CD 2007

Electric Wizard / Witchcult Today(2007)
Winters / Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies(2007)
Necrodeath / 100% Hell(2006)
Go!Go!7188 / 569(2007)
Sadist / Sadist(2007)
Amorphis / Silent Waters(2007)
Kula Shaker / Strangefolk(2007)
Opeth / The Roundhouse Tapes(2007)
Hanoi Rocks / Street Poetry(2007)
Buck-Tick / 天使のリボルバー(2007)
鬼束ちひろ / Las Vegas(2007)
Great White / Back To The Rhythm(2007)
The Cult / Born Into This(2007)
Dimension Zero / He Who Shall Not Bleed(2007)
Nightwish / Dark Passion Play(2007)
ムック / Fuzz(2007)Single
人間椅子 / 真夏の夜の夢(2007)
Heartland / Mind Your Head(2007)
Arch Enemy / Rise Of The Tyrant(2007)
Motörhead / Better Motörhead Than Dead - Live At Hammersmith(2007)
Obituary / Xecutioner's Return(2007)
鬼束ちひろ/僕等 バラ色の日々(2007)Single
Diamond Head / What's In Your Head?(2007)
Korn / Untitled(2007)
Suzanne Vega / Beauty & Crime(2007)
Candlemass / King Of The Grey Islands(2007)
U.D.O. / Mastercutor(2007)
ZARD / Brezza Di Mare Dedication To Izumi Sakai(2007)
ZARD / Soffio Di Vento Best Of Izumi Sakai Selection(2007)
Slayer / Christ Illusion(2006(2007))cd+dvd
Black Stone Cherry / Black Stone Cherry(2006)
Onslaught / Killing Peace(2007)
Entombed / Serpent Saints/The Ten Amendments(2007)
Six Feet Under / Commandment(2007)
Buck-Tick / Alice In Wonder Underground(2007)Single
陰陽座 / 黒衣の天女(2007)Single
陰陽座 / 魔王戴天(2007)
Unsane / Visqueen(2007)
Orange Goblin / Healing Through Fire(2007)
Magnum / Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow(2007)
Editors / An End Has A Start(2007)
Bad Religion / New Maps Of Hell(2007)
White Wolf / Victim Of The Spotlight(2007)
Ash / Twilight Of The Innocents(2007)
Within Temptation / The Heart Of Everything(2007)
Poison / Poison'd!(2007)
Trouble / Simple Mind Condition(2007)
The Smashing Pumpkins / Zeitgeist(2007)
Hanoi Rocks / Fashion(2007)Single
プラスティック トゥリー / ネガとポジ(2007)
Saxon / The Inner Sanctum(2007)
Eddi Reader / Peacetime(2007)
Mayhem / Ordo Ad Chao(2007)
The Used / Lies For The Liars(2007)
Acid Black Cherry / Spell Magic(2007)Single
Garnet Crow / 涙のイエスタデー(2007)Single
Bon Jovi / Lost Highway(2007)
Ozzy Osbourne / Black Rain(2007)
Marilyn Manson / Eat Me, Drink Me(2007)
Gotthard / Domino Effect(2007)
Manic Street Preachers / Send Away The Tigers(2007)
Scorpions / Humanity - Hour I(2007)
Dolores O'Riordan / Are You Listening?(2007)
Dream Theater / Systematic Chaos(2007)
Patti Smith / Twelve(2007)
The Sword / Age Of Winters(2006)
Shadows Fall / Threads Of Life(2007)
鬼束ちひろ / Everyhome(2007)Single
ムック / フライト(2007)Single
ムック / Worst Of MUCC(2007)
Travis / The Boy With No Name(2007)
The 69 Eyes / Angels(2007)
Dark Tranquillity / Fiction(2007)
Megadeth / United Abominations(2007)
The Mission / God Is A Bullet(2007)
Rush / Snakes & Arrows(2007)
Nine Inch Nails / Year Zero(2007)
Hinder / Extreme Behavior(2005)
Leeland / Sound Of Melodies(2006)
The Ladder / Sacred(2007)
Marillion / Somewhere Else(2007)
Porcupine Tree / Fear Of A Blank Planet(2007)
The Triffids / Calenture(1987(2007))
Incubus / Light Grenades(2006)
Lucinda Williams / West(2007)
Night Ranger / Hole In The Sun(2007)
Dir en grey / The Marrow Of A Bone(2007)
Manowar / Gods Of War(2007)
The Wildhearts / The Wildhearts(2007)
Cowboy Junkies / At The End Of Paths Taken(2007)
Rory Gallagher / Live At Cork Opera House(2007)dvd
All About Eve / Cinemasonic(2003)
Destruction / Thrash Anthems(2006)
Machine Head / The Blackening(2007)
Brett Anderson / Brett Anderson(2007)
ムック / リブラ(2007)Single
Charlotte Hatherley / The Deep Blue(2007)
ムック / Psychedelic Analysis(2007)
Kari Rueslåtten / Other People's Stories(2004)
Wolfmother / Wolfmother(2005)
柴田淳 / しば裏(2007)
Jet / Shine On(2006)
Lennon / I Am(2004)
FM / Tough It Out(1989(2005))
Manic Street Preachers / The Holy Bible 10thAnniversary Edition(1994(2004))
The Black Crowes / Freak 'N' Roll ...Into The Fog, The Black Crowes, All Join Hands, The Fillmore, San Francisco(2006)
Fu Manchu / We Must Obey(2007)
The Used / Berth(2007)
The Hellacopters / High Visibility(2000)
Silvertide / Show And Tell(2004)
Yob / The Illusion Of Motion(2004)
To/Die/For / Wounds Wide Open(2006)
Danzig / Circle Of Snakes(2004)
Deicide / Doomsday L.A.(2007)dvd
Idlewild / Make Another World(2007)
The Colour / Between Earth & Sky(2007)
The View / Hats Off To The Buskers(2007)
Susan Cagle / The Subway Recordings(2006)
The Bleeding Alarm / Beauty in Destruction(2006)
Gehenna / WW(2005)
Garnet Crow / 風とRainbow/この手を伸ばせば(2007)Single
Thunder / Robert Johnson's Tombstone(2006)
柴田淳 / 月夜の雨(2007)
Wig Wam / Wig Wamania(2006)
Heartland / When Angels Call(1999)
Angelzoom / Angelzoom(2004)
Patricia Morrison / Reflect On This(1994)
The Answer / Rise(2006)
Norah Jones / Not Too Late(2006)
The Haunted / The Dead Eye(2006)
Blondelle / Blondelle(2006)
Lisa Germano / In The Maybe World(2006)
Black Label Society / Shot To Hell(2006)
Sinner / Mask Of Sanity(2006)
Bang Tango / Ready To Go(2004)