randy Vanwarmer / Warmer(1979)
Ray Kennedy / Ray Kennedy(1980)
R.E.M. / Fables Of The Reconstruction / Reconstruction Of The Fables(1985)
R.E.M. / Document(1987)
Renaissance / Ashes Are Burning(1973)
Renaissance / A Song For All Seasons(1978)
Richard Marx / Richard Marx(1987)
Rickie Lee Jones / Rickie Lee Jones(1979)
Rickie Lee Jones / Pirates(1981)
Rickie Lee Jones / The Magazine(1984)
Rick Mathews / Ride The Breeze(1983)
Rick Springfield / Wait For Night(1976)
Rick Springfield / Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet(1982)
Rick Springfield / Living In Oz(1983)
Rick Springfield / Tao(1985)
Rick Springfield / Rock Of Life(1987)
Robbie Robertson / Robbie Robertson(1987)
The Robert Cray Band / Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark(1988)
Robert Jr. Lockwood & Johnny Shines / Mister Blues Is Back To Stay(1981)
Rod Stewart / Gasoline Alley(1970)
Rod Stewart / Every Picture Tells A Story(1971)
Rod Stewart / Never A Dull Moment(1972)
Rod Stewart / Smiler(1974)
Rod Stewart / Atlantic Crossing(1975)
Rod Stewart / A Night On The Town(1976)
Rod Stewart / Blondes Have More Fun(1978)
Rod Stewart / Foolish Behaviour(1980)
Rod Stewart / Tonight I'm Yours(1981)
Rod Stewart / Absolutely Live(1982)
Rod Stewart / Body Wishes(1983)
Rod Stewart / Camouflage(1984)
Rod Stewart / Every Beat Of My Heart(1986)
Rod Stewart / Out Of Order(1988)
The Rolling Stones / Goat’s Head Soup(1973)
The Rolling Stones / Dirty Work(1986)
Rory Gallagher / Tattoo(1973)
Rory Gallagher / Against The Grain(1975)
Rory Gallagher / Calling Card(1976)
Rory Gallagher / Defender(1987)
Roxy Music / Flesh + Blood(1980)
Roxy Music / Avalon(1982)
Rush / Signals(1982)
Rush / Grace Under Pressure(1984)
Ry Cooder / Into The Purple Valley(1972)

Vinyl -S

Sarah McLachlan / Touch(1988)
Shawn Colvin / Steady On(1989)
Sheila E. / In The Glamorous Life(1984)※
Simply Red / Picture Book(1985)
Simply Red / Men And Women(1987)
The Sisters Of Mercy / First And Last And Always(1985)
The Sisters Of Mercy / Floodland(1987)
Sleepy John Estes / The Legend Of Sleepy John Estes(1963)
Smokey Robinson / Touch The Sky(1983)
Smokey Robinson ‎– One Heartbeat(1987)
Southside Johnny And The Jukes / At Least We Got Shoes(1986)
Starship / Knee Deep In The Hoopla(1985)
Starship / Knee Deep In The Hoopla(1985)
Starship / No Protection(1987)
Steely Dan / Aja(1977)
Steve Forbert / Alive On Arrival(1978)
Steve Winwood / Talking Back To The Night(1982)
Steve Winwood / Back In The High Life(1986)
Steve Winwood / Roll With It(1988)
Stevie Nicks / Bella Donna(1981)
Stevie Nicks / The Wild Heart(1983)
Stevie Nicks / Rock A Little(1985)
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble / Texas Flood(1983)
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble / Couldn't Stand The Weather(1984)
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble / In Step(1989)
Stevie Wonder / In Square Circle(1985)
Sting / The Dream Of The Blue Turtles(1985)
Sting / The Dream Of The Blue Turtles(1985)
Sting / ...Nothing Like The Sun(1987)
Strawberry Switchblade / Strawberry Switchblade(1985)
The Style Council / Café Bleu(1984)
Suzanne Vega / Suzanne Vega(1985)
Suzanne Vega / Live In London 1986(1986)
Suzanne Vega / Solitude Standing(1987)

Vinyl -T

Tears For Fears / Songs From The Big Chair(1985)
Terence Trent D'Arby / Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D'Arby(1987)
Terence Trent D'Arby / Wishing Well(1987)Single
Tiffany / Tiffany(1987)
'Til Tuesday / Voices Carry(1985)
Timbuk 3 / Eden Alley(1988)
Tom Johnston / Everything You've Heard Is True(1979)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers / Damn The Torpedoes(1979)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers / Southern Accents(1985)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers / Pack Up The Plantation - Live!(1985)
Toto / Hydra(1979)
Toto / Turn Back(1981)新品未開封!
Toto / Turn Back(1981)
Toto / Toto IV(1982)
Toto / Toto IV(1982)
Toto / Isolation(1984)
Toto / The Seventh One(1988)
Transvision Vamp / Landslide Of Love(1989)ep
T. Rex / Electric Warrior(1971)
The Triffids / Calenture(1987)
The Triffids / Calenture(1987)
The Triffids / The Triffids Present The Black Swan(1989)

Vinyl -U

U2 / War(1983)
U2 / The Unforgettable Fire(1984)
U2 / The Joshua Tree(1987)
Ultravox / Quartet(1982)

Vinyl -V

Various / A Very Special Christmas(1987)
Various / Beverly Hills Cop II (The Motion Picture Soundtrack Album)(1987)
Various / Dirty Dancing(1987)
Various / Flashdance (Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture)(1983)
Various / Over The Top - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack(1987)
Various / Vision Quest (Original Motion Picture Sound Track)(1985)

Vinyl -W

The Waterboys / The Waterboys(1984)
The Waterboys / This Is The Sea(1985)
Willie Nelson / Stardust(1978)
Willie Nelson / Somewhere Over The Rainbow(1981)
Willie Nelson / Without A Song(1983)新品未開封!
Willie Nelson Featuring The Guitar Of Jackie King / Angel Eyes(1984)
Willie Williams / Raw Unpolluted Soul(1973)
Wilson Bros. / Another Night(1979)
The Woodentops / Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway(1988)

Vinyl -X


Vinyl -Y


Vinyl -Z

ZZ Top / Afterburner(1985)

Vinyl -邦楽

尾崎豊 / 十七歳の地図(1983)
河合その子 / その子(1985)
河合その子 / Siesta(1986)
河合その子 / Mode De Sonoko(1986)
斉藤由貴 / Axia(1985)
斉藤由貴 / ガラスの鼓動(1986)
杉山清貴&オメガトライブ / Aqua City(1983)
杉山清貴&オメガトライブ / River's Island(1984)
杉山清貴&オメガトライブ / First Finale(1985)
杉山清貴 / Beyond...(1986)
杉山清貴 / Realtime To Paradise(1987)
杉山清貴 / Kona Weather(1987)
杉山清貴 / The Warm Front,Long Sight(1988)
鈴木雅之 / Mother Of Pearl(1986)
スターダスト・レビュー / To You 夢伝説(1984)
中島みゆき / 愛していると云ってくれ(1978)
中島みゆき / 生きていてもいいですか(1980)
中島みゆき / 臨月(1981)
中島みゆき / 36.5℃(1986)
中森明菜 / バリエーション(変奏曲)(1982)
中森明菜 / Seventeen(1982)Mini AL
中森明菜 / ファンタジー(幻想曲)(1983)
中森明菜 / New Akina エトランゼ(1983)
中森明菜 / Possibility(1984)
中森明菜 / Bitter And Sweet(1985)
中森明菜 / D404ME(1985)
My Best Thanks(1985)Mini AL
中森明菜 / 不思議(1986)
中森明菜 / Crimson(1986)
中森明菜 / Cross My Palm(1987)
浅井ひろみ / Origin(1988)
Rebecca / Wild & Honey(1985)
Rebecca / Rebecca IV - Maybe Tomorrow(1985)
Rebecca / Time(1986)
杏里 / 思いきりアメリカン I Love Poping World,Anri(1982)
杏里 / Coool(1984)
杏里 / Wave(1985)
大沢誉志幸 / Confusion(1984)
大沢誉志幸 / Scoop(1984)
寺尾聰 / Reflections(1981)
森田童子 / Good Bye(1975)
森田童子 / マザー・スカイ = きみは悲しみの青い空をひとりで飛べるか(1976)
森田童子 / A Boy ボーイ(1977)
森田童子 / 東京カテドラル聖マリア大聖堂録音盤(1978)
早見優 / Lanai = ラナイ(1983)
早見優 / Colourful Box = カラフル・ボックス(1983)
早見優 / Recess = リーセス(1984)
早見優 / Wow!(1985)
中村あゆみ / Midnight Kids(1984)
中村あゆみ / A Boy(1985)Single
中村あゆみ / Be True(1985)
中村あゆみ / Fair Child(1986)
中村あゆみ / Smalltown Girl(1987)