Vinyl 2018

Soulfly / Ritual(2018)
Venom / Storm The Gates(2018)
Muse / Simulation Theory(2018)
Bloodbath / The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn(2018)
Tanita Tikaram / Ancient Heart(1988(2018))
Guns N' Roses / Appetite For Destruction(1987(2018))
Ihsahn / Àmr(2018)
Bruce Springsteen / The Ghost Of Tom Joad(1995(2018))
Roxanne / Radio Silence(2018)
Marissa Nadler / For My Crimes(2018)
Transvision Vamp / I Want Your Love(2018)Box
Transvision Vamp / Pop Art(1988(2018))
Transvision Vamp / Velveteen(1989(2018))
Transvision Vamp / Little Magnets Versus The Bubble Of Babble(1991(2018))
Morbid Angel /Altars Of Madness(1989(2017))
Blind Guardian / Imaginations From The Other Side(1995(2018))
Cryptopsy / The Book Of Suffering: Tome II(2018)
Deicide / Overtures Of Blasphemy(2018)
Ruby Throat / Stone Dress(2018)
The Paper Kites / On The Train Ride Home/On The Corner Where You Live(2018)
Stephen Pearcy / View To A Thrill(2018)
Rod Stewart / Blood Red Roses(2018)
Hardcore Superstar / You Can't Kill My Rock 'N Roll(2018)
Cara Dillon / Wanderer(2017)
Richard Ashcroft / Natural Rebel(2018)
Riot /Thundersteel(1988(2018))
Voïvod / The Wake(2018)
The Skull / The Endless Road Turns Dark(2018)
Verni / Barricade(2018)
Treat / Tunguska(2018)
Uriah Heep / Living The Dream(2018)
Hate Eternal / Upon Desolate Sands(2018)
Groundbreaker / Groundbreaker(2018)
Alexandra Shakina / All The Way(2018)
José James / Lean On Me(2018)
Satan / Cruel Magic(2018)
Steve Forbert / The Magic Tree(2018)
Marty Paich / I Get A Boot Out Of You(1959(2018))
Marty Paich / The Broadway Bit(1959(2018))
Clutch / Book Of Bad Decisions(2018)
Suede / The Blue Hour(2018)
Blind Guardian / Somewhere Far Beyond(1992(2018))
Billy F Gibbons / The Big Bad Blues(2018)
Willie Nelson / My Way(2018)
Tony Joe White / Bad Mouthin'(2018)
John Hiatt / Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns(2011)
Testament / Low(1994(2017))
Tankard / Chemical Invasion(1987(2017))
Tankard / The Morning After(1988(2017))
Mr. Big / Live From Milan(2018)
Lenny Kravitz / Raise Vibration(2018)
Death Angel / Act III(1990(2018))
Coroner / Punishment For Decadence(1988(2018))
Coroner / No More Color(1989(2018))
Coroner / Mental Vortex(1991(2018))
Coroner / Grin(1993(2018))
Cowboy Junkies / The Caution Horses(1990(2018))
Cowboy Junkies / Black Eyed Man(1991(2018))
Cowboy Junkies / Pale Sun, Crescent Moon(1993(2018))
U.D.O. / Steelfactory(2018)
Alice Cooper / A Paranormal Evening At The Olympia Paris(2018)
Misfits / Famous Monsters(1999(2018))
Alice In Chains / Rainier Fog(2018)
Tankard / One Foot In The Grave(2017)
Tankard / Two-Faced(1993(2018))
Leather / II(2018)
The Magpie Salute / High Water I(2018)
Doro / Forever Warriors Forever United(2018)
Fairground Attraction / The First Of A Million Kisses(1988(2018))
Indigo Girls / Indigo Girls(1989(2016))
Jack Stillwater / The Farmer Triology(2016)
John Hiatt / The Open Road(2010)
Lizzy Borden / My Midnight Things(2018)
LP / Lost On You(2016)
Manic Street Preachers / This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours(1998(2017))
Cowboy Junkies / All That Reckoning(2018)
Tom Waits / The Heart Of Saturday Night(1974(2018))
Bob Dylan / Highway 61 Revisited(1965(2018))
Airplay / Airplay(1980(2018))
Dana Fuchs / Love Lives On(2018)
AnnaMy / Woodpecker(2013)
Graveyard / Peace(2018)
中森明菜 / BestⅡ(1989(2018))
Tom Waits / Small Change(1976(2018))
The Night Flight Orchestra / Sometimes the World Ain't Enough(2018)
Florence + The Machine / High As Hope(2018)
The Charlatans / Totally Eclipsing E.P.(2018)ep
Buddy Guy / The Blues Is Alive And Well(2018)
Refuge / Solitary Men(2018)
Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! / The Final Kill(1985(2018))
中森明菜 / Best(1986(2018))
Live In Overhausen Part 1 Volume One: Horrorscope(2018)
Live In Overhausen Part 2 Volume Two: Feel The Fire(2018)
The Book Of Suffering: Tome I(2015)ep
Van Morrison And Joey DeFrancesco / You're Driving Me Crazy(2018)
Willie Nelson / Last Man Standing(2018)
Riot V / Armor Of Light(2018)
Leon Bridges / Good Thing(2018)
Manic Street Preachers / Resistance Is Futile(2018)
The Dead Daisies / Burn It Down(2018)
Judas Priest / Ram It Down(1988(2017))
Judas Priest / Painkiller(1990(2017))
Metallica / The $5.98 Ep:Garage Days Re-Revisited(1987(2018))
Barney Wilen With Mal Waldron / French Story(1990(2018))
Duane Allman / An Anthology(1972(2016))
Rhye / Woman(2012)
Cyndi Lauper / Detour(2016)
Kyle Craft / Full Circle Nightmare(2018)
FM / Atomic Generation(2018)
Pestilence / Hadeon(2018)
W.E.T. / Earthrage(2018)
Editors / Violence(2018)
The Poodles / Prisma(2018)
Billy Joel / 52nd Street(1978(2018))
Judas Priest / Firepower(2018)
Michael Schenker Fest / Resurrection(2018)
Tom Waits / Closing Time(1973(2018))
Anderson East / Encore(2018)
Discharge / End Of Days(2016)
Rhye / Blood(2018)
Van Morrison / Roll With The Punches(2017)
Kreator / Cause For Conflict(1995(2018))
Kreator / Outcast(1997(2018))
H.E.A.T / Into The Great Unknown(2017)
Machine Head / Catharsis(2018)
Fu Manchu / Clone Of The Universe(2018)
Testament / The Gathering(1999(2018))
Testament / Demonic(1997(2018))
Corrosion Of Conformity / No Cross No Crown(2018)
Whitesnake / The Purple Tour(2018)
Wolf Alice / Visions Of A Life(2017)
Marilyn Manson / Heaven Upside Down(2017)
Pretty Boy Floyd / Public Enemies(2017)
Jeff Scott Soto / Retribution(2017)
Van Morrison / Versatile(2017)
Slayer / The Vinyl Conflict(2010)
Slayer / Reign In Blood(1986(2010))
Slayer / South Of Heaven(1988(2010))
Slayer / Seasons In The Abyss(1990(2010))
Slayer / Decade Of Aggression Live(1991(2010))
Slayer / Divine Intervention(1994(2010))
Slayer / Undisputed Attitude(1996(2010))
Slayer / Diabolus In Musica(1998(2010))
Slayer / God Hates Us All(2001(2010))
Slayer / Christ Illusion(2006(2010))
Slayer / World Painted Blood(2009(2010))
Babylon A.D. / Revelation Highway(2017)
Anvil / Pounding The Pavement(2018)
Magnum / Lost On The Road To Eternity(2018)
The Quireboys / White Trash Blues(2017)
Mayhem / De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive(2016)
Tesla / Psychotic Supper(1991(2016))