Burrnin' Vinyl! 2021



Release In Japan  
Exodus / Persona Non Grata(2021)
The Darkness / Motorheart(2021)
Alcatrazz / V(2021)
Black Label Society / Doom Crew Inc.(2021)
Crazy Lixx / Street Lethal(2021)
Darkwoods My Betrothed / Angel Of Carnage Unleashed(2021)
Don Broco / Amazing Things(2021)
Enuff Z'nuff / Never Enuff: Rarities & Demos(2021)
Epica / Omega Alive(2021)
Eternity's End / Embers Of War(2021)
Ghost Cries / Purgatorium(2021)
Grand Finale / Everything Has An End(2021)ep
Groundbreaker / Soul To Soul(2021)
Heartland / Into The Future(2021)
Hypocrisy / Worship(2021)
Insania / V (Praeparatus Supervivet)(2021)
Jim Peterik & World Stage / Tigress (Women Who Rock The World)(2021)
Khemmis / Deceiver(2021)
Knights Of The Realm / Knights Of The Realm(2021)
L.A. Guns / Checkered Past(2021)
Lee Aaron / Almost Christmas(2020)
Lords Of Black / Alchemy Of Souls - Part II -(2021)
Lucifer / Lucifer IV(2021)
The Lurking Fear / Death, Madness, Horror, Decay(2021)
Me And That Man / New Man, New Songs, Same Shit. Vol.2(2021)
Memoria Avenue / Memoria Avenue(2021)
Møl / Diorama(2021)
Obscura / A Valediction(2021)
Paul Gilbert / 'Twas(2021)
Rhapsody Of Fire / Glory For Salvation(2021)
Ross Jennings / A Shadow Of My Future Self(2021)
Seventh Crystal / Live At NSL(2021)Mini-Al
Temperance / Diamanti(2021)
Waltari / 3rd Decade - Anniversary Edition(2021)
Wonders / The Fragments Of Wonder(2021)
Axewitch / Out Of The Ashes Into The Fire(2021)
Backwood Spirit / Fresh from the Can(2021)
Crimson Fire / Another Dimension(2021)
Distant Past / The Final Stage(2021)
Escape / Fire In The Sky(2021)
Flesh Juicer / Golden Taizi Bro(2020)
Grorr / Ddulden's Last Flight(2021)
Hunter / Hungry Heart(2021)
Marasmus / Necrotic Overlord(2021)
Moral Collapse / Moral Collapse(2021)
Plasmodium / Towers Of Silence(2021)
Primal Creation / News Feed(2021)
Revlin Project / Trascender(2021)
Saille / V(2021)
Silent Winter / Empire of Sins(2021)
Silvernite / Silvernite(2021)
Soothsayer / Echoes Of The Earth(2021)
Timeless Haunt / Dark For Life(2021)
Wanton Attack / Wanton Attack(2021)


Release In Japan  
Dream Theater / A View From The Top Of The World(2021)
Bullet For My Valentine / Bullet For My Valentine(2021)
Trivium / In The Court Of The Dragon(2021)
Aborted / Maniacult(2021)
The Agonist / Days Before The World Wept(2021)ep
Angra / ØMNI Live(2021)
Apostolica / Haeretica Ecclesia(2021)
Beast In Black / Dark Connection(2021)
Be'lakor / Coherence(2021)
Blood Red Throne / Imperial Congregation(2021)
Cerveteri / Don't Stop the Rock(2021)
Cradle Of Filth / Existence Is Futile(2021)
Crucified / The Grievous Cry(2021)
Eclipse / Wired(2021)
Gamma Ray / XXX (30 Years Live Anniversary - 1990 - 2020)(2021)
The Grandmaster / Skywards(2021)
Gus G. / Quantum Leap(2021)
Houston / IV(2021)
Måneskin / Teatro D'Ira - Vol.I(2021)
Massacre / Resurgence(2021)
Minstrelix / 11 Trajectories(2021)
Moron Police / The Stranger and the Hightide(2021)ep
Order / The Gospel(2021)
Outrage / RE:prise 〜 The Final Day 30th Anniversary(2021)
Perpetual Etude / Now Is The Time(2021)
PFM / I Dreamed of Electric Sheep(2021)
Roger Taylor / Outsider(2021)
Ronnie Atkins / 4 More Shots (The Acoustics)(2021)ep
Running Wild / Blood On Blood(2021)
ShadowStrike / Fables & Folklore(2021)ep
Supernova Plasmajets / Now or Never(2021)
Tales And Legends / Struggle Of The Gods(2021)
Thy Row / Unchained(2021)
U.D.O. / Game Over(2021)
Whyzdom / Of Wonders And Wars(2021)
Yes / The Quest(2021)
Arched Fire / Remote Control(2021)
Cirith Ungol / Half Past Human(2021)ep
Cobra Cult / Second Gear(2021)
Dunkelmind / Vlad: The Trilogy(2021)ep
George Tsalikis / Return To Power(2021)
Harpyie / Minnewar(2021)
Ildaruni / Beyond Unseen Gateways(2021)
Impaled Nazarene / Eight Headed Serpent(2021)
Ironbourne / Ironbourne(2021)
Pestilence / E X | T | V M(2021)
Prins Svart / Sanning|Makt(2021)
Sepulcros / Vazio(2021)
Skyhammer / The Skyhammer(2021)ep
Stormtide / A Throne Of Hollow Fire(2021)
Stranger Vision / Poetica(2021)
Tony Cantisano / Enliven(2021)
The Veith Ricardo Project / Storm Warning(2021)


Release In Japan  
Iron Maiden / Senjutsu(2021)
Carcass / Torn Arteries(2021)
KK's Priest / Sermons of the Sinner(2021)
Andrew W.K. / God Is Partying(2021)
Anette Olzon / Strong(2021)
Criminal / Sacrificio(2021)
Doro / Triumph And Agony Live(2021)
Dream Theater / Lost Not Forgotten Archives:Master Of Puppets - Live In Barcelona 2002(2021)
Leprous / Aphelion(2021)
Lovebites / Heavy Metal Never Dies - Live In Tokyo 2021(2021)
Ministry / Moral Hygiene(2021)
The Night Flight Orchestra / Aeromantic II(2021)
Nocturnal Bloodlust / The One(2021)Single
Paradox / Heresy II - End Of A Legend(2021)
Rage / Resurrection Day(2021)
Robin Red / Robin Red(2021)
Sami Yaffa / The Innermost Journey To Your Outermost Mind(2021)
Shigeki Fujii x Spiritrial / Count 9(2021)
Vulgar / Vulgarity(2021)
Warfare / Songbook Of Filth(2021)
V.A. / The Metallica Blacklist(2021)
Ailafar / State of Mind(2021)
Angel Martyr / Nothing Louder Than Silence(2021)
Attika / Metal Lands(2021)
Blacksword / Alive Again(2021)
Crystallion / Heads Or Tails(2021)
Darkthrone / Eternal Hails......(2021)
Dead Exaltation / Despondent(2021)
Demonstealer / And This Too Shall Pass(2020)ep
Immortal Guardian / Psychosomatic(2021)
Loch Vostok / Opus Ferox - The Great Escape(2021)
Mayhem / Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando(2021)ep
Phil Vincent / Stigmata(2021)
Red Machete / High Tension(2021)
The Scalar Process / Coagulative Matter(2021)
Shadow Kingdom / Eyes Of Pain(2021)
Stormwind / Legacy(2004(2021))
Todd La Torre / Rejoice In The Suffering(2021)
Witchwood / Before The Winter(2020)
YYNOT / Resonance(2019)


Release In Japan  
Night Ranger / ATBPO(2021)
Auri / II - Those We Don't Speak Of(2021)
Bad Habit / Autonomy(2021)
Destruction / Live Attack(2021)
Ethereal Sin / Time of Requiem - Part 1(2021)
George Lynch / Seamless(2021)
Hebi Katana / Hebi Katana(2020)
Mad Invasion / Edge Of The World(2021)
人間椅子 / 苦楽(2021)
Nitrate / Renegade(2021)
Saeko / Holy Are We Alone(2021)
Sepultura / SepulQuarta(2021)
Show-Ya / Showdown(2021)
Spektra / Overload(2021)
Sun Of The Suns / Tiit(2021)
Tri State Corner / Stereotype(2021)
Vell'z Fire / The last stand(2021)
Vince DiCola / Only Time Will Tell(2021)
Warkings / Revolution(2021)
White Stones / Dancing Into Oblivion(2021)
The Wildhearts / 21st Century Love Songs(2021)
Ablaze My Sorrow / Among Ashes And Monoliths(2021)
Anthenora / Mirrors And Screens(2020)
Candlemass / Green Valley Live(2021)
D'Ercole / Hard Core(2021)
Escarion / Pillars of the Faith(2021)
Garagedays / Something Black(2020)
Generation Steel / The Eagle Will Rise(2021)
Ghosts Of Atlantis / 3​.​6​.​2​.​4(2021)
Invisible Horizon / Deafcon One(2020)
Irreverence / Scapegoat(2020)ep
Leather Boys / Born In The Seventies(2020)
Lee Aaron / Radio On!(2021)
Maestitium / Tale Of The Endless(2021)ep
Natural Born Machine / Human(2021)
Overlord / Resurgence of the Obstinate Kind(2020)
Revolting / The Shadow At The World's End(2020)
Sainted Sinners / Unlocked & Reloaded(2020)
Sylent Storm / The Fire Never Dies(2020)
Tragedian / Seven Dimensions(2021)
The Vintage Caravan / Monuments(2021)
Vulture / Dealin' Death(2021)
Wombbath / Tales Of Madness(2020)


Release In Japan  
Yngwie Malmsteen / Parabellum(2021)
At The Gates / The Nightmare Of Being(2021)
Big Big Train / Common Ground(2021)
Constancia / Brave New World(2021)
Dee Snider / Leave A Scar(2021)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter / The Divine Horsemen(2021)
Dream Theater / Lost Not Forgotten Archives: A Dramatic Tour Of Events - Select Board Mixes(2021)
Fate Gear / Battle Against Justice(2021)Single
Hardline / Heart, Mind And Soul(2021)
King Company / Trapped(2021)
L.A. Guns / Cocked And Loaded: Live(2021)
Laurenne/Louhimo / The Reckoning(2021)
凛-Lin- / Ninth Heaven(2021)ep
Loudstorm / Metal Battleroyal(2021)
Mordred / The Dark Parade(2021)
Nergard / Eternal White(2021)
Paradise Lost / At The Mill(2021)
Platens / Of Poetry And Silent Mastery(2021)
Powerwolf / Call Of The Wild(2021)
Proud / Second Act(2021)
Strÿkenine / Strykenine I(2021)
Toby Hitchcock / Changes(2021)
Wizardthrone / Hypercube Necrodimensions(2021)
Artillery / X(2021)
At The Movies / The Movie Hits Of The 80's (The Soundtrack Of Your Life - Vol. 1)(2020)
Depravity / Grand Malevolence(2020)
Entheogen / Other World(2020)ep
Eradicator / Influence Denied(2021)
Godslave / Positive Aggressive(2021)
Gunner / Back 4 More(2020)
Heads For The Dead / Into The Red(2020)
InnerSiege / Fury Of Ages(2021)
Morgarten / Cry of the Lost(2021)
Mother Road / Mother Road II(2021)
Poverty's No Crime / A Secret To Hide(2021)
Prompts / Magenta Smile(2019)ep
Remnants of the Fallen / All the Wounded and Broken(2020)
Reternity / A Test Of Shadows(2020)
Squealer / Insanity(2020)
Stormwind / Rising Symphony(2003(2021))
Tiefrot / Rabenherz(2020)
Wreck-Defy / Powers That Be(2020)


Release In Japan  
Helloween / Helloween(2021)
Buckcherry / Hellbound(2021)
Agnes / Hegemony Shift(2021)
Alestorm / Live In Tilburg(2021)
Ancient Myth / ArcheoNyx(2021)
Brother Against Brother / Brother Against Brother(2021)
Chalice Of Sin / Chalice Of Sin(2021)
Concerto Moon / Waiting For You(2021)mini-al
Crowne / Kings In The North(2021)
Crypta / Echoes Of The Soul(2021)
The Datsuns / Eye To Eye(2021)
Decapitated / The First Damned(2000(2021))
Dennis DeYoung / 26 East, Vol. 2(2021)
Dream Theater / Lost Not Forgotten Archives: Images And Words - Live In Japan, 2017(2021)
Fear Factory / Aggression Continuum(2021)
Galneryus / Union Gives Strength(2021)
Go Ahead And Die / Go Ahead And Die(2021)
Hammer King / Hammer King(2021)
Illusion Force / Illusion Paradise(2021)
Kansas / Point Of Know Return (Live & Beyond)(2021)
Kent Hilli / The Rumble(2021)
Kiku Latte / Stories(2021)
Kiss / Off The Soundboard Tokyo 2001(2021)
Marta Gabriel / Metal Queens(2021)
Monster Magnet / A Better Dystopia(2021)
Paul Gilbert / Werewolves Of Portland(2021)
Reinforcer / Prince Of The Tribes(2021)
Timo Tolkki's Avalon / The Enigma Birth(2021)
Trance / Metal Forces(2021)
Trick or Treat / The Unlocked Songs(2021)
American Tears / Free Angel Express(2020)
Cannibal Corpse / Violence Unimagined(2021)
Cats In Space / Atlantis(2020)
Cheap Trick / In Another World(2021)
Children Of Technology / Written Destiny(2020)
Coexistence / Collateral Dimension(2020)
Combative Post / Whiteout(2020)
The Cult Of Destiny / The Cult Of Destiny(2020)
Dragonrider / Scepter Of Domination(2020)
Edge Of The Blade / Feels Like Home(2020)
Highway Chile / Locked Up Live(2021)
Idle Ruin / Idle Ruin(2020)ep
Leadbreaker / LeadBreaker(2020)
Lucid Dreaming / The Chronicles Pt. III(2020)
Mageia / Mageia(2020)
Prey for Sunday / Prey for Sunday(2020)Mini-al
The Quill / Earthrise(2021)
Skelethal / Unveiling The Threshold(2020)
Sorceress Of Sin / Mirrored Revenge(2020)
Sorizon / Thanatos Rising(2021)
Stan Bush / Dare To Dream(2020)
Takatak / Acrophase(2020)
Void / Akashic(2020)
Warrior Soul / Cocaine And Other Good Stuff(2020)


Release In Japan  
Alicetopia / The Beginning of Dystopia(2021)
Amorphis / Live At Helsinki Ice Hall(2021)
The Aristocrats / Freeze! (Live In Europe 2020)(2021)
Bloodbound / Creatures Of The Dark Realm(2021)
Burning Witches / The Witch Of The North(2021)
Cvlt Ov The Svn / We Are The Dragon(2021)
Edu Falaschi / Vera Cruz(2021)
Electric Pyramid / Electric Pyramid(2021)
Frost* / Day And Age(2021)
Gojira / Fortitude(2021)
Jakob Samuel / CoExist(2021)
Kayak / Out Of This World(2021)
割戸真友(CV.金元寿子)feat.小岩井ことり / アニメ「幼女社長」キャラクターソングアルバム「カンパイッ!」
Midnite City / Itch You Can't Scratch(2021)
Myles Kennedy / The Ides Of March(2021)
Nancy Wilson / You And Me(2021)
Rachel Mother Goose / シンラ・バンショウ - 森羅万象(2021)
Robby Valentine / Separate Worlds(2020)
Robin McAuley / Standing On The Edge(2021)
Seventh Crystal / Delirium(2021)
The Sheglapes / Seiren(2021)
Silent Winter / Empire of Sins(2021)
Esa Holopainen / Silver Lake(2021)
Sonic Haven / Vagabond(2021)
Sunbomb / Evil And Divine(2021)
Æolian / The Negationist(2020)
Anguis Dei / Angeist(2021)
Aphonic Threnody / The Great Hatred(2020)
Awaken / Out Of The Shadows(2019)
Devil's Desire / The Soul Remains Alive(2020)
East Temple Avenue / Both Sides Of Midnight(2020)
Empyreal Sorrow / Praey(2020)
EyeHateGod / A History Of Nomadic Behavior(2021)
Forsaken Age / Heavy Metal Nightmare(2020)
Hifiklub & Roddy Bottum / Things That Were Lost In The Fire(2020)
Ice War / Defender, Destroyer(2020)
Imperium / Heaven Or Hell(2020)
In Malice's Wake / The Blindness Of Faith(2020)
Joe McGurk / Myths and Legends(2020)
L.A. Guns(Steve Riley,Kelly Nickels) / Renegades(2020)
Niviane / The Ruthless Divine(2020)
No Terror In The Bang / Eclosion(2021)
Poema Arcanus / Stardust Solitude(2020)
Strange New Dawn / Planet System(2020)
Thrust / The Helm Of Awe(2020)
Vice Squad / Battle Of Britain(2020)


Release In Japan  
Out Of This World / Out Of This World(2021)
Frozen Crown / Winterbane(2021)
Arion / Vultures Die Alone(2021)
Big Big Train / The Underfall Yard(2009(2021))
Bodom After Midnight / Paint the Sky With Blood(2021)ep
カルメン・マキ&OZ / 45th Anniversary and “the Last Tour” 2019(2021)
Devil Sold His Soul / Loss(2021)
The End Machine / Phase2(2021)
Evile / Hell Unleashed(2021)
Gary Moore / How Blue Can You Get(2021)
Gary Moore / Live From London(2020)
Greta Van Fleet / The Battle At Garden's Gate(2021)
Helloween / Skyfall(2021)Single
Holding Absence / The Greatest Mistake of My Life(2021)
Icon Of Sin / Icon Of Sin(2021)
Johan Kihlberg's Impera / Spirit Of Alchemy(2021)
Korpiklaani / Jylhä(2021)
Marco Garau's Magic Opera / The Golden Pentacle(2021)
Michele Conta / Endless Nights(2019)
Orden Ogan / Final Days(2021)
Primal Fear / I Will Be Gone(2021)ep
Saxon / Inspirations(2021)
Screamachine / ScreaMachine(2021)
Sweet Oblivion Feat. Geoff Tate / Relentless(2021)
Temple Balls / Pyromide(2021)
Touch / Tomorrow Never Comes(2021)
Vexillum / When Good Men Go To War(2021)
Warrior Path / The Mad King(2021)
Weird Tales / ...Under The Moon(2021)
Ablaze / No Chaser(2018)
Annexation / Inherent Brutality(2020)
Atræ Bilis / Divinihility(2020)ep
Atlas / Parallel Love(2020)
Budderside / Spiritual Violence(2021)
Christian Liljegren / Melodic Passion(2021)
Church Of The Dead / Church Of The Dead(2020)
Deimler / Zero One(2020)ep
Desolator / Sermon Of Apathy(2020)
Evilcult / At the Darkest Night(2020)
Hateful / Set Forever On Me(2020)
Hellsmoke / 2020(2020)
Kat / The Last Convoy(2020)ep
Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekrø / Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekrø(2020)
Lucio Manca / Third Outline Of A New Beginning(2020)ep
Marenna/Meister / Out Of Reach(2020)
Mean Streak / Eye Of The Storm(2020)
Mentalist / Freedom Of Speech(2020)
Scardust / Strangers(2020)
Season Of Dreams / My Shelter(2020)
Sepulchral Curse / Only Ashes Remain(2020)
Stormwind / Reflections(2001(2020))
Tau Cross / Messengers Of Deception(2020)
Tina Schussler / Verwirrte Welt(2020)
Trishula / Time Waits For No Man(2020)


Release In Japan  
Blackmore's Night / Nature's Light(2021)
Thunder / All The Right Noises(2021)
Angelus Apatrida / Angelus Apatrida(2021)
Chez Kane / Chez Kane(2021)
Chris Cornell / No One Sings Like You Anymore(2020)
The Crown / Royal Destroyer(2021)
Enforcer / Live By Fire II(2021)
Evanescence / The Bitter Truth(2021)
Foo Fighters / Medicine At Midnight(2021)
Gary Hughes / Waterside(2021)
Heart Healer / The Metal Opera By Magnus Karlsson(2021)
Issa / Queen Of Broken Hearts(2021)
Lamb Of God / Live In Richmond, VA(2021)
Liquid Tension Experiment / Liquid Tension Experiment 3(2021)
Lovebites / Glory, Glory, To The World(2021)ep
Memoriam / To The End(2021)
Metalite / A Virtual World(2021)
Moonspell / Hermitage(2021)
Octavision / Coexist(2020)
Odd Dimension / The Blue Dawn(2021)
Paul Stanley's Soul Station / Now And Then(2021)
Ronnie Atkins / One Shot(2021)
Secret Sphere / Lifeblood(2021)
Serenity in Murder / Reborn(2021)
志音 / Oto No Mori(2021)
Sunstorm / Afterlife(2021)
Suzi Quatro / The Devil In Me(2021)
TransAtlantic / The Absolute Universe - The Making Of Breath Of Life (Abridged Version) (Inner Circle March 2021)(2021)
Turbulence / Frontal(2021)
White Void / Anti(2021)
Wirbelwind / Time To Realize(2021)ep
Witherfall / Curse Of Autumn(2021)
Angband / IV(2020)
Brotthogg / The Die Is Cast(2021)
Domination Black / Judgement IV(2020)
Fortress Under Siege / Atlantis(2020)
Joe Bouchard / Strange Legends(2020)
Legion / Redemption(2020)
Mosh-Pit Justice / The Fifth Of Doom(2020)
My Heavy Memory / Clarity(2019)
Narcissistic Necrosis / The Art Of Deformity(2021)
Phil Vincent / Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday(2021)
Ramblin' Roze / Howl Of The Coomb(2020)
Silent / Fragments(2020)
Smith/Kotzen / Smith/Kotzen(2021)
Steelforce / Make Way(2020(1988))
Stormburst / Highway To Heaven(2020)
Svederna / Härd(2020)
Tanna / Storm In Paradise(2020)
Terra Atlantica / Age Of Steam(2020)
Tony Mitchell / Church Of A Restless Soul(2020)
Tragik / Faith Healer(2020)
Volturyon / Xenogenesis(2020)
Winter's Verge / The Ballad Of James Tig(2020)


Release In Japan  
A.C.T / Heatwave(2021)
Alice Cooper / Detroit Stories(2021)
Arc Of Life / Arc Of Life(2021)
Crystal Viper / The Cult(2021)
Dianthus / Worth Living For(2020)
Dragony / Viribus Unitis(2021)
Durbin / The Beast Awakens(2021)
Epica / Omega(2021)
Fever 333 / Wrong Generation(2020)ep
Inglorious / We Will Ride(2021)
Joel Hoekstra's 13 / Running Games(2021)
The Pretty Reckles / Death by Rock and Roll(2021)
Pyramaze / Epitaph(2020)
Quadratum From Unlucky Morpheus / Loud Playing Workshop(2021)
Rakshasa / 百花創生(2021)
Ricky Warwick / When Life Was Hard And Fast(2021)
Starmen / By the Grace of Rock 'n' Roll(2021)
5Th Machine / Back In Time(2020)
Black Knight / Road To Victory(2020)
Casket Grinder / Fall into Dementia(2020)
Damnation Angels / Fiber Of Our Being(2020)
Death Courier / Necrotic Verses(2020)
Diamond Head / Lightning To The Nations 2020(2020)
Draconian / Under A Godless Veil(2020)
Godscum / The Zodiac Horrorscope(2020)
Harry Big Button / Dirty Harry(2020)
Jet Jaguar / Endless Nights(2020)
Kenziner / Phoenix(2020)
Madhouse / Braindead(2020)
Mr.Kill / The Day Of Reckoning(2020)ep
Ninth Circle / Echo Black(2020)
Parkcrest / ...And That Blue Will Turn To Red(2020)
Stälker / Black Majik Terror(2020)
Starblind / Black Bubbling Ooze(2020)


Release In Japan  
The Michael Schenker Group / Immortal (2021)
Accept / Too Mean To Die(2021)
Wig Wam / Never Say Die(2021)
A Crowd Of Rebellion / Zealot City(2020)
Art Of Illusion / X Marks the Spot(2021)
The Art Of Mankind / Blood Ocean(2021)Single
Asia Minor / Points Of Libration(2020)
Creye / II(2021)
Cross Vein / Life of Veins(2021)
The Dead Daisies / Holy Ground(2021)
Labyrinth / Welcome To The Absurd Circus(2021)
Nervosa / Perpetual Chaos(2021)
Nocturnal Bloodlust / The Wasteland(2020)mini-al
Saber Tiger / Paragraph V(2021)
Shady Glimpse / Supreme Gift(2021)
Therion / Leviathan(2021)
Tom Doncourt And Mattias Olsson's Cathedral / Tom Doncourt And Mattias Olsson's Cathedral(2020)
Tribulation / Where The Gloom Becomes Sound(2021)
W.E.T. / Retransmission(2021)
Wooming / Agminate(2021)
Abtb / Daydream(2020)
Ancient Curse / The New Prophecy(2020)
Ancillotti / Hell On Earth(2020)
Browsing Collection / Cyber Space Buffet(2020)
Chris Rosander / King Of Hearts(2020)
Dendera / Reborn into Darkness:Part2(2020)ep
Girish And The Chronicles / Rock The Highway(2020)
Henry Kane / The Age Of The Idiot(2020)
Ihsahn / Pharos(2020)ep
Jessica Wolff / Para Dice(2020)
Marrowfields / Metamorphoses(2020)
Milan Polak / Can't Please Everyone(2020)
Nemesium / Continua(2020)
Operus / Score Of Nightmares(2020)
Ravenscry / 100(2020)
Re-Armed / Ignis Aeternum(2020)
Ryders Creed / Lost Souls(2020)
Sapphire Eyes / Magic Moments(2020)
She Bites / Joyride(2020)
Tuple Salmela / Wooden Box(2020)
Wild Souls / Queen Of My Heart(2020)


Release In Japan  
Iron Maiden / Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live In Mexico City(2020)
Be The Wolf / Torino(2020)
Dark Tranquillity / Moment(2020)
Royal Hunt / Dystopia(2020)
Autumn's Child / Angel's Gate(2020)
Blackmore's Night / Here We Come A Caroling(2020)ep
Cadaver / Edder & Bile(2020)
Concerto Moon / Rain Fire(2020)
Divine wind / Spirit of Divine ~Ever Road~(2020)
五人一首 / 死人贊歌(2020)
Grave to the Hope / Providence(2020)
Hatebreed / Weight Of The False Self(2020)
Heartwind / Strangers(2020)
Iron Savior / Skycrest(2020)
Jaded Heart / Stand Your Ground(2020)
Jurassic Jade / id - イド -(2020)
Kill City Kills / Badlands I(2020)
Majestica / A Christmas Carol(2020)
Paralydium / Worlds Beyond(2020)
Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons / We're The Bastards(2020)
Vitalij Kuprij / Progression(2020)
Voïvod / Lost Machine(2020)
Withering Surface / Meet Your Maker(2020)
Asgard / Ragnarokkr(2020)
The Atomic Bitchwax / Scorpio(2020)
Blizzen / World in Chains(2020)
Bullets And Octane / Riot Riot Rock 'N' Roll(2020)
Bursters / Once And For All(2020)
Captain Black Beard / Sonic Forces(2020)
Defecto / Duality(2020)
Eleine / Dancing In Hell(2020)
Eternal Champion / Ravening Iron(2020)
Glacier / The Passing Of Time(2020)
Horisont / Sudden Death(2020)
Horrorwish / No Place To Hide(2020)
Live Burial / Unending Futility(2020)
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