Burrnin' Vinyl! 2019



Release In Japan  
Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra / Legacy Of The Dark Lands(2019)
Amiliyah / Beyond the sea(2019)
The Art Of Mankind / Gods Of Slaughter(2019)
Avatarium / The Fire I Long For(2019)
Black Sweet / The Lights(2019)
Cattle Decapitation / Death Atlas(2019)
Cradle Of Filth / Cruelty and the Beast (Re-Mistressed)(2019)
Cyhra / No Halos In Hell(2019)
The Dark Element / Songs The Night Sings(2019)
Deep Purple / Live in Newcastle 2001(2019)
Degreed / Lost Generation(2019)
Edge Of Paradise / Universe(2019)
Eskimo Callboy / Rehab(2019)
The Flower Kings / Waiting For Miracles(2019)
Galneryus / Into The Purgatory(2019)
Kalacread / Mystic Society(2019)
KXM / Circle Of Dolls(2019)
Leprous / Pitfalls(2019)
Lovekillers Feat. Tony Harnell / Lovekillers Feat. Tony Harnell(2019)
Magic Kingdom / Metalmighty(2019)
Metalite / Biomechanicals(2019)
Michael Sweet / Ten(2019)
Nile / Vile Nilotic Rites(2019)
Pretty Maids /Undress Your Madness(2019)
Quiet Riot / Hollywood Cowboys(2019)
Rings Of Saturn / Gidim(2019)
Slayer / The Repentless Killogy(2019)
Sodom / Out Of The Frontline Trench+Partisan(2019/2018)
下山武徳 / Way Of Life(2019)
Tygers Of Pan Tang / Ritual(2019)
Vision Divine / When All The Heroes Are Dead(2019)
Work Of Art / Exhibits(2019)
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell / Very Uncertain Times(2019)
Bitter Heart / Rotten(2019)
Black Mass / Warlust(2019)
Dominoe / The Lost Radio Show(2018)
Forest Field / seasons(2019)
Freaks And Clowns / Freaks And Clowns(2019)
Gin Annie / 100% PROOF(2019)
Green Death / Hallowmass(2018)
Gypsy Rose / Reloaded(2019)
Insanity Alert / 666-pack(2019)
Per Wiberg / Head Without Eyes(2019)
Picture / War Horse(2012(2019))
Planchettes / The Truth(2019)
Powergame / Masquerade(2019)
Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker / Out Of The Dark(2019)
Rosalie Cunningham / Rosalie Cunningham(2019)
Saxon / The Eagle Has Landed 40 Live(2019)
Six Foot Six / The Six Foot Six Project(2018)
Steel Engraved / Steel Engraved(2019)
Va Rocks / I Love Va Rocks(2019)
The Wandering Ascetic /Crimson(2019)
Wrath / Rage(2018)
Year Of The Goat / Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis(2019)


Release In Japan  
Michael Monroe / One Man Gang(2019)
1349 / The Infernal Pathway(2019)
Alcest / Spiritual Instinct(2019)
All Images Blazing / Life(2019)
Alter Bridge / Walk The Sky(2019)
Angel Witch / Angel Of Light(2019)
Art Nation / Transition(2019)
As I Lay Dying / Shaped By Fire(2019)
Axxis / Monster Hero(2018)
Coreleoni / II(2019)
The Darkness / Easter Is Cancelled(2019)
Down 'N' Outz / This Is How We Roll(2019)
Dual Alter World / Alter Ego(2019)
Exhorder / Mourn The Southern Skies(2019)
The Ferrymen / A New Evil(2019)
Kadavar / For The Dead Travel Fast(2019)
Korn / The Nothing(2019)
The Magpie Salute / High Water II(2019)
Merging Flare / Revolt Regime(2019)
Phil Campbell / Old Lions Still Roar(2019)
Razor Highway / Grace Through Insanity(2019)
Rob Halford With Family And Friends / Celestial(2019)
Santa Cruz / Katharsis(2019)
ShadowStrike / Legends Of Human Spirit(2019)
Toxic Holocaust / Primal Future: 2019(2019)
Wayward Sons / The Truth Ain't What It Used To Be(2019)
Workshed / Workshed(2019)
7 Miles To Pittsburgh / Revolution On Hold(2019)
Ace Mafia / Ace Mafia(2019)ep
Aempyrean / Fireborn(2018)
Axe / Final Offering(2019)
Blitz / Welcome To The Rock Show(2019)
Bloody Times / On A Mission(2019)
Blue Ruin / Green River Thriller(2018)ep
Browsing Collection / Don't Want To Dance(2018)ep
Cain / Cain(2019)
Chemical Way / Chilling Spree(2018)
Diaboł Boruta / Czary(2019)
Fiction Syxx / The Alternate Me(2019)
Forbidden Rites / Pantheon Arcanum(2018)
Fullhouse Brew Crew / Me Against You(2018)
God's Army / Demoncracy(2018)
Guardians Of Time / Tearing Up The World(2018)
Hank Erix / Nothing But Trouble(2018)
Harpyie / Aurora(2019)
Horizon / Master Of The Game(1985(2019))
Hush / If You Smile Recycled(2018)
Lee Aaron / Power, Soul, Rock N' Roll - Live In Germany(2019)
Level Fields / 1104(2018)
Method / Method's Live Methods(2019)
Midian / Pure Darkness(2019)
Night Crowned / Humanity Will Echo Out(2018)ep
Reverence / Vengeance Is... Live(2018)
Tool / Fear Inoculum(2019)
Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown / Truth And Lies(2019)


Release In Japan  
Helloween / United Alive In Madrid(2019)
Dragonforce / Extreme Power Metal(2019)
The Agonist / Orphans(2019)
Andre Matos / Moonlight - The Best Of Andre Matos(2019)
Barock Project / Seven Seas(2019)
Baroness / Gold & Grey(2019)
Blackrain / Dying Breed(2019)
Block Buster / Losing Gravity(2019)
Candlemass / Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Live At Roadburn 2011(2013)
Cerebellar Rondo / The Realizing(2019)
Cerveteri / Arabesque(2019)
Crashdïet / Rust(2019)
The Dead Daisies / Locked and Loaded(2019)
The Defiants / Zokusho(2019)
Eclipse / Paradigm(2019)
Ian Gillan With The Don Airey Band And Orchestra / Live In Warsaw(2019)
Kobra And The Lotus / Evolution(2019)
Opeth / In Cauda Venenum(2019)
Raging Fury / Grotesque Masked Krusher(2019)
Royal Republic / Club Majesty(2019)
Sacred Reich / Awakening(2019)
Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony / Signs Of Wings(2019)
Shellshock / Unpredictable(2019)
Shiver of Frontier / Can You See The World?(2019)
Sinner / Santa Muerte(2019)
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators / Living The Dream Tour(2019)
Sons Of Apollo / Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony(2019)
Spiritrial / Spiritrial(2019)
Status Quo / Backbone(2019)
Suicidal Angels / Years Of Aggression(2019)
Tarja / In The Raw(2019)
Tungsten / We Will Rise(2019)
Vikram / Behind The Mask I(2019)
Visions Of Atlantis / Wanderers(2019)
Volbeat / Rewind Replay Rebound(2019)
Alchemy / Dyadic(2019)
Balls Gone Wild / High Roller(2019)
Bat / Axestasy(2019)ep
Cirkus Prütz / White Jazz - Black Magic(2019)
Critical Mess / Man Made Machine Made Man(2019)
Enterfire / Slave of time(2018)
Frantic Amber / Bellatrix(2019)
Idle Hands / Mana(2019)
Master / Vindictive Miscreant(2018)
Maxxwell / Metalized(2018)
Nocturnus AD / Paradox(2019)
Pounder / Uncivilized(2019)
Sacrosanct / Necropolis(2018)
Sky Empire / The Dark Tower(2019)
Sunflower Dead / C.O.M.A(2018)
Thobbe Englund / Hail To The Priest(2019)
Traveler / Traveler(2019)
Vulture / Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves(2019)
Wheels Of Fire / Begin Again(2019)


Release In Japan  
Michael Schenker Fest / Revelation(2019)
Destruction / Born To Perish(2019)
HammerFall / Dominion(2019)
Sonata Arctica / Talviyö(2019)
The Aristocrats / You Know What...?(2019)
Astralium / Land Of Eternal Dreams(2019)
Black Star Riders / Another State Of Grace(2019)
Chaos Magic Featuring Caterina Nix / Furyborn(2019)
Equilibrium / Renegades(2019)
Freedom Call / M.E.T.A.L.(2019)
Hatriot / From Days Unto Darkness(2019)
Head Phones President / Respawn(2019)
Killswitch Engage / Atonement(2019)
Narnia / From Darkness To Light(2019)
Northtale / Welcome To Paradise(2019)
Roxy Blue / Roxy Blue(2019)
Sable Hills / Embers(2019)
Saint Deamon / Ghost(2019)
Shadow Warrior / Return Of The Shadow Warrior(2019)
Skillet / Victorious(2019)
Solemn / Oath In Blood(2019)
Soleil Moon / Warrior(2019)
Twilight Force / Dawn Of The Dragonstar(2019)
Visionatica / Enigma Fire(2019)
Yuzukingdom / Dadaism(2019)
All The Fury / Over The Line Of Meridian(2019)
Andy Black / The Ghost Of Ohio(2019)
Axel Rudi Pell / XXX Anniversary Live(2019)
Barbe-Q-Barbies / Borrowed Time(2019)
Blind Illusion / 2018(2019)ep
Bullet / Live(2019)
Darkthrone / Old Star(2019)
DC4 / Atomic Highway(2018)
Disconnected / White Colossus(2019)
Employed To Serve / Eternal Forward Motion(2019)
Entombed / Clandestine Live(2019)
Federal Charm / Passenger(2018)
Kilmara / Across The Realm Of Time(2018)
Lacrimas Profundere / Bleeding The Stars(2019)
Madmans Esprit / Conscientization of Unconsciousness(2018)
Meadows End / The Grand Antiquation(2019)
Noeazy / Triangle(2018)
Pertness / Metamorphosis(2018)
Rendezvous Point / Universal Chaos(2019)
The Rods / Brotherhood Of Metal(2019)
Rory Gallagher / Blues(2019)
Rory Gallagher / Live In Los Angeles ' 76 King Biscuit Flower Hour(2019)
Secret Rule / The 7 Endless(2019)
Siamese / Super Human(2019)
Tanith / In Another Time(2019)
Twisted Tower Dire / Wars In The Unknown(2019)
Vader / Grand Deceiver(2019)ep


Release In Japan  
Slipknot / We Are Not Your Kind(2019)
Sabaton / The Great War(2019)
A.C.T. / Rebirth(2019)ep
Alan Parsons / The Secret(2019)
Ardours / Last Place On Earth(2019)
as i may / My Own Creations(2019)
Blood Stain Child / Amateras(2019)
Canta / Did I Make It?(2019)
Cryptopsy / The Book Of Suffering: Tome I(2015)ep
Cryptopsy / The Book Of Suffering: Tome II(2018)ep
Dead Eyed Spider / Thrill Of The City(2019)
Floating Worlds / Battleship Oceania(2019)
Fugatta / Tales Of A New Century(2019)
Graham Bonnet Band / Live In Tokyo 2017(2019)
Gyze / Asian Chaos(2019)
Her Name In Blood / Bloodline(2019)
Hollow Haze / Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas(2019)
Leopardeath / 雪月風花(2019)
Lovebites / Daughters Of The Dawn - Live In Tokyo 2019(2019)
Majestica / Above The Sky(2019)
The Man / Ultimate Formation(2019)
Michael Thompson Band / Love & Beyond(2019)
Mind Key / Aliens In Wonderland(2019)
Pretty Wild / Interstate 13(2019)
Qantice / The Anastoria(2019)
Sinheresy / Out Of Connection(2019)
Spread Eagle / Subway To The Stars(2019)
Squares Feat. Joe Satriani / Squares(2019)
Thy Art Is Murder / Human Target(2019)
Unruly Child / Big Blue World(2019)
Wirbelwind / Noble Catastrophe(2019)
Xentrix / Bury The Pain(2019)
Alliance / Fire And Grace(2019)
Amulet /The Inevitable War(2019)
Ascheregen / Untot(2019)
Black Oak County / Theatre Of The Mind(2019)
Black Therapy / Echoes Of Dying Memories(2019)
Come Taste The Band / Reignition(2019)
Diamond Head / The Coffin Train(2019)
Diviner / Realms Of Time(2019)
Dunkelnacht / Empires Of Mediocracy(2019)
Eugenic Death / Under The Knife(2019)
Exumer / Hostile Defiance(2019)
Indestructible Noise Command / Terrible Things(2019)
I Prevail / Trauma(2019)
Katechon / Sanger Fra Auschwitz(2019)
Misery Index / Rituals Of Power(2019)
Omicida / Defrauded Reign(2019)
Paladin / Ascension(2019)
Riot City / Burn The Night(2019)
Ritual / Trials Of Torment(2019(1993))
Void / Neo Decadence(2019)
Witchgöat / Egregors of the Black Faith(2019)
Wretch / Man Or Machine(2018)
X-Romance / Voices From The Past(2019)


Release In Japan  
Abbath / Outstrider(2019)
Big Big Train / Grand Tour(2019)
Billy Sherwood / Citizen - In The Next Life(2019)
Duel / Raging Soldier(2019)
Duff McKagan / Tenderness(2019)
Fuki / Million Scarlets(2019)
Generation Axe / The Guitars That Destroyed The World: Live In China(2018)
Hollywood Vampires / Rise(2019)
Jakks / Scream(2019)
Knights Of Round / In The Light Of Hope(2019)
首振りDolls / アリス(2019)
Mardelas / Ground Zero(2019)ep
Mary's Blood / Confessions(2019)
Moonlight Haze / De Rerum Natura(2019)
Neal Morse / Jesus Christ The Exorcist(2019)
Parasite Inc. / Time Tears Down(2019(2013))
Parasite Inc. / Dead And Alive(2019(2018))
Paul Gilbert / Behold Electric Guitar(2018)
Rammstein / Untitled(2019)
Ravenous / Eat The Fallen(2019)
Rob Moratti / Renaissance(2019)
S.O.T.O. / Origami(2019)
Steel Prophet / The God Machine(2019)
Sweet Oblivion Feat. Geoff Tate / Sweet Oblivion Feat. Geoff Tate(2019)
Timo Tolkki's Avalon / Return To Eden(2019)
Tony Mills / Beyond The Law(2019)
Turilli/Lione Rhapsody / Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution)(2019)
Astral Doors / Worship Or Die(2019)
Battersea / Arguments & Sentiments(2019)
Dannie Damien / Solitary Souls Pub(2019(2011))
Devil's Gun / Sing For The Chaos(2019)
Dusk Dwell / Through The Bright Halls(2018)
Ecthirion / Psalms Of The Risen Dead(2018)
Embryonic Cells / Horizon(2018)
Feral / Flesh For Funerals Eternal(2018)
Filth Hounds / Hair Of The Hound?(2018)
Frenzy / Blind Justice(2019)
From Sorrow To Serenity / Reclaim(2019)
Gaupa / Gaupa(2019)ep
Ghost Iris / Apple Of Discord(2019)
John Diva And The Rockets Of Love / Mama Said Rock Is Dead(2019)
Legion / Rising(2019)
Medic / Ascension(2019)
Meridian / Margin Of Error(2019)
Mobydick / Made In 2017(2019)
A Pale Horse Named Death / When The World Becomes Undone(2019)
Phil Vincent / Hypocrite(2019)
Private Government / Come And Take(2018)
Pulverized / Monuments Of Misanthropy(2018)
Rosy Vista / Unbelievable(2019)
Roulette / Now!(2018)
The Royal / Deathwatch(2019)
Sage / Anno Domini 1573(2018)
Set It Off / Midnight(2019)
Stamina / Live In The City Of Power(2019)
Statement / Force of life(2019)
Thorium / Thorium(2018)
While She Sleeps / So What?(2019)


Release In Japan  
Possessed / Revelations Of Oblivion(2019)
Savage Messiah / Demons(2019)
Amon Amarth / Berserker(2019)
Asomvel / World Shaker(2019)
Black Label Society / Sonic Brew (20th Anniversary Blend 5.99-5.19)(1999(2019))
The Brink / Nowhere To Run(2019)
Concerto Moon / Ouroboros(2019)
Crazy Lixx / Forever Wild(2019)
The Damned Things / High Crimes(2019)
Death Angel / Humanicide(2019)
Destrage / The Chosen One(2019)
First Signal / Line Of Fire(2019)
Fleshgod Apocalypse / Veleno(2019)
Gladenfold / When Gods Descend(2019)
Gloryhammer / Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex(2019)
H.E.R.O. / Humanic(2019)
Imminence / Turn The Light On(2019)
Lonerider / Attitude(2019)
Papilio Effectus / Trickster(2019)ep
Restless Spirits / Restless Spirits(2019)
Rose'n'Ciel / Tresure of Canaan ~Subcul Toy Box~(2019)
Saint Vitus / Saint Vitus(2019)
The Sheglapes / Back 'N' Forth(2019)
The Babes / It Ain't Easy(2017)
Bamboo Star / No Hard Feelings(2018)ep
Carnal Forge / Gun To Mouth Salvation(2019)
Crowsview / Lost Resistance(2018)
Dirge / Ar Puch(2019)
Electric Earth / Electric Earth(2018)
Esperfall / A Leap of Faith(2018)
Fabulae Dramatis / Solar Time's Fables(2016)
Ghost Ship Octavius / Delirium(2018)
Irreverence / Still Burns(2018)
Kaato / Slam!(2019)
Khren / Field of miracles in the fools land(2018)
Mike Tramp / Stray From The Flock(2019)
Perfect View / Timeless(2018)
Picture / Live - 40 Years Heavy Metal Ears - 1978-2018(2018)
Rock Goddess / This Time(2019)
Tank / Re-Ignition(2019)
TiefRot / Blutmond(2018)
Warrior Path / Warrior Path(2019)


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