Streaming 2018

2018 New Release Spotify / Deezer
tinsley ellis / winning hand(2018)
inger marie gundersen / feels like home(2018)
steelcity / fortress(2018)
black stone cherry / family tree(2018)
wolfgang muthspiel / where the river goes(2018)
zealotry / at the nexus of all stillborn worlds(2018)
deathwhite / for a black tomorrow(2018)
bullet / dust to gold(2018)
power trip / opening fire- 2008-2014(2018)
steve tyrell / a song for you(2018)
feral / flesh for funerals eternal(2018)
aborted / terrorvision(2018)
suicidal tendencies / get your fight on(2018)ep
suicidal tendencies / still cyco punk after all these years(2018)
michael schenker fest / resurrection(2018)
max meazza / together like a car crash(2018)
sodom / partisan(2018)
angelus apatrida / cabaret de la guillotine(2018)
dylan mondegreen / every little step(2016)
kodaline / politics of living(2018)
shvpes / greater than(2018)
roulette / now(2018)
deicide / overtures of blasphemy(2018)
do as infinity / alive(2018)
mono inc / welcome to hell(2018)
julia fordham,beverley craven,judie tzuke / woman to woman(2018)
sting & shaggy / 44/876(2018)
creye / creye(2018)
amy ray /holler(2018)
slowgold / mörkare(2018)
rick springfield / the snake king(2018)
palace / binary music(2018)
sacrosanct / necropolis(2018)
nordic union / second coming(2018)
cancer / shadow gripped(2018)
disturbed / evolution(2018)
andy mccoy / soul satisfaction(2018)ep
Ex:Re / Ex:Re(2018)
albion / you'll be mine(2018)
greta van fleet / anthem of the peaceful army(2018)
the struts / young and dangerous(2018)
chthonic / battlefields of asura(2018)
blitzkrieg / judge not(2018)
bonfire / temple of lies(2018)
bonfire / legends(2018)
steve forbert / the magic tree(2018)
dare / out of the silence 2(2018)
alexandra shakina / all the way(2018)
dan baird and homemade sin / screamer(2018)
Champlin,Williams,Friestedt / 10miles(2018)ep
犬神サアカス團 / 東京2060(2018)
dee snider / for the love of metal(2018)
tim warfield / jazzland(2018)
bryde / like an island(2018)
bobo stenson trio / contra la indecision(2018)
rhye / blood(2018)
angra / omni(2018)
judas priest / firepower(2018)
magnum / lost on the road to eternity(2018)
blackberry smoke / find a light(2018)
dubstar / one(2018)
care of night / love equals war(2018)
metal church / damned if you do(2018)
w.e.t. / earthrage(2018)
artillery / the face of fear(2018)
drop's / organ(2018)ep
fire tiger / suddenly heavenly(2018)
venom / storm the gates(2018)
trampolene / pick a pocket or two(2018)
lp / heart to mout(2018)
devicious / never say never(2018)
deth crux / mutant flesh(2018)
pal / prime(2018)
ultra-violence / operation misdirection(2018)
iskald / innhøstinga(2018)
opeth / garden of the titans (opeth live at red rocks amphitheatre)(2018)
same waves / algorithm of desire(2018)
bloodbath / the arrow of satan is drawn(2018)
unleashed / the hunt for white christ(2018)
wolfheart / constellation of the black light(2018)
gama bomb / speed between the lines(2018)
john scofield / combo 66(2018)
the paper kites / on the corner where you live(2018)
the paper kites / on the train ride home(2018)
dan reed network / origins(2018)
bauhaus / the bela session(2018)ep
billy raffoul / 1975(2018)ep
jerome mazza / outlaw son(2018)
firmo / rehab(2018)
electric boys / the ghost ward diaries(2018)
terrorizer / caustic attack(2018)
mark knopfler / down the road wherever(2018)
nazareth / tattooed on my brain(2018)
rod stewart / blood red roses(2018)
ten / illuminati(2018)
fifth angel / the third secret(2018)
stephen pearcy / view to a thrill(2018)
muse / simulation theory(2018)
sad lovers and giants / mission creep(2018)
boy george and culture club / life(2018)
stone temple pilots / stone temple pilots(2018)
blossoms / cool like you(2018)
sevendust / all i see is war(2018)
anderson east / encore(2018)
stryper / god damn evil(2018)
johnny hates jazz / turn back the clock unplugged(2018)
primal fear / apocalypse(2018)
buck-tick / no.0(2018)
bullet for my valentine / gravity(2018)
altan / the gap of dreams(2018)
pestilence / hadeon(2018)
midnite city / there goes the neighbourhood(2018)
sacrosanct / truth is what is(1990)
sacrosanct / recesses for the depraved(1991)
sacrosanct / tragic intense(1993)
clann / kin fables(2015)
clann / seelie(2017)
bullet / heading for the top(2006)
shvpes / pain joy ecstasy despair(2016)
tasha taylor / honey for the biscuit(2016)
destruction / bestial invasion of hell(1984)
annamy / woodpecker(2013)
annamy / ballad of the crows gold(2013)ep
power trip / manifest decimation(2013)
power trip / nightmare logic(2017)
hopekings / ever after(2012)
hecate enthroned / the slaughter of innocence(1997)
bryde / ep1(2016)ep
bryde / ep2(2016)ep
suicidal tendencies / world gone mad(2016)
slowgold / slowgold(2012)
slowgold / stjärnfall(2015)
slowgold / glömska(2015)
slowgold / ett ljus från förr(2015)
abc / the lexicon of love(1982)
abc / beauty stab(1983)
abc / the lexicon of love II(2016)
the cranberries / everybody else is doing it so why can't we(1992)
electrocution / inside the unreal (20th anniversary edition)(1993(2012))
drop's / drop's(2011)ep
drop's / hello(2014)
fear of god / within the veil(1991)
fear of god / toxic voodoo(1994)
dexter gordon / one flight up(1964)
rhye / woman(2013)
simply red / a new flame(1989)
blossoms / blossoms(2016)
johnny hates jazz / magnetized(2013)
virginia wolf / virginia wolf(1986)
virginia wolf / push(1987)
lita ford / dangerous curves(1991)
john scofield / this meets that(2007)
john scofield / piety street(2009)
john scofield / a moment's peace(2011)
john scofield / uberjam deux(2013)
john scofield / past present(2015)
tony mills / over my dead body(2015)
gun / break the silence(2012)
gun / frantic(2015)
survivor / survivor(1979)
survivor / premonition(1981)
harlot / origin(2013)
harlot / proliferation(2015)
lionsheart / lionsheart(1992)
chris whitley / living with the law(1991)
iskald / shades of misery(2007)
iskald / revelations of reckoning day(2008)
iskald / the sun i carried alone(2011)
iskald / nedom og nord(2014)
kodaline / the kodaline ep(2012)ep
kodaline / the high hopes ep(2013)ep
kodaline / in a perfect world(2013)
kodaline / coming up for air(2015)
feral / dragged to the altar(2011)
feral / where dead dreams dwell(2015)
feral / from the mortuary(2016)mini Al
aborted / the necrotic manifesto(2014)
aborted / retrogore(2016)
fire tiger / energy(2014)
melissa etheridge / memphis rock and soul(2016)
jack stillwater / jack stillwater(2008)
jack stillwater / muddy river(2012)
jack stillwater / the farmer trilogy(2016)
max meazza / west coast hotel(2006)
max meazza & pueblo / race against destiny(2010)
max meazza / watching movies(2016)
fortune / fortune(1985)
karla bonoff / new world(1988)
imelda may / tribal(2014)
james mcmurtry / too long in the wasteland(1989)
james mcMurtry / candyland(1992)
james mcmurtry / where'd you hide the body(1995)
james mcmurtry / childish things(2005)
james mcmurtry / just us kids(2008)
james mcmurtry / live in europe(2009)
dylan mondegreen / while i walk you home(2007)
dylan mondegreen / the world spins on(2009)
dylan mondegreen / dylan mondegreen(2012)
dylan mondegreen / every little step(2016)
supercell / today is a beautiful day(2011)
travis / everything at once(2016)
coastland ride / coastland ride(2003)
coastland ride / on top of the world(2011)