Queen II(1974)
Sheer Heart Attack(1974)
A Night At The Opera(1975)
A Day At The Races(1976)
News Of The World(1977)
Live Killers(1979)
Flash Gordon (Original Soundtrack Music)(1980)
The Game(1980)
Greatest Hits(1981)
Hot Space(1982)
The Works(1984)
A Kind Of Magic(1986)
Live Magic(1986)
The Miracle(1989)
Live At Wembley '86(1990)
Greatest Hits II(1991)
Made In Heaven(1995)
Greatest Hits III(1999)
Greatest Hits I II & III (The Platinum Collection)(2000)
Queen On Fire (Live At The Bowl) (2004)
Jewels II(2005)
Return Of The Champions(2005)
Rock Montreal & Live Aid(2007(2009))bd
Deep Cuts 1 (1973-1976)(2011)
Deep Cuts 2 (1977-1982)(2011)
Deep Cuts 3 (1984-1995)(2011)
Hungarian Rhapsody (Live In Budapest)(2012)
Live At The Rainbow '74(2014)
Queen Forever(2014)
A Night At The Odeon(2015)
On Air(2016)
Bohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack)(2018)
Queen + Adam Lambert / Live Around The World(2020)

Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens Of The Stone Age(1998)
Songs For The Deaf(2002)
Over The Years And Through The Woods(2005)
Lullabies To Paralyze(2005)
Make It Wit Chu(2007)ep
Sick, Sick, Sick(2007)ep
Era Vulgaris(2007)
...Like Clockwork(2013)


The Warning(1984)
Rage For Order(1986)
Operation: Mindcrime(1988)
Operation: Livecrime(1991)
Promised Land(1994)
Hear In The Now Frontier(1996)
Greatest Hits(2000)
Live Evolution(2001)
The Art Of Live(2004)
Operation: Mindcrime II(2006)
Mindcrime At The Moore(2007)
Take Cover(2007)
Sign Of The Times: The Best Of Queensrÿche(2007)
American Soldier(2009)
Dedicated To Chaos(2011)
Condition Hüman(2015)
The Verdict(2019)

Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot(1978)
Quiet Riot II(1979)
Metal Health(1983)
Condition Critical(1984)
QR III(1986)
Quiet Riot(1988)
Down To The Bone(1995)
Alive And Well(1998)
Guilty Pleasures(2001)
Live In The 21st Century - 20 Years Of Metal Health(2003)
Live & Rare(2008)
Setlist: The Very Best Of Quiet Riot Live(2010)
Road Rage(2017)
One Night In Milan(2019)
Hollywood Cowboys(2019)

The Quill

Another Fruitful Day(1993)
The Quill(1995)
Silver Haze(1999)
Voodoo Caravan(2002)
Hooray! It's A Deathtrip(2003)
In Triumph(2006)
Full Circle(2011)
Tiger Blood(2013)
Born From Fire(2017)

The Quireboys

A Bit Of What You Fancy(1990)
Live Album (Recorded Around The World)(1990(2006))
Bitter Sweet & Twisted(1993)
From Tooting To Barking(1994)
Lost In Space(2000)
This Is Rock 'N' Roll(2001)
100% Live 2002(2003)
Well Oiled(2004)
Homewreckers & Heartbreakers(2008)
Homewreckers & Heartbreakers(2008)
Best Of The Quireboys(2008)
Halfpenny Dancer(2009)
Live In London(2009)
Halfpenny Live(2010)
Live In Glasgow(2011)
Beautiful Curse(2013)
What Do You Want From Me(2014)ep
Black Eyed Sons(2014)
This Is Rock 'N' Roll Ⅱ(2014)
Gracie B(2015)ep
St Cecilia And The Gypsy Soul(2015)
Unplugged In Sweden(2015)
Twisted Love EP(2016)ep
Twisted Love(2016)
White Trash Blues(2017)
Amazing Disgrace(2019)
35 & Live(2019)