Burrnin' Vinyl! 2022



Release In Japan  
Battle Beast / Circus Of Doom(2022)
Big Big Train / Welcome To The Planet(2022)
Celeste / Assassine(s)(2022)
Comeback Kid / Heavy Steps(2022)
Crowley / 悪魔がにくい(2021)Mini-Al
Cyclone / Rising Sun(2021)Mini-Al
Dream Theater / The Majesty Demos 1985-1986(2003(2022))
Earthless / Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons(2022)
Edge Of Forever / Seminole(2022)
The Ferrymen / One More River To Cross(2022)
Giant / Shifting Time(2022)
Jethro Tull / The Zealot Gene(2022)
King Crimson / Music Is Our Friend(2021)
Kissin' Dynamite / Not The End Of The Road(2022)
Lalu / Paint The Sky(2022)
Lana Lane / Neptune Blue(2022)
Nocturna / Daughters Of The Night(2022)
Northtale / Eternal Flame(2021)
Planet Dazzle / Survive(2021)ep
Power Paladin / With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel(2022)
Praying Mantis / Katharsis(2022)
Sonata Arctica / Acoustic Adventures - Volume One(2022)
Steve Vai / Inviolate(2022)
清水保光 / Wind from the East 2021(2021)
Angelwings / Primordium(2021)
Antioch / Antioch V(2021)ep
Destinity / In Continuum(2021)
Drawn And Quartered / Congregation Pestilence(2021)
Eye Of Purgatory / The Lighthouse(2021)
The Greg Leon Invasion / Tell The Children(2021)
Iron Jaws / Declaration Of War(2021)
Mastodon / Hushed And Grim(2021)
Metal Wings / A Whole New Land(2021)
Nuclear Revenge / Dawn Of The Primitive Age(2021)
Ravager / The Third Attack(2021)
Sadistik Forest / Obscure Old Remains(2021)ep
Season Of Dreams / Heroes(2021)
Solus Ex Inferis / Daemones Ceramici (2021)
Steel Fox / Red Snow(2021)
Sutura / Dawn Of Cursed Souls(2021)
Temtris / Ritual Warfare(2021)
Tensiion / Subterfuge(2021)ep
Thirsty Demon / Unconscious Suicide(2020)
This Ending / Needles Of Rust(2021)
Tuple Salmela / Welcome To Hell(2021)
Wormlight / Nightmother(2021)


Release In Japan  
Loudness / Sunburst~我武者羅(2021)
Autumn's Child / Zenith(2021)
Ancient Myth / Ambrosian Blood(2021)Mini-Al
Behemoth / In Absentia Dei(2021)
Black Spell / The Purple Skull(2021)
Cap Outrun / High On Deception(2021)
Death Angel / The Bastard Tracks(2021)
Deep Purple / Turning To Crime(2021)
Dream Theater / When Dream And Day Reunite (Live)(2005(2021))
Ember Falls / Ruins(2021)
Ibuki / Storm Of Emotion(2021)
Jeff Kollman / East Of Heaven(2021)
Lock Up / The Dregs Of Hades(2021)
Lovebites / In The Beginning - The Best Of 2017-2021(2021)
Nestor / Kids In A Ghost Town(2021)
Omnium Gatherum / Origin(2021)
Perfect Plan / Live At The Sharpener's House(2021)
Pinkish Crown / New Dawn(2021)
Seum / Winterized(2021)
Soli / My Garden...(2021)
Swallow The Sun / Moonflowers(2021)
Volbeat / Servant Of The Mind(2021)
Zelbo / In My Dreams(2021)
Against Evil / End Of The Line(2021)
Blitz / Take No Prisoners Live(2021)
Crypts Of Despair / All Light Swallowed(2021)
Dawn After Dark / New Dawn Rising(2021)
Draconicon / Dark Side Of Magic(2021)
Farcry / Balance(2021)
Grinder Blues / El Dos(2021)
Hangar Nord / Hangar Nord(2021)
Hidden Intent / Dead End Destiny(2021)
Hunted / Deliver Us(2021)
Janina Jade / Heart Of Rock N Roll(2021)
Mephisto / Pentafixion(2021)
Nergard / Eternal White(2021)
Peter Hermansson / Second Glance(2021)
Silver Talon / Decadence And Decay(2021)
Sonic Desolution / Explorer(2021)
Spillage / Electric Exorcist(2021)
Upper Lip / Deep Within(2021)
Wicked Smile / Wait For The Night(2021)