The Best Albums Of The Year 1980-1989



1989年7月~ 音楽雑誌Crossbeat購読開始
All About Eve / Scarlet And Other Stories(1989)
Transvision Vamp / Velveteen(1989)
And Also The Trees / Farewell To The Shade(1989)
Metal Church / Blessing In Disguise(1989)
Skid Row / Skid Row(1989)
Indigo Girls / Indigo Girls(1989)
Bobby Womack / Save The Children(1989)
Talisman / Talisman(1989)
Maria McKee / Maria McKee(1989)
Melissa Etheridge / Brave And Crazy(1989)
Morbid Angel / Altars Of Madness(1989)
Julia Fordham / Porcelain(1989)
The Jesus And Mary Chain / Automatic(1989)
The Blue Nile / Hats(1989)
Shawn Colvin / Steady On(1989)
The Innocence Mission / The Innocence Mission(1989)
Lou Reed / New York(1989)
遊佐未森 / ハルモニオデオン(1989)
U.D.O. / Mean Machine(1989)
Michael Monroe / Not Fakin' It(1989)
Chris Rea / The Road To Hell(1989)
J.J. Cale / Travel-Log(1989)
The Cure / Disintegration(1989)
Overkill / The Years Of Decay(1989)
Bob Dylan / Oh Mercy(1989)
FM / Tough It Out(1989)
Marillion / Seasons End(1989)
Sodom / Agent Orange(1989)
Axxis / Kingdom Of The Night(1989)
Savatage / Gutter Ballet(1989)
Daniel Lanois / Acadie(1989)
Mötley Crüe / Dr. Feelgood(1989)
Kreator / Extreme Aggression(1989)
Aerosmith / Pump(1989)
Don Henley / The End Of The Innocence(1989)
Stevie Nicks / The Other Side Of The Mirror(1989)
Alice Cooper / Trash(1989)
Black Sabbath / Headless Cross(1989)
Michael Bolton / Soul Provider(1989)
Dark Angel / Leave Scars(1989)
Texas / Southside(1989)
Candlemass / Tales Of Creation(1989)
McAuley Schenker Group / Save Yourself(1989)
Obituary / Slowly We Rot(1989)
Annihilator / Alice In Hell(1989)
Lillian Axe / Love And War(1989)
The Stone Roses / The Stone Roses(1989)
W.A.S.P. / The Headless Children(1989)
Rage / Secrets In A Weird World(1989)
Bonfire / Point Blank(1989)
中森明菜 / Cruise(1989)
Rickie Lee Jones / Flying Cowboys(1989)
Rush / Presto(1989)
Hooters / Zig Zag(1989)
Tesla / The Great Radio Controversy(1989)
Mr. Big / Mr. Big(1989)
L.A. Guns / Cocked & Loaded(1989)
Tracy Chapman / Crossroads(1989)
The Georgia Satellites / In The Land Of Salvation And Sin(1989)
Leatherwolf / Street Ready(1989)
中森明菜 / Best II(1989)
Great White / ... Twice Shy(1989)
Testament / Practice What You Preach(1989)
White Lion / Big Game(1989)
The Dogs D'Amour / Errol Flynn(1989)
Faster Pussycat / Wake Me When It's Over(1989)
Voïvod / Nothingface(1989)
Onslaught / In Search Of Sanity(1989)
The Cult / Sonic Temple(1989)
Kate Bush / The Sensual World(1989)
Coroner / No More Color(1989)
Pink Cream 69 / Pink Cream 69(1989)
Vain / No Respect(1989)
Tom Petty / Full Moon Fever(1989)
Paradox / Heresy(1989)
Leslie West / Alligator(1989)
Bad English / Bad English(1989)
Thunderhead / Behind The Eight-Ball(1989)
Belinda Carlisle / Runaway Horses(1989)
Enuff Z'nuff / Enuff Z'nuff(1989)
Tuck & Patti / Love Warriors(1989)
Bad Religion / No Control(1989)
Climie Fisher / Coming In For The Kill(1989)
Rush / A Show Of Hands(1989)
Tangier / Four Winds(1989)
Peter Murphy / Deep(1989)
The Almighty / Blood, Fire & Love(1989)
TNT / Intuition(1989)
Carcass / Symphonies Of Sickness(1989)
Extreme / Extreme(1989)
Uncle Slam / Say Uncle(1989)
Johnny Griffin,Clémentine / Continent Bleu(1989)
Shark Island / Law Of The Order(1989)
The Triffids / The Black Swan(1989)
Destruction / Live - Without Sense(1989)
Nuclear Assault / Handle With Care(1989)
Exodus / Fabulous Disaster(1989)
Babylon A.D. / Babylon A.D.(1989)
Suicidal Tendencies / Controlled By Hatred/Feel Like Shit... Deja-Vu(1989)
Emmylou Harris / Bluebird(1989)
D-A-D / No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims(1989)
Whitesnake / Slip Of The Tongue(1989)
Charlie Sexton / Charlie Sexton(1989)*
Eric Clapton / Journeyman(1989)
Sepultura / Beneath The Remains(1989)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry / Blow(1989)
Running Wild / Death Or Glory(1989)
Vengeance / Arabia(1989)
Andrew Hill / Eternal Spirit(1989)
King Diamond / Conspiracy(1989)
Danger Danger / Danger Danger(1989)
Nirvana / Bleach(1989)
The Rolling Stones / Steel Wheels(1989)
Mortal Sin / Face Of Despair(1989)
Pretty Boy Floyd / Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz(1989)
Madonna / Like A Prayer(1989)
Laaz Rockit / Annihilation Principle(1989)
Swedish Erotica / Swedish Erotica(1989)
Xentrix / Shattered Existence(1989)
Treat / Organized Crime(1989)
Red Hot Chili Peppers / Mother's Milk(1989)
Outrage / Blind To Reality(1989)
Raging Slab / Raging Slab(1989)
Buck-Tick / Taboo(1989)
Dream Theater / When Dream And Day Unite(1988)
中森明菜 / Femme Fatale(1988)
KISS / Hot In The Shade(1989)
Soundgarden / Louder Than Love(1989)
中島みゆき / 回帰熱(1988)
Accept / Eat The Heat(1989)
Autopsy / Severed Survival(1989)
Viking / Man Of Straw(1989)
Queen / The Miracle(1989)
Uriah Heep / Raging Silence(1989)


  1988年9月~ Heavy Metal専門誌 Burrn!購読開始
All About Eve / All About Eve(1988)
Rod Stewart / Out Of Order(1988)
Transvision Vamp / Pop Art(1988)
Fairground Attraction / The First Of A Million Kisses(1988)
a-ha / Stay On These Roads(1988)
The Church / Starfish(1988)
Death Angel / Frolic Through The Park(1988)
Bon Jovi / New Jersey(1988)
Europe / Out Of This World(1988)
Judas Priest / Ram It Down(1988)
The Mission / Children(1988)
Cowboy Junkies / The Trinity Session(1988)
Testament / The New Order(1988)
Metallica / ...And Justice For All(1988)
Cheap Trick / Lap Of Luxury(1988)
Poison / Open Up And Say ...Ahh!(1988)
Slayer /South Of Heaven(1988)
Quiet Riot / Quiet Riot(1988)
Melissa Etheridge / Melissa Etheridge(1988)
In Tua Nua / The Long Acre(1988)
Scorpions / Savage Amusement(1988)
Face To Face / One Big Day(1988)
Riot / ThunderSteel(1988)
Ozzy Osbourne / No Rest For The Wicked(1988)
Overkill / Under The Influence(1988)
Candlemass / Ancient Dreams(1988)
Magnum / Wings Of Heaven(1988)
And Also The Trees / The Millpond Years(1988)
Robert Plant / Now And Zen(1988)
TOTO / The Seventh One(1988)
Patti Smith / Dream Of Life(1988)
Iron Maiden / Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son(1988)
Cocteau Twins / Blue Bell Knoll(1988)
Dare / Out Of The Silence(1988)
Fields Of The Nephilim / The Nephilim(1988)
Black / Comedy(1988)
Blue Öyster Cult / Imaginos(1988)
遊佐未森 / 空耳の丘(1988)
Tracy Chapman / Tracy Chapman(1988)
The Georgia Satellites / Open All Night(1988)
Cinderella / Long Cold Winter(1988)
John Hiatt / Slow Turning(1988)
Winger / Winger(1988)
中森明菜 / Stock(1988)
Depeche Mode / 101(1988)
Anthrax / State Of Euphoria(1988)
Queensrÿche / Operation: Mindcrime(1988)
Rage / Perfect Man(1988)
Death / Leprosy(1988)
Suicidal Tendencies / How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today(1988)
Helloween / Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part II(1988)
Danzig / Danzig(1988)
Karla Bonoff / New World(1988)
R.E.M. / Green(1988)
L.A. Guns / L.A. Guns(1988)
Ratt / Reach For The Sky(1988)
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians / Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars(1988)
Crimson Glory / Transcendence(1988)
Megadeth / So Far, So Good... So What!(1988)
Traveling Wilburys / Volume 1(1988)
Nuclear Assault / Survive(1988)
George Thorogood & The Destroyers / Born To Be Bad(1988)
Living Colour / Vivid(1988)
中島みゆき / グッバイ ガール(1988)
Vinnie Vincent Invasion / All Systems Go(1988)
Rhett Forrester / Even The Score(1988)
Stryper / In God We Trust(1988)
Chastain / The Voice Of The Cult(1988)
King Diamond / Them(1988)
Bad Religion / Suffer(1988)
House Of Lords / House Of Lords(1988)
U2 / Rattle And Hum(1988)
Motörhead / Nö Sleep At All(1988)
Van Halen / OU812(1988)
Tankard / The Morning After(1988)
Voïvod / Dimension Hatröss(1988)
Roxanne / Roxanne(1988)
Bob Dylan / Down In The Groove(1988)
Glenn Frey / Soul Searchin'(1988)
Siouxsie And The Banshees / Peepshow(1988)
Otis Rush / Tops(1988)
The Waterboys / Fisherman's Blues(1988)
Impellitteri / Stand In Line(1988)
Masters Of Reality / Masters Of Reality(1988)
Steve Winwood / Roll With It(1988)
Little Feat / Let It Roll(1988)
Glass Tiger / Diamond Sun(1988)
Night Ranger / Man In Motion(1988)
Sodom / Mortal Way Of Live(1988)
Flotsam And Jetsam / No Place For Disgrace(1988)
Leslie West / Theme(1988)
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force / Odyssey(1988)
Duran Duran / Big Thing(1988)
Silver Mountain / Roses & Champagne(1988)
Enya / Watermark(1988)
Survivor / Too Hot To Sleep(1988)
Lillian Axe / Lillian Axe(1988)
Dead Can Dance / The Serpent's Egg(1988)
Coroner / Punishment For Decadence(1988)
Carcass / Reek Of Putrefaction(1988)
Kingdom Come / Kingdom Come(1988)
Jane's Addiction / Nothing's Shocking(1988)
Warrant / Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich(1988)
Keith Richards / Talk Is Cheap(1988)
Prophet / Cycle Of The Moon(1988)
Gregory Abbott / I'll Prove It To You(1988)
Manowar / Kings Of Metal(1988)
Johnny Winter / The Winter Of '88(1988)*
Lita Ford / Lita(1988)
Forbidden / Forbidden Evil(1988)
Vio-Lence / Eternal Nightmare(1988)
Pat Benatar / Wide Awake In Dreamland(1988)
Heretic / Breaking Point(1988)
Hurricane / Over The Edge(1988)
Bobby Brown / Don't Be Cruel(1988)
Boy Meets Girl / Reel Life(1988)
AC/DC / Blow Up Your Video(1988)
Assassin / Interstellar Experience(1988)
Tommy Conwell And The Young Rumblers / Rumble(1988)
Bathory / Blood Fire Death(1988)
Running Wild / Port Royal(1988)
中島みゆき / 中島みゆき(1988)
Vixen / Vixen(1988)
Lizzy Borden / Master Of Disguise(1988)
Outrage / Black Clouds(1988)
Helstar / A Distant Thunder(1988)
Omen /Escape To Nowhere(1988)
Pet Shop Boys / Introspective(1988)
Rock City Angels / Young Man's Blues(1988)
The Woodentops / Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway(1988)
Jetboy / Feel The Shake(1988)
Odin / Fight For Your Life(1988)
Saxon / Destiny(1988)
Kix / Blow My Fuse(1988)


  1986年末~87年はじめ頃?~ 西森マリーさんのFM番組「ロック・サウンド」聴き始める
1987年12月 はじめてのCDプレーヤー SONY CDP-M55(近所の電気屋さんで2万8千円?)の購入と同じ日にレコード店で最初のCDを2枚取り寄せ注文
Pink Floyd / A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
R.E.M. / Document
Black Sabbath / The Eternal Idol(1987)
Bruce Springsteen / Tunnel Of Love(1987)
Black / Wonderful Life(1987)
The Triffids / Calenture(1987)
Suzanne Vega / Solitude Standing(1987)
Terence Trent D'Arby / Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D'Arby(1987)
Depeche Mode / Music For The Masses(1987)
Overkill / Taking Over(1987)
Gene Loves Jezebel / The House Of Dolls(1987)
U.D.O. / Animal House(1987)
Pink Floyd / A Momentary Lapse Of Reason(1987)
Testament / The Legacy(1987)
Sting / ...Nothing Like The Sun(1987)
Aerosmith / Permanent Vacation(1987)
Def Leppard / Hysteria(1987)
White Lion / Pride(1987)
Hooters / One Way Home(1987)
Fleetwood Mac / Tango In The Night(1987)
Deacon Blue / Raintown(1987)
Mötley Crüe / Girls, Girls, Girls(1987)
Whitesnake / Whitesnake(1987)
R.E.M. / Document(1987)
INXS / Kick(1987)
Foreigner / Inside Information(1987)
Robbie Robertson / Robbie Robertson(1987)
Candlemass / Nightfall(1987)
Heart / Bad Animals(1987)
U2 / The Joshua Tree(1987)
Destruction / Release From Agony(1987)
McAuley Schenker Group / Perfect Timing(1987)
The Sisters Of Mercy / Floodland(1987)
Bryan Ferry / Bête Noire(1987)
The Dream Academy / Remembrance Days(1987)
Death Angel / The Ultra-Violence(1987)
Dio / Dream Evil(1987)
David Sylvian / Secrets Of The Beehive(1987)
Vicious Rumors / Digital Dictator(1987)
Pretty Maids / Future World(1987)
Rush / Hold Your Fire(1987)
Rory Gallagher / Defender(1987)
Bonfire / Fire Works(1987)
Smokey Robinson / One Heartbeat(1987)
Dead Can Dance / Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun(1987)
Death / Scream Bloody Gore(1987)
John Cougar Mellencamp / The Lonesome Jubilee(1987)
The Jesus And Mary Chain / Darklands(1987)
Michael Bolton / The Hunger(1987)
Triumph / Surveillance(1987)
John Hiatt / Bring The Family(1987)
Chris Rea / Dancing With Strangers(1987)
Shy / Excess All Areas(1987)
Anthrax / Among The Living(1987)
Suicidal Tendencies / Join The Army(1987)
Clannad / Sirius(1987)
Savatage / Hall Of The Mountain King(1987)
Night Ranger / Big Life(1987)
Judas Priest / Priest... Live!(1987)
Maxi Priest / Maxi(1987)
The Cure / Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me(1987)
杉山清貴 / Realtime To Paradise(1987)
Alice Cooper / Raise Your Fist And Yell(1987)
Exodus / Pleasures Of The Flesh(1987)
Emmylou Harris / Angel Band(1987)
Y&T / Contagious(1987)
Helloween / Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part I(1987)
Bryan Adams / Into The Fire(1987)
Mr. Mister / Go On ...(1987)
Guns N' Roses / Appetite For Destruction(1987)
Sammy Hagar / Sammy Hagar(1987)
Lizzy Borden / Visual Lies(1987)
Lääz Rockit / Know Your Enemy(1987)
Dokken / Back For The Attack(1987)
Kiss / Crazy Nights(1987)
Icehouse / Man Of Colours(1987)
Loudness / Hurricane Eyes(1987)
Kreator / Terrible Certainty(1987)
Bathory / Under The Sign Of The Black Mark(1987)
Heathen / Breaking The Silence(1987)
King Diamond / Abigail(1987)
Tankard / Chemical Invasion(1987)
Leatherwolf / Leatherwolf(1987)
Great White / Once Bitten(1987)
Motörhead / Rock 'N' Roll(1987)
Sodom / Persecution Mania(1987)
Faster Pussycat / Faster Pussycat(1987)
Sanctuary / Refuge Denied(1987)
Voïvod / Killing Technology(1987)
D.R.I. / Crossover(1987)
The Bolshoi / Lindy's Party(1987)
Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhoads / Tribute(1987)
Gary Moore / Wild Frontier(1987)
Living Death / Protected From Reality(1987)
Agnostic Front / Liberty & Justice For...(1987)
Climie Fisher / Everything(1987)
Lion / Dangerous Attraction(1987)
Belinda Carlisle / Heaven On Earth(1987)
Mary Black / By The Time It Gets Dark(1987)
Rage / Execution Guaranteed(1987)
Pet Shop Boys / Actually(1987)
George Michael / Faith(1987)
Vow Wow / V(1987)
Wild Dogs / Reign Of Terror(1987)
Celtic Frost / Into The Pandemonium(1987)
Echo And The Bunnymen / Echo And The Bunnymen(1987)
Warlock / Triumph And Agony(1987)
Necrodeath / Into The Macabre(1987)
Sinner / Dangerous Charm(1987)
The Cult / Electric(1987)
G.B.H. / No Need To Panic(1987)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers / Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)(1987)
Michael Jackson / Bad(1987)
Loverboy / Wildside(1987)
Exumer / Rising From The Sea(1987)
Racer X / Second Heat(1987)
Mortal Sin / Mayhemic Destruction(1987)
Paradox / Product Of Imagination(1987)
Intruder / Live To Die(1987)
Mama's Boys / Growing Up The Hard Way(1987)
Kane Roberts / Kane Roberts(1987)
Coroner / R.I.P.(1987)
Obsession / Methods Of Madness(1987)
Yes / Big Generator(1987)
Raven / Life's A Bitch(1987)
Stormwitch / The Beauty And The Beast(1987)
Venom / Calm Before The Storm(1987)


  1986年末頃?~ 深夜の洋楽TV番組視聴開始
Judas Priest / Turbo(1986)
Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi / Seventh Star(1986)
Bon Jovi / Slippery When Wet(1986)
杉山清貴 / Beyond...(1986)
Slayer / Reign In Blood(1986)
Metallica / Master Of Puppets(1986)
Chris Rea / On The Beach(1986)
The Mission / Gods Own Medicine(1986)
Gene Loves Jezebel / Discover(1986)
Ratt / Dancing Undercover(1986)
a-ha / Scoundrel Days(1986)
Iron Maiden / Somewhere In Time(1986)
Ozzy Osbourne / The Ultimate Sin(1986)
Smokey Robinson / Smoke Signals(1986)*
Rod Stewart / Rod Stewart(1986)
FM / Indiscreet(1986)
TOTO / Fahrenheit(1986)
Europe / The Final Countdown(1986)
中森明菜 / Best(1986)
And Also The Trees / Virus Meadow(1986)
Megadeth / Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?(1986)
Tesla / Mechanical Resonance(1986)
Steve Winwood / Back In The High Life(1986)
Metal Church / The Dark(1986)
Accept / Russian Roulette(1986)
Johnny Winter / 3rd Degree(1986)
Magnum / Vigilante(1986)
Nuclear Assault / Game Over(1986)
Georgia Satellites / Georgia Satellites(1986)
Van Halen / 5150(1986)
Great White / Shot In The Dark(1986)
Survivor / When Seconds Count(1986)
中森明菜 / Crimson(1986)
Cinderella / Night Songs(1986)
Poison / Look What The Cat Dragged In(1986)
Peter Gabriel / So(1986)
Gregory Abbott / Shake You Down(1986)
Lou Reed / Mistrial(1986)
中島みゆき / 36.5℃(1986)
Bruce Hornsby And The Range / The Way It Is(1986)
Rough Cutt / Wants You(1986)
Madonna / True Blue(1986)
Dark Angel / Darkness Descends(1986)
Candlemass / Epicus Doomicus Metallicus(1986)
Depeche Mode / Black Celebration(1986)
Siouxsie And The Banshees / Tinderbox(1986)
Kreator / Pleasure To Kill(1986)
Crimson Glory / Crimson Glory(1986)
Lone Justice / Shelter(1986)
Alice Cooper / Constrictor(1986)
Flotsam And Jetsam / Doomsday For The Deceiver(1986)
Cocteau Twins / Victorialand(1986)
Motörhead / Orgasmatron(1986)
Destruction / Eternal Devastation(1986)
Pet Shop Boys / Please(1986)
Triumph / The Sport Of Kings(1986)
Virginia Wolf / Virginia Wolf(1986)
Queensrÿche / Rage For Order(1986)
Treat / The Pleasure Principle(1986)
Paul Simon / Graceland(1986)
Emmylou Harris / Thirteen(1986)
White Wolf / Endangered Species(1986)
Duran Duran / Notorious(1986)
Omen / The Curse(1986)
Warlock / True As Steel(1986)
Bonfire / Don't Touch The Light(1986)
King Diamond / Fatal Portrait(1986)
Yngwie J. Malmsteen / Trilogy(1986)
Deep Purple / The House Of Blue Light(1986)
Quiet Riot / QR III(1986)
Zeno / Zeno(1986)
Culture Club / From Luxury To Heartache(1986)
Eric Clapton / August(1986)
The Rolling Stones / Undercover(1986)
Possessed / Beyond The Gates(1986)
Assassin / The Upcoming Terror(1986)
Voïvod / Rrröööaaarrr(1986)
Tankard / Zombie Attack(1986)
Lizzy Borden / Menace To Society(1986)
Exumer / Possessed By Fire(1986)
Savatage / Fight For The Rock(1986)
Rage / Reign Of Fear(1986)
38 Special / Strength In Numbers(1986)
Journey / Raised On Radio(1986)
Sodom / Obsessed By Cruelty(1986)
Agnostic Front / Cause For Alarm(1986)
W.A.S.P. / Inside The Electric Circus(1986)
Chastain / Ruler Of The Wasteland(1986)
G.B.H. / Midnight Madness And Beyond.......(1986)
Alcatrazz / Dangerous Games(1986)
Cheap Trick / The Doctor(1986)


Suzanne Vega / Suzanne Vega(1985)
Heart / Heart(1985)
a-ha / Hunting High And Low(1985)
Sam Cooke / Live At The Harlem Square Club 1963(1985)
The Dream Academy / The Dream Academy(1985)
Starship / Knee Deep In The Hoopla(1985)
Gene Loves Jezebel / Immigrant(1985)
Magnum / On A Storyteller's Night(1985)
Lone Justice / Lone Justice(1985)
The Sisters Of Mercy / First And Last And Always(1985)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers / Southern Accents(1985)
Slayer / Hell Awaits(1985)
Overkill / Feel The Fire(1985)
Bryan Ferry / Boys And Girls(1985)
The Jesus And Mary Chain / Psychocandy(1985)
Night Ranger / 7 Wishes(1985)
Celtic Frost / To Mega Therion(1985)
Clannad / Macalla(1985)
Stevie Nicks / Rock A Little(1985)
John Cougar Mellencamp / Scarecrow(1985)
Mötley Crüe / Theatre Of Pain(1985)
Johnny Winter / Serious Business(1985)
Dead Can Dance / Spleen And Ideal(1985)
Exodus / Bonded By Blood(1985)
Dire Straits / Brothers In Arms(1985)
Iron Maiden / Live After Death(1985)
Michael Bolton / Everybody's Crazy(1985)
Ratt / Invasion Of Your Privacy(1985)
Rush / Power Windows(1985)
Accept / Metal Heart(1985)
Anthrax / Spreading The Disease(1985)
Megadeth / Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!(1985)
Mr. Mister / Welcome To The Real World(1985)
Helloween / Walls Of Jericho(1985)
Saxon / Innocence Is No Excuse(1985)
Prefab Sprout / Steve McQueen(1985)
Y&T / Down For The Count(1985)
The Cure / The Head On The Door(1985)
White Lion / Fight To Survive(1985)
Rough Cutt / Rough Cutt(1985)
Shy / Brave The Storm(1985)
Bon Jovi / 7800° Fahrenheit(1985)
Simply Red / Picture Book(1985)
The Cult / Love(1985)
Dio / Sacred Heart(1985)
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble / Soul To Soul(1985)
Blue Öyster Cult / Club Ninja(1985)
The Waterboys / This Is The Sea(1985)
Sting / The Dream Of The Blue Turtles(1985)
中森明菜 / D404ME(1985)
Stevie Wonder / In Square Circle(1985)
Lizzy Borden / Love You To Pieces(1985)
Hooters / Nervous Night(1985)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers / Pack Up The Plantation - Live!(1985)
Savatage / Power Of The Night(1985)
W.A.S.P. / The Last Command(1985)
Kreator / Endless Pain(1985)
Possessed / Seven Churches(1985)
ZZ Top / Afterburner(1985)
Warlock / Hellbound(1985)
Kate Bush / Hounds Of Love(1985)
Dokken / Under Lock And Key(1985)
Destruction / Infernal Overkill(1985)
Y&T / Open Fire(1985)
中森明菜 / Bitter And Sweet(1985)
Mountain / Go For Your Life(1985)
Stryper / Soldiers Under Command(1985)
Aerosmith / Done With Mirrors(1985)
Sinner / Touch Of Sin(1985)
Rebecca / Rebecca IV - Maybe Tomorrow(1985)
Tears For Fears / Songs From The Big Chair(1985)
Pat Benatar / Seven The Hard Way(1985)
Cheap Trick / Standing On The Edge(1985)
Madison / Diamond Mistress(1985)
Treat / Scratch And Bite(1985)
Kiss / Asylum(1985)
Chris Rea / Shamrock Diaries(1985)
杉山清貴&オメガトライブ / First Finale(1985)
Asia / Astra(1985)
Tom Waits / Rain Dogs(1985)
Autograph / That's The Stuff(1985)
中島みゆき / Miss M.(1985)
King Kobra / Ready To Strike(1985)
Bob Dylan / Empire Burlesque(1985)
Agent Steel / Skeptics Apocalypse(1985)
Alcatrazz / Disturbing The Peace(1985)
Mama's Boys / Power And Passion(1985)
Uriah Heep / Equator(1985)
Silver Mountain / Universe(1985)
Blitzkrieg / A Time Of Changes(1985)
中島みゆき / 御色なおし(1985)
Robert Plant / Shaken 'N' Stirred(1985)
Raven / Stay Hard(1985)
Onslaught / Power From Hell(1985)


  1984年~ FM雑誌 FMステーション購読開始
Hanoi Rocks / All Those Waisted Years.....(1984)
Hanoi Rocks / Two Steps From The Move(1984)
Cocteau Twins / Treasure(1984)
Metallica / Ride The Lightning(1984)
Don Henley / Building The Perfect Beast(1984)
Whitesnake / Slide It In(1984)
Celtic Frost / Morbid Tales(1984)
Rod Stewart / Camouflage(1984)
Rickie Lee Jones / The Magazine(1984)
David Sylvian / Brilliant Trees(1984)
Bon Jovi / Bon Jovi(1984)
Scorpions / Love At First Sting(1984)
Pretty Maids / Red, Hot And Heavy(1984)
TOTO / Isolation(1984)
Foreigner / Agent Provocateur(1984)
Slayer / Haunting The Chapel(1984)ep
Bruce Springsteen / Born In The U.S.A.(1984)
Destruction / Sentence Of Death(1984)ep
Europe / Wings Of Tomorrow(1984)
The Michael Schenker Group / Rock Will Never Die(1984)
Dio / The Last In Line(1984)
Bathory / Bathory(1984)
Survivor / Vital Signs(1984)
U2 / The Unforgettable Fire(1984)
Iron Maiden / Powerslave(1984)
Ratt / Out Of The Cellar(1984)
Rush / Grace Under Pressure(1984)
Bryan Adams / Reckless(1984)
Judas Priest / Defenders Of The Faith(1984)
Trouble / Trouble (Psalm 9)(1984)
Joe Cocker / Civilized Man(1984)
Johnny Winter / Guitar Slinger(1984)
Smokey Robinson / Essar(1984)*
Metal Church / Metal Church(1984)
Echo And The Bunnymen / Ocean Rain(1984)
The Cure / The Top(1984)
Depeche Mode / Some Great Reward(1984)
Anthrax / Fistful Of Metal(1984)
Sammy Hagar / VOA(1984)
Lou Reed / Live In Italy(1984)
Siouxsie And The Banshees / Hyaena(1984)
Venom / At War With Satan(1984)
Van Morrison / A Sense Of Wonder(1984)
Twisted Sister / Stay Hungry(1984)
Y&T / In Rock We Trust(1984)
Lou Reed / New Sensations(1984)
Triumph / Thunder Seven(1984)
Van Halen / 1984(1984)
Glenn Frey / The Allnighter(1984)
中森明菜 / Possibility(1984)
Culture Club / Waking Up With The House On Fire(1984)
Eric Carmen / Eric Carmen(1984)
杉山清貴&オメガトライブ / River's Island(1984)
Deep Purple / Perfect Strangers(1984)
Krokus / The Blitz(1984)
And Also The Trees / And Also The Trees(1984)
Chicago / Chicago 17(1984)
Queensrÿche / The Warning(1984)
中森明菜 / Anniversary(1984)
Mercyful Fate / Don't Break The Oath(1984)
Saxon / Crusader(1984)
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble / Couldn't Stand The Weather(1984)
Voïvod / War And Pain(1984)
Dokken / Tooth And Nail(1984)
Kiss / Animalize(1984)
Saint Vitus / Saint Vitus(1984)
Stone Fury / Burns Like A Star(1984)
Manowar / Sign Of The Hammer(1984)
Quiet Riot / Condition Critical(1984)
The Style Council / Café Bleu(1984)
G.B.H. / City Babys Revenge(1984)
Hellhammer / Apocalyptic Raids(1984)ep
Duran Duran / Arena(1984)
Madonna / Like A Virgin(1984)
W.A.S.P. / W.A.S.P.(1984)
Warlock / Burning The Witches(1984)
Ramones / Too Tough To Die(1984)
Joe Jackson / Body And Soul(1984)