The Best Albums Of The Year 2020-



Destruction / Diabolical(2022)
And Also The Trees / The Bone Carver(2022)
Corpsegrinder / Corpsegrinder(2022)
Devil's Train / Ashes & Bones(2022)
Megadeth / The Sick, The Dying...And The Dead!(2022)
Bruce Springsteen / Only The Strong Survive(2022)
FM / Thirteen(2022)
Kreator / Hate Über Alles(2022)
Bloodbath / Survival Of The Sickest(2022)
Scorpions / Rock Believer(2022)
Leather / We Are The Chosen(2022)
Gaupa / Myriad(2022)
Ousey/Mann / Is Anybody Listening(2022)
Pale Waves / Unwanted(2022)
a-ha / True North(2022)
Satan / Earth Infernal(2022)
Sodom / 40 Years At War - The Greatest Hell Of Sodom(2022)
Marillion / An Hour Before It's Dark(2022)
Lionville / So Close To Heaven(2022)
Liam Gallagher / C’mon You Know(2022)
Willie Nelson / A Beautiful Time(2022)
Generation Radio / Generation Radio(2022)
Find Me / Lightning In A Bottle(2022)
Bonnie Raitt / Just Like That...(2022)
Michael Monroe / I Live Too Fast To Die Young!(2022)
Buddy Guy / The Blues Don't Lie(2022)
Magnum / The Monster Roars(2022)
Ellefson-Soto / Vacation In The Underworld(2022)
Candlemass / Sweet Evil Sun(2022)
Nordic Union / Animalistic(2022)
Voïvod / Synchro Anarchy(2022)
Dare / Road To Eden(2022)
Red Hot Chili Peppers / Unlimited Love(2022)
Larkin Poe / Blood Harmony(2022)
Exhumed / To The Dead(2022)
Restless Spirits / Second To None(2022)
Black Swan / Generation Mind(2022)
Venom Prison / Erebos(2022)
Belphegor / The Devils(2022)
Meshuggah / Immutable(2022)
John Mellencamp / Strictly A One-Eyed Jack(2022)
Def Leppard / Diamond Star Halos(2022)
Ozzy Osbourne / Patient Number 9(2022)
Terra Nova / Ring That Bell(2022)
Suede / Autofiction(2022)
Saxon / Carpe Diem(2022)
Whiskey Myers / Tornillo(2022)
Yumi Zouma / Present Tense(2022)
Riot City / Electric Elite(2022)
Behemoth / Opvs Contra Natvram(2022)
Slipknot / The End, So Far(2022)
Liam Gallagher / Down By The River Thames(2022)
Giant / Shifting Time(2022)
Bernie Marsden / Trios(2022)
Wolf / Shadowland(2022)
Abbath / Dread Reaver(2022)
Thunder / Dopamine(2022)
Treat / The Endgame(2022)
Bryan Adams / So Happy It Hurts(2022)
Red Hot Chili Peppers / Return Of The Dream Canteen(2022)
Tankard / Pavlov‘s Dawgs(2022)
H.E.A.T / Force Majeure(2022)
Immolation / Acts Of God(2022)
Skid Row / The Gang's All Here(2022)
Anvil / Impact Is Imminent(2022)
White Lies / As I Try Not To Fall Apart(2022)
Machine Head / Of Kingdom And Crown(2022)
James Bay / Leap(2022)
The New Roses / Sweet Poison(2022)
Cleanbreak / Coming Home(2022)
Andy Bell / Flicker(2022)
Wildness / Resurrection(2022)
The Michael Schenker Group / Universal(2022)
Autopsy / Morbidity Triumphant(2022)
Reckless Love / Turborider(2022)
Dry Cleaning / Stumpwork(2022)
House Of Lords / Saints And Sinners(2022)
Porcupine Tree / Closure/Continuation(2022)
The Cult / Under The Midnight Sun(2022)
Stella Donnelly / Flood(2022)
Lana Lane / Neptune Blue(2022)
Van Morrison / What's It Gonna Take?(2022)
Steve Forbert / Moving Through America(2022)
Temple Of Void / Summoning The Slayer(2022)
Starcrawler / She Said(2022)
Korn / Requiem(2022)
Sinner / Brotherhood(2022)
Girlpool / Forgiveness(2022)
Placebo / Never Let Me Go(2022)
The Lumineers / Brightside(2022)
Arch Enemy / Deceivers(2022)
Disturbed / Divisive(2022)
Soilwork / Övergivenheten(2022)
Hardcore Superstar / Abrakadabra(2022)
Jeff Scott Soto / Complicated(2022)
Queensrÿche / Digital Noise Alliance(2022)
Toxik / Dis Morta(2022)
The 1975 / Being Funny In A Foreign Language(2022)
The Birthday Massacre / Fascination(2022)
Nickelback / Get Rollin'(2022)
The Waterboys / All Souls Hill(2022)
Municipal Waste / Electrified Brain(2022)
Muse / Will Of The People(2022)
Wilco / Cruel Country(2022)
Kasabian / The Alchemist’s Euphoria(2022)
Amorphis / Halo(2022)
Pictured Resort / Once Upon A Season(2022)
Soulfly / Totem(2022)
The Kooks / 10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark(2022)
Sadist / Firescorched(2022)
Crashdïet / Automaton(2022)
Tim Burgess / Typical Music(2022)
Praying Mantis / Katharsis(2022)
Goo Goo Dolls / Chaos In Bloom(2022)
Journey / Freedom(2022)
Stryper / The Final Battle(2022)
Mike Tramp / For Første Gang(2022)
Alexander 23 / Aftershock(2022)
The Halo Effect / Days Of The Lost(2022)
Blood Red Shoes / Ghosts On Tape(2022)
Darkane / Inhuman Spirits(2022)
Autumn's Child / Starflower(2022)
Band Of Horses / Things Are Great(2022)
Alessandro Galati Trio / European Walkabout(2022)
At The Movies / The Best Of 90's Movie Hits (The Soundtrack Of Your Life - Vol. II)(2022)
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever / Endless Rooms(2022)
Florence + The Machine / Dance Fever(2022)
Eric Wagner / In The Lonely Light Of Mourning(2022)
Kissin' Dynamite / Not The End Of The Road(2022)
Dreamtide / Drama Dust Dream(2022)
John Scofield / John Scofield(2022)
Tokyo Blade / Fury(2022)
Avril Lavigne / Love Sux(2022)
Maggie Rogers / Surrender(2022)
Blind Guardian / The God Machine(2022)
Protector / Excessive Outburst Of Depravity(2022)
Angel Olsen / Big Time(2022)
Fit For An Autopsy / Oh What The Future Holds(2022)
Lillian Axe / From Womb To Tomb(2022)
Pharmacist / Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds(2022)


Cannibal Corpse / Violence Unimagined(2021)
Carcass / Torn Arteries(2021)
Birdy / Young Heart(2021)
Heartland / Into The Future(2021)
Robin McAuley / Standing On The Edge(2021)
Bonfire / Roots(2021)
Texas / Hi(2021)
WET / Retransmission(2021)
Flotsam And Jetsam / Blood In The Water(2021)
Lucifer / Lucifer IV(2021)
Leprous / Aphelion(2021)
Night Ranger / ATBPO(2021)
LP / Churches(2021)
Eclipse / Wired(2021)
Crazy Lixx / Street Lethal(2021)*
The Paper Kites / Roses(2021)
Thunder / All The Right Noises(2021)
Rod Stewart / The Tears Of Hercules(2021)*
Willie Nelson / That's Life(2021)
Ricky Warwick / When Life Was Hard And Fast(2021)
Norah Jones / I Dream Of Christmas(2021)
Groundbreaker / Soul To Soul(2021)*
Jakob Samuel / CoExist(2021)*
Manic Street Preachers / The Ultra Vivid Lament(2021)
Clairo / Sling(2021)*
Deafheaven / Infinite Granite(2021)*
Marissa Nadler / The Path Of The Clouds(2021)
Cheap Trick / In Another World(2021)
Pale Waves / Who Am I?(2021)
Exodus / Persona Non Grata(2021)
Aborted / Maniacult(2021)*
Pestilence / Exitivm(2021)*
Anderson East / Maybe We Never Die(2021)
The Night Flight Orchestra / Aeromantic II(2021)
Out Of This World / Out Of This World(2021)*
Brian Setzer / Gotta Have The Rumble(2021)
Helloween / Helloween(2021)
The Weather Station / Ignorance(2021)*
Cruzh / Tropical Thunder(2021)*
Bullet For My Valentine / Bullet For My Valentine(2021)*
Billy F Gibbons / Hardware(2021)
The Offspring / Let The Bad Times Roll(2021)
Bernie Marsden / Kings(2021)*
The Vaccines / Back In Love City(2021)*
Greta Van Fleet / The Battle At Garden's Gate(2021)
Crypta / Echoes Of The Soul(2021)*
Faye Webster / I Know I'm Funny Haha(2021)*
At The Gates / The Nightmare Of Being(2021)
Angelus Apatrida / Angelus Apatrida(2021)*
The Wallflowers / Exit Wounds(2021)*
Cradle Of Filth / Existence Is Futile(2021)*
KK's Priest / Sermons Of The Sinner(2021)
Lorde / Solar Power(2021)
Jackson Browne / Downhill From Everywhere(2021)
Rhye / Home(2021)
Fm / Tough It Out Live(2021)*
Archspire / Bleed The Future(2021)*
John Hiatt With The Jerry Douglas Band / Leftover Feelings(2021)
Electric Boys / Ups!de Down(2021)
Wolf Alice / Blue Weekend(2021)
Dry Cleaning / New Long Leg(2021)
The Doobie Brothers / Liberté(2021)*
Lindsey Buckingham / Lindsey Buckingham(2021)*
Hypocrisy / Worship(2021)*
Chvrches / Screen Violence(2021)*
Creye / II(2021)*
Accept / Too Mean To Die(2021)
Mordred / The Dark Parade(2021)*
Doro/Warlock / Triumph And Agony - Live(2021)
The 69 Cats / Seven Year Itch(2021)
John Mayer / Sob Rock(2021)*
人間椅子 / 苦楽(2021)
Billie Marten / Flora Fauna(2021)
EyeHateGod / A History Of Nomadic Behavior(2021)
Evile / Hell Unleashed(2021)*
Snail Mail / Valentine(2021)*
Ministry / Moral Hygiene(2021)*
Touch / Tomorrow Never Comes(2021)*
Paradox / Heresy II - End Of A Legend(2021)
Midnite City / Itch You Can't Scratch(2021)*
Nervosa / Perpetual Chaos(2021)*
Iron Maiden / Senjutsu(2021)
Starship / Greatest Hits Relaunched(2021)
Arlo Parks / Collapsed In Sunbeams(2021)*
Alice Cooper / Detroit Stories(2021)
Nitrate / Renegade(2021)*
The Crown / Royal Destroyer(2021)*
Leon Bridges / Gold-Diggers Sound(2021)*
The Quill / Earthrise(2021)*
Artillery / X(2021)*
Måneskin / Teatro D'Ira Vol 1(2021)*
The Michael Schenker Group / Immortal(2021)
Jack Russell's Great White / Great Zeppelin II: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin(2021)


Bruce Springsteen / Letter To You(2020)
Travis / 10 Songs(2020)
Suzanne Vega / An Evening Of New York Songs And Stories(2020)
Mike Tramp / Second Time Around(2020)
Katatonia / City Burials(2020)
Revolution Saints / Rise(2020)
Raven / Metal City(2020)
Lucifer / Lucifer III(2020)
Testament / Titans Of Creation(2020)
Bryde / The Volume of Things(2020)
Blue Öyster Cult / The Symbol Remains(2020)
The Night Flight Orchestra / Aeromantic(2020)
Draconian / Under A Godless Veil(2020)
Marilyn Manson / We Are Chaos(2020)
Yumi Zouma / Truth Or Consequences(2020)
AC/DC / PWR/UP(2020)
Sonny Landreth / Blacktop Run(2020)
FM / Synchronized(2020)
My Dying Bride / The Ghost Of Orion(2020)
Overland / Scandalous(2020)
Jeff Scott Soto / Wide Awake (In My Dreamland)(2020)
Larkin Poe / Self Made Man(2020)
The Cadillac Three / Country Fuzz(2020)
Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou / May Our Chambers Be Full(2020)
Black Swan / Shake The World(2020)
Sodom / Genesis XIX(2020)
Cadaver / Edder & Bile(2020)*
Paradise Lost / Obsidian(2020)
Sevendust / Blood & Stone(2020)
Plastic Tree / 十色定理(2020)
Lotte Kestner / Covers Vol.2(2020)
Soul Asylum / Hurry Up And Wait(2020)*
The Birthday Massacre / Diamonds(2020)
Six Feet Under / Nightmares Of The Decomposed(2020)
Katatonia / Dead Air(2020)
Outlaws / Dixie Highway(2020)*
Bonfire / Fistful Of Fire(2020)
Ozzy Osbourne / Ordinary Man(2020)
Bon Jovi / 2020(2020)
Onslaught / Generation Antichrist(2020)
Havok / V(2020)
Outrage / Run Riot(2020)*
Deep Purple / Whoosh!(2020)
Buck-Tick / Abracadabra(2020)
Deftones / Ohms(2020)*
Green Day / Father Of All...(2020)*
杉山清貴 / Rainbow Planet(2020)*
Rumer / Nashville Tears - The Songs Of Hugh Prestwood(2020)
Sepultura / Quadra(2020)*
The Ragged Saints / Sonic Playground Revisited(2020)*
Pearl Jam / Gigaton(2020)*
鬼束ちひろ / Hysteria(2020)*
Pet Shop Boys / Hotspot(2020)*
Alcatrazz / Born Innocent(2020)*
Annihilator / Ballistic, Sadistic(2020)*
Stone Temple Pilots / Perdida(2020)*