CD 2009

Heathen / The Evolution Of Chaos(2009)
Winger ‎/ Karma(2009)
New York Dolls / 'Cause I Sez So(2009)
Magnum / Into The Valley Of The Moonking(2009)
Last Autumn's Dream / A Touch Of Heaven(2009)
Insomnium / Across The Dark(2009)
Outrage / Outrage(2009)
Otep / The Ascension(2007)
Dare / Arc Of The Dawn(2009)
Brett Anderson / Slow Attack(2009)
鬼束ちひろ / Dorothy(2009)
柴田淳 / ゴーストライター(2009)
Muse / The Resistance(2009)
Billie Myers / Tea & Sympathy(2009)
The Lou Gramm Band(2009)
Chimaira / The Infection(2009)
人間椅子 / 未来浪漫派(2009)
Vader / Necropolis(2009)
Kasabian / West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum(2009)
The Big Pink / A Brief History Of Love(2009)
Owl City / Ocean Eyes(2009)
Carla Bruni / Comme Si De Rien N'Était(2008)
Pearl Jam / Backspacer(2009)
Wednesday 13 / F**k It We'll Do It Live(2008)
Porcupine Tree / The Incident(2009)
秋茜/Last Flight(2009)Single
Nirvana / Live At Reading(2009)
Cheap Trick / Sgt. Pepper Live(2009)
Cannibal Corpse / Centuries Of Torment-The First 20 Years(2009)
Prefab Sprout / Let's Change The World With Music(2009)
The Used / Artwork(2009)
Europe / Almost Unplugged(2008)
Destruction / The Curse Of The Antichrist - Live In Agony(2009)
Arch Enemy / The Root Of All Evil(2009)
The Casualties / We Are All We Have(2009)
MR.Big / Back To Budokan(2009)
Shadows Fall / Retribution(2009)
Amorphis / Skyforger(2009)
Mastodon / Crack The Skye(2008)
Bon Jovi / The Circle(2009)
Slayer / World Painted Blood(2009)
Wolfmother / Cosmic Egg(2009)
Converge / Axe To Fall(2009)
a-ha / Foot Of The Mountain(2009)
Norah Jones / The Fall(2009)
Garnet Crow / Stay ~夜明けのSoul~(2009)
Do As Infinity / Eternal Flame(2009)
Shortino / Chasing My Dream(2009)
Tracy Chapman / Our Bright Future(2009)
Fu Manchu / Signs Of Infinite Power(2009)
Nebula / Heavy Psych(2008)
InMe / Herald Moth(2009)
Isis / Wavering Radiant(2009)
KISS / Sonic Boom(2008)
Ted Poley / Smile(2007)
And Also The Trees / (Listen For) The Rag And Bone Man(2007)
Rod Stewart / Soulbook(2009)
The Hooters / Both Sides Live(2008)
Katatonia / Night Is The New Day(2009)
Overland / Diamond Dealer(2009)
Danger Danger / Revolve(2009)
The Black Crowes / Before The Frost...(2009)
Lynyrd Skynyrd / God & Guns(2009)
Mark Knopfler / Get Lucky(2009)
メリー / under-world(2009)
cali≠gari /10(2009)
Dan Baird & Homemade Sin / Dan Baird & Homemade Sin(2008)
Airbourne / Runnin' Wild(2007)
柴田淳 / 月夜Party Vol.1(2009)
Cassandra Wilson / Loverly(2009)
Witchcraft / Firewood(2005(2008))
Sex Machineguns / 45°(2009)
Iron Maiden / Flight 666 (The Film)(2009)
Acid Black Cherry / Q.E.D.(2009)
Stryper / Live In Puerto Rico(2006)
陰陽座 / 金剛九尾(2009)
Gotthard / Need To Believe(2009)
Paradox / Riot Squad(2009)
Paradiselost / Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us(2009)
Manic Street Preachers / Journal For Plague Lovers(2009)
The Poodles / Clash Of The Elements(2009)
Foreigner / Can't Slow Down(2009)
Obituary / Darkest Day(2009)
Dolores O'Riordan / No Baggage(2009)
Leeland / Love Is On The Move(2009)
Leaves' Eyes / We Came With The Northern Winds - En Saga I Belgia(2009)
Joseph Williams / This Fall(2008)
Fatima Hill / The Snow Tower(2009)
Trillion / Clear Approach(1980(2008))
Europe / Last Look At Eden(2009)
House Of Lords / Cartesian Dreams(2009)
Farcry / High Gear(2008)
Theatre Of Tragedy / Forever Is The World(2009)
Megadeth / Endgame(2009)
Stryper / Murder By Pride(2009)
Alice In Chains / Black Gives Way To Blue(2009)
Steel Panther / Feel The Steel(2009)
U.D.O. / Dominator(2009)
Tenet / Sovereign(2009)
Lillian Axe / Sad Day On Planet Earth(2009)
Rancid / Let The Dominoes Fall(2009)
Kingdom Come / Magnified(2009)
Death Angel / Sonic German Beatdown - Live In Germany(2009)
Cheap Trick / The Latest(2009)
Praying Mantis / Sanctuary(2009)
Wednesday 13 / Skeletons(2008)
Candlemass / Death Magic Doom(2009)
White Lies / To Lose My Life...(2008)
Placebo / Battle For The Sun(2009)
Hardcore Superstar / Beg For It(2009)
God Forbid / Earthsblood(2009)
Bob Dylan / Together Through Life(2009)
Suffocation / Blood Oath(2009)
UFO / The Visitor(2009)
Hardline / Leaving The End Open(2009)
The Church / Untitled #23(2009)
Thursday / Common Existence(2009)
Killswitch Engage / Killswitch Engage(2009)
Cattle Decapitation / The Harvest Floor(2009)
Old Man's Child / Slaves Of The World(2009)
Green Day / 21st Century Breakdown(2009)
Dream Theater / Black Clouds & Silver Linings(2009)
Lamb Of God / Wrath(2009)
Marilyn Manson / The High End Of Low(2009)
Testament / Live At Eindhoven '87(2009)
Rory Block / Blues Walkin' Like A Man: A Tribute To Son House(2008)
Fair Warning / Aura(2009)
Great White / Rising(2009)
MSG Schenker-Barden / Gipsy Lady - Acoustic Project(2009)
Buck-Tick / Memento Mori(2009)
Heaven & Hell / The Devil You Know(2009)
Cannibal Corpse / Evisceration Plague(2009)
ムック / 球体(2009)
Brutal Truth / Evolution Through Revolution(2009)
Erja Lyytinen / Dreamland Blues(2006)
Erja Lyytinen / Grip Of The Blues(2008)
My Dying Bride / For Lies I Sire(2009)
Starsailor / All The Plans(2009)
Doro / Fear No Evil(2009)
John Mellencamp / Life Death Love And Freedom(2008)
Jon Oliva's Pain / Maniacal Renderings(2006)
Tardy Brothers / Bloodline(2009)
(hed) p.e. / New World Orphans(2009)
The Derek Trucks Band / Already Free(2009)
Doro / 20 Years A Warrior Soul(2006)
The Cure / 4:13 Dream(2008)
Queensrÿche / American Soldier(2009)
Enuff Z'nuff / Dissonance(2008)
Nashville Pussy / From Hell To Texas(2009)
J.J.Cale / Roll On(2009)
Hinder / Take It To The Limit(2008)
The Fray / The Fray(2009)
Aqualung / Words And Music(2008)
Pet Shop Boys / Yes(2009)
Alice Cooper / Along Came A Spider(2008)
Sepultura / A-Lex(2009)
U.D.O. / Mastercutor Alive(2008)
Jeff Scott Soto / Beautiful Mess(2008)
Kreator / Hordes Of Chaos(2009)
Bruce Springsteen / Working On A Dream(2009)
Napalm Death / Time Waits For No Slave(2009)
Jeff Loomis / Zero Order Phase(2008)
U2 / No Line On The Horizon(2009)
Saxon / Into The Labyrinth(2008)
Six Feet Under / Death Rituals(2008)
Go!Go!7188 / アンテナ(2009)
Impellitteri / Wicked Maiden(2009)
Leatherwolf / New World Asylum(2007)
陰陽座 / 相剋(2009)Single
H.E.A.T / H.E.A.T(2008)
The Answer / Everyday Demons(2009)
Tesla / Comin' Atcha Live! 2008(2008)
Metallica / All Nightmare Long(2008)
High On Fire / Live From The Relapse Contamination Festival(2005)